Datum objavljivanja: 23. Stu 2020.
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  • 2:41 My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  • yo wut is the thumbnail xDD

  • Somebody please tell me the song at the end

  • What’s that song at the end

  • 2:08 yeah that sounds like us

  • outro song name?

  • S

  • J

  • dont ever play zed my eyes hurt


  • face at 2:47

  • Non stop debate

  • why are you the 6ix9ine of league youtubers

  • Is it weird that I hit shift + enter when I saw Moe int to type: ?

  • 2:40 my eyes .......

  • The music choice almost makes me not want to watch the vids lol.

  • the danganronpa background music hits hard af

  • llstylish purr: cat Yassuo purr: jackhammer

  • You're a damn fool moe. Turning your back on Fed. All the evidence is there. Cancel Poki, the manipulative slime she is. So fake and pretentious, yet she tries calling out other people for that, backstabbing them, and everythign else under the sun to manipulate and control her own image while treating Fed like trash lmao. Get her cancelled, enough of the Pokishow.

  • uhh why zed is invisible ?

  • Omg he slept with sanch's stream behind his back

  • reminder that yassuo betrayed his best friend the second he got accused

  • Wait what happened to Bella?

  • What do you mean "How does he always remember to PRRRR?". ~No duh. Stylish invented the whole PRRR moment.

  • Friendly reminder that Yassuo didn't even hear his friend out (Was suppose to be his best friend) and allowed Pokimane to manipulate him and the entire situation. You're a coward dude

  • Brand of yassuo's headset?

  • 2:42 Now lets just take a moment to slowly replay that...

  • I think the int music could work here lol

  • 2:43 prrrr’nt

  • Moe, i'm sorry to say, but your take on Fed's manifesto, made it seem like you just didn't want to burn bridges with Offline TV, there is some really relevant stuff in Fed's manifesto, that Pokimane undoubtly changed to her own benefit, and that's fucked up.

  • eyyy moe sus vote him out lol

  • Ur a clown

  • Danganronpa in the background oooh yes

  • i thought i was watcing something i shouldn't be

  • you should check out Feds "truth." Jesus poki is a legit psychopath

    • And this is why I hate streamers! They remind me of democrates and the media. They need to be taken down or next thing you know they will be the ones deciding elections.

  • is that a single bed in the backgroud? sex in a single

  • moe's yasuo is good, but please dont play zed

  • bro plz told me wher are you from ?



  • 7:50 Moe getting outsmarted by silver players

  • Ahh yes 190 frames 68 ping, otherwise known as he totally lagged.


  • So zed is alkali with that item

  • Dude .. LL stylish is only one. He is better with champs using sowrds tho ..🙂

  • Big fan of big nose moe but even my silver zed is way better than whatever his is 1v1 me for big nose

  • Jungle item?

  • Z

  • Oh sht!! I just streamed some Undertale today!!! Did you know u could turn the spare button PINK?!

  • Pinoy spoling me with the Danganronpa music

  • music is so loud

  • I came here since Certain Talon kill Yassuo's yasuo, only to comment that Yassuo behaves high on defeat and he even look "not-hobbo" like he was at the hairdresser and hiting the gym. Kudos to him !.

  • Clickbait 101

  • "No shot" does he even play the Zone?

  • did moe break up with bella? he brought a girl over and smashed but he already has a gf right?

  • dude what the song ending? :o

  • You know Pinoy not a real bro cuz he be putting up these kind of thumbnails during NNN. That's cap

  • 4:28 someone tell me what happened to annie's passive's stun here pls ?

    • she W'd before the Q reached him

  • 11:14 best clip today 👌🔥

  • How mad u are today 😂😂😂😂

  • 4:55 ? 😂😂😂😂

  • "rushing boots b4 jungle item", what fukken jungle item

  • Did he break up with stella ?

  • Isnt moe with Bella anymore? :(

  • This zed is garbage omg I can't watch 😂

  • Ok but is the editor a fan of Danganronpa V3? Too many OST from the game

  • Ur just gay

  • Where his dog at?

  • Yassuo low key sounding sus

  • ?

  • I thought he had a GF how is a girl coming over for sex did they breakup?

  • ur zed isnt that good

  • 2:41 100T btw

  • Doesn’t yassuo have a gf???

  • Wtfff is this thumbnail 🤣

  • It would be so funny if when u windwall and warwick ults into it, it will count him as projectile and he just disappears from the game xD

  • hi pinoy

  • 8:00 are my yasuo plays

  • You know what you didn't do ? Apologize to Hashinshin

  • hey guys, anyone know the song in the outro

  • you so bad man HAHAH

  • pinoy love to use danganronpa

  • Bro is saw this and thought yt recommended pron wtf

  • My pp hawd uwu


  • Yassuo to LL STYLISH

  • Yassuo you can play Wild Rift

  • Im pinoy

  • pinoys intro is so cringe lol

  • 0range, the virus for the brain @t

  • Outro music?

  • but that´s Yassuo´s lie ,isnt it?

  • watching moe on zed is funnier than i thought xd

  • hahaha my god! i love this fails!

  • Cringeass caption

  • Hi yassuo you need to play conquerer zed with eclipse you will see how insane he is


  • you areso nab zed you are 0 in front of stylish

  • Yas Sus instead of putting music he puts his big live 🤧

  • 10:48 yasuo syndrome at its absolute finest