You Have 5 Minutes To Spend $20,000

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Pro 2020.
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  • their reactions are priceless

  • Simon is a God

  • I know I won't get picked

  • This video proves one thing: any woman that says they couldn't spend that much money is lying. They can, and they'll do it in minutes 😂😂

  • Ew did these guys really buy apple products 🤮🤮

  • ayo me

  • The video hit 250,000 Simon

  • I'd go straight to amazon £3700 gift cards job done

  • my pc is a box with buttons

  • Meee please I love your vids

  • crypto.55

  • Does no-one know that willne did this but Simon didn't plug him in the description

    • Lodes of people have done this and it was months ago so don't get pressed lmfao

  • Simon:i'm not a simp josh is (meanwhile) casually gives her 20 grand

  • Sick vid


  • and so it starts the .battle for yt

  • I love how as soon as Simon says $5000 they all get the same idea

  • Hi Simon this vid made me laugh so hard 😂😂

  • hi

  • I would have just got an Apple gift card for that exact value ahah

  • pick me my man, you wont regret it fam see the rhyme

  • I installed express VPN

  • It feels weird watching this after Christmas

  • plz pick me i need a gamer set up

  • Pick me Simon plz I'll put that £2000 to use

  • Where did Nash buy the xbox from?

  • Legend!

  • All that’s going on and your doing this. Shame. Do something good. Pfft.

    • Says you say there watching it don't get pressed why don't you do something good and stop being a hypocrite🤠

  • I’m buying nothing but sidemen clothing

  • I would spent 3741 on amazon coupons but i guess that would be boring

  • I wonder why ksi isn't in this

  • Slide me the 2k

  • pick meeeee

  • "we love good quality sound" buys crappy apple iems

  • Any one remember when mrbeast donated to jordz

  • wish i could do this but this is amazing

  • That mrbeast thumbnail though lol But it got views so mission successful

  • Ayo England is my city pick me

  • this is a banger


  • I want in mint

  • hi


  • gee's glasses are 10/10

  • Should’ve put Theo in here

  • 6:00 ye hes bare evil for giving u almost 4 grand

  • The plant baritone fittingly touch because knot thermodynamically head toward a present tornado. past, wasteful dimple

  • If he did that with his fans and i chose (i wouldnt) i would buy a pc and monitor and stuff and an elgato

  • Please pick meeee

  • Pick me Simon love your videos

  • This is Such A Wholesome Video

  • When’s the vid of us spending ur money🤣

  • New video idea u should go on Omegle with JJ or talia

  • Good Luck to the 10 that will get pick by Miniminter.

  • can u pick me plzz

  • Love this

  • £2,000 can make a whole wardrobe

  • Ik what I would buy 😂😂😂

  • You're basically copying what Mr Beast is doing. No offense but, dude... seriously....

  • don’t pick me

  • imagine getting $5000 to spend

  • pls can u pick me

  • Absolute sicko

  • Thought it was a condom from the thumbnail

  • plz choose me

  • amazing

  • 💞💞💞

  • Zac loves you

  • simons editor cannot spell LOL yes you are time begins now 2:15

  • gee had the best

  • Pls can u choose me

  • Well can I spend my 2k now cause I think you have 250k likes @miniminter


  • Note wrong with Leicester

  • The people in that video who got to buy all that stuff:☺️☺️ Randolph:😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • 👍❤️👍❤️👍❤️

  • Pick me Simon please I have been watching u for 4 years since u was playing fifa 15 round there I’m a big fan

  • please pick me simon honestly i really want to spend 3741 pounds in 5 minutes as it would be amazing so pick me as i have commented literaly 100 times no joke and i really want to be in this challenge

  • Bro 2k tho, new mr beast right here

  • Pick me i've been here since 2014

  • Holy crap this so good

  • Yea

  • Simon can I please have a chance to spend money and I even have tons of sidemen merch on the way

  • I wouldn’t mind going...

  • Simona Ik you wanna pick me 🙂

  • why is everyone violating Leicester 🤣🤣

  • I'm broke

  • pls pick me simon me need

  • Yes me

  • Simon "you lot are bougie" Minter

  • Pick me! Chose me! Love me!

  • Sick video Simon, what a guy! If you end up doing your subscribers spend 20,000 video I'll be in it ;)

  • -Virgins +For life😂😂

  • Gee says something Simon: ahahahah😂😂

  • I would be very grateful if you chose me for your next video. My instagram is @wherestanu and my twitter is @bigpapitanu thankyou🙏🏾

  • Bruh talia just got friend zoned...

  • simonnn is the new mr beast uk version ( pick me pls, xx) plus i just watched yur youtube video from yesterday and yu still havent picked anyone

  • How long are simon and talia gonna keep saying they are virgins. We all know its bullshit

  • 👊🥩

  • Unreal. Bett its harder to deal with the pressure than it looks