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the 10 death yasuo power spike is op
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End song - Edboi Girl do you know


  • Made in Abyss OST? Take my like. I'm still frowning, but take my like.

  • 1:25 that ashe was vietnamese bruh not chinese bruh

  • Normal ppl:hust normal iq Yasuo players:-infinity iq

  • 5:00 song??

  • What if I die less than 5 times because im TOO FED TO DIE

  • Love the music

  • It doesnt even matter if he dies like 10 times, he will still kick your ass by spamming random shit lategame. Fucking nerf yasuo lategame

  • Isn't 5< greater?

  • somebody watched made in abyss respect

  • I did this and it’s actually so fun. You can go all in as aggressively as you want

  • rav totally copied this video from you

  • ae vn dau

  • 1:14 that was an Vietnamese

  • You forgot about AFK yasuo if he fed his enemy in 10 minutes

  • i'm irritated just watching this

  • You are just bad yasuo player lol

  • Rav did better


  • Your ulting wrong

  • Almost to 1m views!!!

  • eiiiii made in abyss ost

  • He put 5< which is greater than 5

  • 1:14 uhh that vietnam :v

  • 5< is more than 5 times, fking moron

  • less than 5 times : am i a joke to you

  • Bro dont watch this pls

  • I dislike

  • Bro thats is Vietnamese :(

  • All yasuo players are mentally handicapped.

  • 1:16 it is vietnamese

  • bruh she was speaking vietnamese

  • the ashe is a VIETNAMESE

  • What is the song used is the outro I have been searching for like 3 hours

  • I am beetwin 2 and 3

  • I feel Attacked.

  • whats the end song again? i have heard it before but cant remember...not the edboi one.

  • www.leetchi.com/fr/c/rGWBG9Ar give money for my friend's birthday pls

  • www.leetchi.com/fr/c/rGWBG9Ar

  • 3:27 Yas Abyss with Made In Abyss OST,i see you are a man of culture as well

  • And then there's the idiots that yell at you every time you don't go in when an enemy got knocked up. Imagine not wanting to ult in when the rest of your team is an entire tower away and wont get there before you get annihilated by the remaining 3 or 4 members of the enemy team that weren't knocked up.

  • its not chinese bro, its vietnamese

  • nono you got us wrong its more like this, we flip a coin to see if will play well but for the most time it comes out as tale cause it comes out the bad end


  • If u die less than 5times as yasuo, just don’t play the champ, cuz u will never hit the 10deaths power spike

  • your video it's probably the most funny on league of legends i love you

  • I HATE EVERY YASUO! Every single one ive met is so cocky and so rude. Zero skill type of champ

  • Zed counters yasou .

  • This is just Dante's Inferno

  • I am fluent in trans-lingual emote/signal, comes in very handy when playing across language barriers. I was taught this by LoZ: Triforce Heroes

  • The people that disliked this are the feedsuos

  • Before: war robots Now: league ads

  • And your problem is that I main Yasuo?

  • What about the Yasuo's who don't know how the less than sign works

  • 3:35 5 biggerthan

  • can we play sometimes?

  • 0:29-0:34 my brother playing like here

  • And then you meet fckin tryhard kid yasuo on top when you play mundo

  • A basic rule to get better with yasuo is; "be f***ing patient! and stop dashing every time you can!" really you win a lot more just by doing that.

  • 1:14 bruh that vietnamese

  • this guy is worse than any yas i have seen if u dive like that. :Dd

  • i hate yasuo player they feed in my ranked games

  • Zed 15/3 against 6/9 Yasuo. Yasuo wins.. yeah that's balanced.

  • XD the red was funny ashh 😂😂😂😂

  • whats the song at the end


  • I am a Yas main...I have my moments...

  • One - the % of Yasuo players who are even a fraction as good as they *all* think they are is significantly below 15%. More like 3%. Two - the % of Yasuo players who are worth having on your team with the toxicity they universally bring? Closer to 1% Seriously, the *least toxic* Yasuo I've *ever* played with called the entire team trash at 3 minutes in, then said nothing for the rest of the game. When 'only insults the team once, then remains mute for the remainder of the game' is the *high point*, something is desperately wrong.

  • 5< .........less than 5........... :I

  • I like the Made in Abyss music

  • Did u rly just take the literally same joke from MagiKarpUsedFly 3:59, literally the same words he used you copy pasted his joke unsubscribe

  • 1:15 she's/he's vietnamese man

  • No one can hear the words your speaking with syrup in your mouth or something. Take away audio cause no one can understand ur accent

  • Baaically, I'm the 85% xd

  • it vietnam

  • Well ashe is not chinese cause i cant even understand her

  • Because im bored i decide to find who's pinging you, here's my study: 3:57 Fiddle changed path while the ping was going 4:06 Crock changed path multiple times, Cait's ping was muted, fiddle kiting farming 4:12 riven pathing mid, once the pings stopped, she changed direction . >> *its the fucking support Riven*

    • @random number 27 yeah i guess you are right. Good job

    • @Οh Υeah Υeah very good point, but those pings during her q's are more spaced out so maybe she was pinging via minimap and still has cam on herself. Hell, she didn't even have a reason to path mid in the first place, it is only logical to doubt she is busy doing something else instead.

    • Well i want to point something out, not sure tho, checking the time stamps you provided, riven, in the minimap, seems like she is using her spells, e and q, and she could do that while her camera is on mid yeah but u can see that she is using her q on the right nexus turret, which means that she has to know how close she is to the turret in order to do that, which provides enough information to doubt your otherwise very well thought studies

  • made in abyss soundtrack ah good ol daddy

  • lol that kai sa isn't speaking chinese XD It's probably vietnamese.

  • as 5 years yasuo main also diamon 1 i will say zed it`s a bullshit ,yasuo beginers i advice to always ban zed ,or you will broke your keyboard

  • 1:13 brian be like: sorry man i dont speak enchanting table

  • Wtf Chinese bro

  • Theres 1 types in turkish server mid ; Yasuo and zed Nothing else for mid And theres me Who plays ahri in mid

  • 1:23 that is Vietnamese or Thai, I tihink

  • Brian beat zed because his kda was 6/9

  • "Eventually the pings became one within me" I lost it right there

  • that moment when Made in Abyss op starts playing

  • *what my mind thinks about yasuo players Yasuo players: i LeiK sPed

  • When you hear made in abyss soundtrack

  • 2:17 so satisfying

  • that ashe í vietnamese

  • 1:14 they are 100% Vietnamese not Chinese plz

  • 1:13 great, thats the reason why u lost, there is a vietnamese dude there. Trust me, vietnamese server are full of kids playing yasuo, flexing their mastery and saying noob every fuking match.

  • whats the song at the last part?

  • You failed to mention the 1 death yassuo, the one who comes to lane, dies and leves and the 0 death yassuo also known as the ultimate form of yassuo, the one who leves imidietly

  • People might find this funny or low but to me in games its all about the honor of winning duels. Even in "team games" (seriously league fails so hard at that) . Especially in games ive gotten very good at after thousands of hours of gaming.

  • yep, that pretty much sums it up

  • That languges is not chinese, its Vietnamese

  • It’s vietnamese :)) and yet fun fact in VN region lots of 8 years old kids play Yasuo and feed their opponents. People always ban yasuo in rank in VN region.