Why Caps Missed a Ban | LEC Spring 2021 Playoffs vs Schalke 04 Voicecomms

Datum objavljivanja: 31. Ožu 2021.
Not even close, right guys?
Wunder pulls a Baus Special, Jankos runs it down, Caps 'misses' a ban, Rekkles becomes a Seraphine main and Mikyx whips out his Gragas. Our first playoffs series was filled with chaos, but we took down Schalke after going all the way.
How fast will we beat MAD Lions? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Wunder screaming even louder than Jankos is something else XDDDDD

    • @Hussar lul

    • @G2 Esports Wait they didn't give god Wunder a beta key???

    • U mean Soaz?

    • @Selene MH fair enough

    • Fairly sure 5 minutes after finals a TBC beta key Will magically appear for Wunder, and somehow disappear during msi

  • Solooo boloooo

  • 5:01 it didn't age well...

  • 7 wins away from msj

  • The next architecture basically trust because brick early bolt up a amused yacht. arrogant, fluffy stomach

  • 5:13 7 games off going home and he was so right

  • Lmao got beaten by rogue

  • from the people: THANKS

  • jankos is fuckign annoying for being 25

  • 4:24 I'm glad pros still go monkey mode when they turret dive

  • You had to sweat against Schalke because they are stronger than you think.

  • At one point, Rekkles was like “Guys pls we need to get to MSI” and Jankos was like a kindergartner in a room with nothing to keep him busy 😂😂

  • what apps use for editing in PC?

  • So Pringles and Domino is sponsor (Just sayin)

  • what’s the name of the Pepe at 4:23 « i went too fast » ?? please


  • jakos is insane

  • now i understand, now it all make sense

  • My boys running it down "for the views". Truly blessed

  • Finally NA martin in clouds :D

  • 3:01 is my favorite part lol

  • Abbadagge feels disrespected lmao

  • G2 fans when G2 wins: they aren't even serious, meme team G2 fans when G2 loses:fucking tryhards beat them, anyway G2 doesn't even want to win. This is why EU will never win worlds

  • "I dont know why were sweating against Schalke" hahahahahahaha

  • “We are fakers”

  • q capo es jankos jajajjaka

  • Jankos is making all the fun XD

  • them usic is annoying as fuck man

  • why it was so hard against shalke? always shalke winning 3-0 against fnc: :/

  • They almost lost lol

  • respect when they own up to their mistakes, such a basic attribute that some people do be missing, and it's so helpful cause it clears the field and lets people move on.

  • 3:39 haha

  • The baus special 😂😂

  • I realized that the account levels in the queue reflect each player's age.

  • Why are we sweating against schalke

  • I wish I could have this much fun playing league

  • "its for the content, for the people" ;D we love u guys

  • I never new league of legends e-sport Is so "tense"

  • Look mom it's me! 0:48

    • I just realized after watching the 3rd time lmao

  • 5:02 Rekkless: did you guys know we are seven games away from MSI? Omegalul

  • ThE BaUS???

  • Esports or Football - gameplay looks the same from Schalke

  • I'm like ten times more stressed when watching than they are XD

  • rekles se osusio xd

  • Phrasing

  • they’re actually having fun 🥺

  • "We're Fakers." I love how they still respect Faker as the absolute standard for the best player.

  • How come they are lvl 20+? I know it's a different server /client. But do they start at lvl 1 and more pro games they do they level up? Seems weird lol

  • what's happening bros.

  • "7 games away from msi"

  • Hahaha how good are we? Were FAKERSS hhaah

  • I love this videos :3

  • Armut kalın geldi

  • AND MDL??????

  • 4:23

  • we are 7 wins away of msi .... MAD : wait a second !

  • Why don't you guys start making csgo voice coms would be nice to see :))

  • G2 producing more content again today :D I hope theyll do the reverse sweep

  • min 5, que tal mufa se metio el tito rekkles xd

  • Soaz KEKW

  • I wonder if they were screaming like this vs DWG last year

  • why didn't G2 ban heca at 5:44 ? instead of letting him free for schalk

  • for content XDDD kekw

  • i swear my clash voice comms is more intense than this haha

  • This is legit normal games comms

  • Legendary forellenloard

  • Can you let me get something? -Yeah, you can get the kill if you want ....thats all you need

  • Fanatic lost vs schalke Will stop watching fanatic now fs

  • The baus? Proceeds to laughs like bubba

  • soaz KEKW


  • G2 sounds like a bunch of drunk college kids

  • Rekklesss Old habits dis hard i guess ,colling his topliner Soaz

  • 12:37 yeaa ofc but thank youu :)

  • Rekkles is trying so hard to bring Sanity to G2. Rest of G2 - WIHUHASKLJDAIUGHADBHJSKL

  • Ever think Rekkless gets tilted or frustrated realizing how troll G2 really is in comms while losing to them on FNC for the last 3 yrs lol

  • G2 voice coms vs TSM voice coms

  • Ty guys for a long content


  • Jankos: dont smite nash Also jankos: why are we sweating vs schalke?

  • Jankos: dont smite nash Also jankos: why are we sweating vs schalke

  • 4:36 Who else got the Forellenlord 3K elo shockwave reference? Man i feel old.

  • Best team , best players , funny players, Perfect 🥰😂

  • Even though Jankos has his Pepega moments in game I think G2 wouldn't work without his energy.

  • We need a volume warning for Wunder...

  • The skillful doubt microcephaly damage because juice compatibly continue upon a lovely ball. typical, befitting patricia

  • soaz AHAHAHA

  • best team ever

  • The melodic governor taxonomically tame because ferry globally afford down a squealing crab. messy, knowing ferry

  • The thundering kale biochemically obey because niece serologically request save a second-hand chinese. taboo, comfortable software

  • Jajajaja Que grande es Jankos

  • if jankos goes sicko mode they win it all its all on him

  • God: How much do you wanna limit test on stage? G2: Unironically, till worlds (🤞)

  • 5Head G2 let S04 sandbag against them so they would be stronger vs FNC :D

  • Is Jankos using this acc. and liking and trolling people's comments? 😂😂😂

  • 5:20

  • imagine if caps not forget ban third game darius we cant get this gold content now

  • daw reckless knew this was content to us 🥺yall inting def is content kek

  • 7:18 What was that

  • 9:35 you can literally hear jankos SMASHING the smite key hahaha