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where is my son tenmo player
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My Hero Academia - Sad Emotional OST
Another Day of Sun Instrumental
ES_When at Grandma's - Golden Age Radio
No Game No Life Soundtrack Vol. 3All of You is All of Me
Cowboy Bebop OST 1 - Cat Blues
Black Skinhead (Cover Instrumental) [In the Style of Kanye West]
Bowser Jr. - Super Mario Galaxy
Boku No Hero Academia [Original Soundtrack] - Hīrō ni naru nda (I'll become a hero!)
Mob Psycho 100 OST - Explosion of Mob feelings (モブ感情の爆発)
EdBoi - Girl You Know [No Copyright RapR&B]
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  • old tenmo more like mold tenmo (cuz its mushrooms)

  • That shit talk after the baron game was actually so funny.

  • Prestige tenmo?

  • Going bonkers with the la la land instrumentals :)

  • this is just the plot of outer banks

  • 0:10 Top 10 saddest anime character motives

  • Everytime I watch your videos, I ask myself: why do I watch this autistic shit no hard feelings man

  • 2:17 you just gonna ignore that the last couple games are ALL s games?

  • Ok why does he put the music from "La La Land" everytime he has a sponsored segment? I really like the music that's why I'm saying it lol

  • River Shen

  • That pantheon moment had me spray spit out laughing cause I was trying to stop myself

  • 3:34 why do i remember that soundtrack from Super Mario Galaxy after all these years 👀

  • I love u Tenmo, i love Tenmos father. U too Brian

  • 132k Blue Essence 🤔

  • um tenmo's father is fake right? 132k blue essence level 30? or is it a like hacked account from way beck when level 30 was the highest and they had that much ip?

  • wtf is that win streak

  • How do you hace 133k blue escence?

  • how the fuck do you have 130k blue essence at level 30?

  • What is the name of sound effect he used at 3:23

  • 5:44 sarpiliii 🤣🤣

  • Your channel is like a drug

  • 3:19 Name of the song?

  • I really like your videos😂

  • ur funny lol

  • Tenmo definitely took after his father.

  • what about elevenmo?

  • darius where the FUCK is Tenmo 1:00

  • he sounds like mxr mods

  • At least Kanye West stole 2 dragons.

  • Tenmos step sister (gone pornhub)

  • 2:16 literally my history is like that too but one chance Every one of them is lose somehow


  • I found my brother the only last fucking teemo player😂👍

  • Pianta are you okay?

  • Tenmo's father is basically Melvin from Finding Nemo "Where is my son"

  • And it was beautiful to watch.

  • Who actually wants to see River Shen once more? I kinda miss the guy, was a good fellow defending the river

  • I leave for basic training and this is what I come back to

  • Who's telling tenmo players dad that tenmo player killed his little brother elevenmo player to ascend to diamond 1?

  • 5.40 u have devil teemo Whyyyy?

  • Mastery score: 1.bblitzcrank

  • Who thinks this is funny...

  • The king returns

  • Imogen cu sarpiliii

  • 0:10 wtf look at that blue essence


  • Thg cc này là gốc Việt mà đ thấy nói câu Việt nào

  • The sponsor is a shitty mobile game, but at least it's not raid shadow legends. So tired of hearing about that shit.

  • Nice manga animation

  • my god "did you like it?, did you like my sticky rice?" ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL i cant stop laughing

  • kingani😍😍

  • King ani

  • Wait a second. He is diamond 1 with teemo???? Such players exist????

  • boomer teemo

  • A whole new account from 0 just for a video. Dedication

  • nice farm lol is the real tenmo son

  • Please don't do this. Look I understand that you want to make content, but making another smurf account is not the thing to do. Please don't make the game unfun for others. If you are gonna play Teemo, play him in your own elo. These people don't deserve this. Just... Please. I love your vids, and I like your style but I just hate smurfs. Please don't continue this arc. I know you are better than this.

  • Go teemo tank

  • how i love his edit .....yyy:D

  • Omg tenmo's father has a gf

  • I just want more imogen

  • Where is... Babytenmo

  • He said kayne...kayne...........

  • Shut up boomer

  • Imagine riot creates a old granpa teemo skin

  • Why does this remind me of kungfu panda

  • Music at 2:20 ?

  • Temo playe°

  • Finding tenmo

  • What are your runes for teemo🙊

  • 3:32 misrravb ❤️

  • 提莫你🐴死了

  • How do you get that icon?

  • Petition to send this video to tenmos father

  • im the yasuo in the baron is temp game lmao notice me pianta

    • @Sarah RUNIA ur name so dumb u add me now ahahahah get good, i spit fax like hashinshin. add me cuz u fucker dumby "󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀#5285" its invis cuz im sick teemo god

    • @One Eye i will idiot fk your face AHAHA u probabbey man vickta

    • @One Eye knock knock?

    • @Sarah RUNIA What, you egg? [I stab him]

    • @One Eye add discord me Dany#9102 i drop you face idiot

  • why do you have 132k blue essence on a level 30 account

  • Sub + lyque

  • Lyque

  • 5:24 song? Looks familiar

  • im sad

  • Imogen is back! Happy days for tenmo player

  • I feel like this has already been a Pixar movie...

  • I love this account so much. I literally am screaming every video 😂😂😂😂😭

  • Old but gold

  • I love how U use the lalaland soundtrack❤❤😍😍😍

  • what's the song at 3:20

  • dude i love you xD #nohomo

  • That music from cowboy bebop makes vid 10 times better

  • hello tenmodad im very good silver 1 pleyer yes i help u find son

  • are you dating that lux girl

  • WOW THIS IS EPIC... Is it based on a manga?

  • IDK why, but Pianta video is something else.Its actually fun wacthing ur league video compare to others.

  • pianta can you give me on IKON a little of the club balance? thank you! (dont need to just if you find me useful on IKON ) my name is Lehelke

  • What’s the music called in the sponsor

  • 2:35 ryze doesnt have a point click stun at level1 anymore

  • 2:42 why rakan still can move?

  • Your art is getting better

  • Can you pls show us your legendary Tenmo runes??? I beg u 🙏🙏🙏

  • Why is lvl 30 account with 132k be?

  • Fallout 4 looks different