Why I don't upload to Gopnik Gaming (Bedtime story)

Datum objavljivanja: 31. Kol 2018.
Squatnik suits are back! www.weslav.com/
I am a simple man. I make videos. But is not always easy.
Basically, I thought I could keep both channels active, but the time it takes to make each video would kill both channels. That's the whole story. The rest of this video is essentially ASMR. Good night!
The background is me playing Steam VR.
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Intro music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
Outro music:
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem


  • 3:11 = 2027 Russian president BORIS

  • Thank you for brightening our days with your videos man, your work does not go unappreciated!

  • Two days ago, there was an upload! Praise the mayonnaise!

  • The animated squatting gopnik in the beginning is pure gold! 😂😂😂

  • My iPad automatically changes every Boris video to 720p60 and on Fortnite videos 144p and that’s great news

  • What's that subscriber count again?

  • He really can be the Slavic Freeman. His explaining can even make a child understand.

  • fun fact my channel is gavno...

  • hack the algorithm blyat! you are russian programmer! cyka!


  • jfc you do All your own videos by yourself? thats amazing and im so glad to see your videos wen you upload boris

  • Hire vadim to edit your videos

  • ey boris y u upload here- **bonk** *AYOO!!-*

  • Is nobody going to talk about how he just yeeted the toilet at 1:33?

  • Pls don't stop uploading on gopnik gaming

  • Boris moving to new apt: now I can be free of that Urod Vadim. Boris: (sees Vadim moving in next door) Vadim blyat...

  • I have huge respect for your work ethic. Thank you for the videos!

  • Boris, since when are you doing ASMR?

  • Ik this video is older than my Babushka but hey don't worry about it. You're still cool if you're well We need quality, not quantity. And Boris, your videos have quality like Turkish halva

  • him throwing things into oblivion entertains me already lmao


  • Where is Anatoli white?

  • how about give anatoli the gopnik gaming

  • strange thing... i saw gopnik gaming before your channel, so... a bit wierd for me when i realized you had a main channel and i just got onto the inactive second channel.

  • Came exactly for the sweet slavic voice... and the hardbass

  • :)

  • Not even 20 seconds have passed and i'm laughing. XD Thx, Boris. :-D

  • Blyat

  • This video was uploaded this same time last year.

  • Boris should upload 20 minute videos (best moments) on gaming channel (without subtitles). And edit these videos in 10 min videos and post on main channel with subtitles.

  • I’m glad I found you even if it’s 4 years later. I’ve been binging like madman and watching ads, I hope that works if not the merchandise I’m buying soon will haha, anyways. If Boris ever stops, this will be sad. The people and everything where I live...they pretty much suck with all the blyatshet...I work, and go home and stay home. Boris man, you make every day better, but I hope you are doing well above all else. Stay cheeki, with the breeki, and please say hello to Artyom 🐱

  • My True Fav Channel now, Long Live Boris

  • Fuck youtube

  • I couldn't the audio was worse even after he mentioned it

  • Slav Content Here HRdown:NO FUCKING WAY

  • Oh yeah i remember the marmite now its australian salt

  • I would have made 1 Video for both channels in a week, but thats just me. But I still love your boris, so you do you ill still watch. While doing my squats.

  • I love the quality of videos as I'm here for entertainment and not actually learning anything. So if it takes more time and you upload 1x or 2x a week I'm fine with that. I'd rather watch quality then sh...dirt.

  • why would youtube do that they are scum bags

  • OMG, I just realized. If you are moving to new place, you won't have neighbor Vadim anymore! You'll have to find new neighbor to annoy you and steal your stuff.

  • What you could do with the Gopnik Gaming channel is to get others to help out. There must be plenty of other Gopnik Gamers out there who know how to make videos that they can send to you to upload to the channel.

  • The quality of your videos is a very cool thing in your channel. You're doing good to don't quit it

  • Im new to your chanel.....but blin your videos is better than all the mayonez you can find combined

  • 0:17 to 0:18 loop

  • Being unsubscribed from channels I like has happened to me loads of times. It’s fucking annoying.

  • Where's the new video сука

  • Борис из тру гопник Блин

  • Twitter has been doing the same thing. I remember having to re-subscribe to some of the channels I watched because HRdown took them off my list.

  • At the start he said sweet slavic voice yeah? Who else thinks anatoli voice is bettrr

  • someone please tell me what is that classical music playing at the very beginning?

  • I don't care who Boris is. He may well be FPS, cyka blyat.

  • Thank you for not delete the channel. I'm not really like gameplays, but I usually watch Gopnik gaming when im bored😂

  • HRdown nowadays is an asshole

  • BORIS, BLIN, WHAT WAS THAT MUSIC AT THE BEGINNING?! Seriously, I know it's a mix of Cheeki Breeki hardbass but I cannot find it anywhere. Please link for my western spy ears, is good music, komrade

  • @Life of Boris maybe use gopnik gaming to live stream some gameplay like 1 time at week?

  • ok but is sea wet

  • i admire that you want to keep your videos high quality all the time!!! i thank you for the amazing videos you post and the hard work you put into them.

  • Boris I can help u with that... Look through my vids...

  • Just do livestreams on playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R onGopnik Gaming...

  • I just want to see you play more "My Summer Car" Those few episodes were amazing, It's a perfect game for your personality comrade!

  • Where did you learn the heavy Russia accent ?

  • How the fuck do you choose your HRdown video genre

  • yes sinep and flyng mayonies for Artiom and boris

  • I stayed here because of the slavic voice. F--k the algorhythm

  • Борис

  • Thanks for bedtime story comrade

  • Boris your the best you Slavic basterd

  • Boris do you ship this fucking slav tracksuit to Brazil??

  • easy, dont subcribe to nobody and just be faithful in returning to genuinely interesting videos.that solves the notification problem but does not solve subscriber loss or channel spreading. (not a good idea just what i personally do)

  • one slav can simply not charge another slav 4 weeks worth of food money just for one weslav hoodie, just saying...

  • actually u are very smart boris

  • I just realized I wasn't subscribed. Blyat. I'm a traitor now.

  • Boris you're the best!

  • I found a way that you could be allowed to upload gaming videos to this channel. Gaming is part of videos, Videos are work, Working is life. DONE

  • really like your videos ! keep it going as you can/wish! stay cheeky breeki

  • Какая классическая музыка играла в начале видео?

  • 1:47 my favorite part 😂😂😂

  • Jesus, I can barely understand him! It’s like a middle eastern Russian! I mean... a Slav...

  • Ima keep it all the way real, I watch his videos half for intro and half for content

  • I love the gameplay

  • Boris I have missed couple your videos because these fucks in HRdown failed to notify me too

  • Wow thanks for the explenation. Really appreciate all the hard work you do. Stay cheeky breeki.

  • Wow thanks for the explenation. Really appreciate all the hard work you do. Stay cheeky breeki.

  • I also get subscribed to random channels without clicking subscribe at first I tried to unsubscribe but it's getting annoying so I don't bother anymore

  • My king

  • we all understand Boris, try your bestrt and stay gopnik

  • Boris, may i suggest that you should try to find a schedule to make the videos

  • Mastermind Slav much appreciated

  • Wait this is true, this is why I wouldn't see your video, I was unsubcribed !!

  • Blin, the moment you mentioned the automatic unsuscription I checked immediately. I wasn't subscribed... That's why I didn't hear from you.

    • shit same for me. never seen this happening! Subscribed again :)

  • It was better to listen this bedtime story and watch how you play in background than watch You just playing this gam e in separate vid.

  • Basically you're telling us that you are human

  • boris, you need to play job simulator or h3vr or babushka will be mad

  • I know I am late here, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that we don't care if it takes two weeks too make a video. As long as it's good, it's quality over quantity. And Boris over Quality, of course.

  • I actually feel so sleepy after watching the whole video

  • Blyat I am a slovak from Slovenia most slavic country in slovenia blin give me that channel and I'll make it the best slav channel of Slovenia tovariš komandir I also have a babusha I can represent her quite a bit xD


  • Much appreciated for the Intel dude! Keep up the good work. This southern American loves it.

  • The sea isn't wet

  • My friend please take the stress off yourself and at least get someone to make you subtitles! From Canadian Slav