Zack Snyder's Justice League Pitch Meeting

Datum objavljivanja: 21. Ožu 2021.
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Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Zack Snyder’s Justice League!
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2017’s Justice League was a critical flop, and fans were pretty upset with how the movie turned out. Over the years that followed, they worked hard to create a movement online to get Warner Bros to “Release the Snyder Cut” which, after tons of buzz, they finally did.
Zack Synder’s cut of Justice League definitely raises some questions though. Like why do three of the Justice League members now have to deal with car and boat accidents? What’s with the ancient lamentation music that plays anytime Wonder Woman does anything? Why did she blow up a guy in front of a bunch of children? Why is this four hours long? Why did that woman sniff Aquaman’s sweater like that? Why does Martian Manhunter keep popping up at weird times?
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Zack Snyder’s Justice League! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.
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  • Slavic music playing when amazonian fighter is on screen is tight

  • Umbrella Academy

  • Good, he has an Android phone.

  • Can we have a Pitch Meeting for the Pitch Meeting? I hope it will be super easy, barely an inconvinience.

  • "By making it FOUR HOURS LONG" " Oh - My god."

  • "Flash can you lend me a hand real quick?" "No but someone else can" "Alright who?" AOAOOOOOOOOOHHHH

  • Im glad I watched this instead of wasting 4 of the 24 hours in a day, that I would never get back.

  • That's why I stopped watching DC

  • Lmao i can tell this guy probably didn't really care about them releasing the Snyder cut

  • Wonder Woman sits on the toilet: WOOOOOOOHAOHAO

  • But what about the scene where Flash reverses the time. Twice)

  • I mean for a "handful of super being who just met", they did lost if it wasn't for Barry.

  • You forgot when flash rewinded time and saved everything

  • "Amazing. Anything new going on with him?" "Ah, well he's much spikier now" "GOOD!!!" 👁👄👁

  • Kal-el, No

  • I'm glad they changed the theme music for Wonder Woman, cos that sucked!

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  • Also kinda feel like they shoulda added flash turning back time but meh pretty hilarious

  • Kahlil No. thats very convincing

  • "Why didn't he just buy the bank?" Bruce Wayne do be extra like that.

  • You know a movie is good when Ryan has trouble finding things to make fun of.

  • Tight!

  • Do Mank, and then Citizen Kane!

  • this is the best one yet! its sooooo funny! lol

  • They did not include the time that berry reversed time😥 And I was really looking forward to how they were going to talk about it.

  • It's hilarious some desperate fans are eager to say the Schnyder cut is good. Its four hours, still garbage, and even worse in terms of writing and consistency from what I can pick up. Not touching that bullshit lmao

  • 1:49 - Writer: A bunch of women are gona sing at him and one of them gona smell one of the many sweaters he toss´s away in the film. Producer: I mean that sweater gotta smell like fish, right? Writer: Probably smells like fish, yeah. Producer: What about wonder woman, whats going on with her? Writer: No, she doesn´t smells like fish.

  • Diana:*making tea* *MUSiC INTENSIFIES*

  • This Wonder Woman theme drove me crazy!

  • you are the bomb!!!

  • I feel like a Pitch meeting for Fight Club would be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

  • * spends all night watching pitch meetings * “Whoops” “Whoopsie”

  • U R Awesome. Subscribed.

  • After darkseid was defeated on earth and motherboxes were back on earth. It took 2 motherboxes for steppenwolf to figure that earth was primitive planet

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  • That wonder woman theme song... My sides hurt XD

  • 4:35 actually superman wore the black costume in comics after his resurrection. still funny though!

    • @TheOriginalMan according to Snyder, everyone from krypton wears black, he wanted to feel close to his planet and family since he was given a second chance. That sounds like bullshit to me.

    • But.. why tho?

  • "Changing your name to Mee-Ma is TIGHT!"

  • Ahh all this just reminds me the inanity of DC comics. Make Mine Marvel!

  • Even sreen rant can't pitch the time rewinding sean. nice.

  • Martha Manhunter?

  • But you forgot the scene with Lois and pregnancy test on the dresser.

  • What about Flash's Time Travel?

  • And so batman and wonder wo-oooooooooooo-aaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaooooooooooooooo

  • Wow.. wow.. wow.. wow.. wow

  • 2:06 lol. Yeah every time wonder woman walks in or is referenced in the movie that music is played.

  • Cyborg had a car accident Flash had a car accident Aqua man had a boat accident Wonder Woman had a horse accident Batman had a parent accident Superman had a brain accident And green lantern had a “the-creators-of-the-movie-completely-forgot-he-existed” accident

  • Now two times as much movie not to watch!

  • The wonder woman joke was the best thing ever

  • Rewatching this because *AAAaaAaaAaa aaa Aaa AAAaaA* 👁️👄👁️

  • You missed that the key plot of Man of Steel was to terraform Earth... and the key plot of Snyder League was to... terraform Earth AND it's people!

  • $5 for anyone who knows why the singing woman smells the sweater. (Which isn't really what she's doing anyway). Nah, I just like to show off my knowledge of trivia. Sweaters of that type, (if HighlyWeird did it correctly), are often handmade with distinctive patterns. The unfortunate between the lines reasoning behind this thing, according to one theory, is that, because folks who follow the sea for their livelihood often meet tragic ends because of Mother Nature. And sometimes recovered fisherman (and women) were unrecognizable due to the callous Mother Nature Treatment of washing up on some beach. Sweaters with strong and unique designs, handmade as they often were, were sometimes the only way men (and women), after their Mortal Remains were recovered, could be identified after suffering the indignities inflicted by the sea and the creatures that live there...

  • So is this the Snyder cut of the previous Justice league pitch meeting?

  • "and then superman's going to put on a freaking black superman custome" "why" "because" And that sums up the snyder cut lol just because.

  • This video should have been in 4:3 for some reason

  • Me: Wow. I don't think I'll be more angry at Joss Whedon, as when he ultra killed Winifred Burkle on "Angel". JW: Actually, it'll be super easy, barely an inconvenience. *Justice League 2017*

  • Lmao he noticed the awful wonder woman music. The sound tracks were horrible. I had a terrible time watching this movie

  • You should do the Kill Bill movies.

  • "- Was he just treading water outside? - I guess so!" lmao


  • He bought the bank instead of the house because it's a rich person flex 💪💪💪💪

  • This movie was incredible they did all the characters justice from flash to cyborg to wo- Wonder women them: WoaAooaAAAAAAAA

  • I’ll be honest, Bruce buying the bank perfectly suits his character!😅

    • sure, he would probably lose money on re-buying the house. The bank was probably an investment opportunity.

  • Bruce Wayne bought the bank instead of the house since it would raise a lot of flags and attention towards Clark Kent. Kinda makes sense if you think about it..

  • I’m so glad this exists so I didn’t have to waste 4 hours 😂

  • « Kal-el NO. » 😂

  • i HATED the original Justice League and while there were still parts of the movie i just skipped (cough) Flash's backstory (cough) for the most part i liked it

  • Wow. Just, wow. This is your masterpiece.

  • AAAAaaaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa...

  • I’m glad i’m not the only one who didn’t get horribly annoyed by the ancient lamentation music

  • I was hearing the Wonder Woman music even when it wasn’t playing 🤣




  • Did any one noticed that this video is twice as long as the original one

  • Where is the Snakes on a Plane pitch meeting?

  • Changing your name to memaw is tight 😂😂😂😂

  • I had to go watch a few scenes from the SC JL film to see if they actually did play that ear rape every time Wonder Woman was in a scene... And no joke, it was.

  • Pitch Meeting for the Assassin's Creed Movie!

  • Mema

  • The noxious cut lally challenge because head dolly curve of a meaty intestine. cheerful, best question

  • I just watched Snyder Cut few minutes ago and although it's better than the theatrical cut. By watching the knightmare sequence at the end I really think Snyder verse shouldn't be restored.

  • Raya and last 🐉

  • Your character portrayals are way better than 3 years ago.

  • Gosh I Fn love when they trash a movie I spent the entire movie trashing... especially when said movie is 4 freaking soul-sucking hours..

    • I just said "they" even though I know it's only 1 guy. Hmm.

  • The part about the song playing with the Amazons and Wonderwoman is so true, lMAO!!!

  • “Oh you wanna reboot it already?” 😂😭

  • For Darkseid.

  • This was good, but you missed the biggest bit of comedy in the whole setup - nobody in Darkseid’s fleet bookmarked the location of the one planet that had the super anti life equation that grants power over the multiverse and they’ve spent thousands of years looking for it.

  • I swear by the end of the movie, I was screaming at my computer whenever that goddamn wonder woman song played

  • So petty, that you refused to even touch on the epic scenes like “at the speed of force” shows how little you care for real cinema.

  • You know, Have you ever tried a Netflix movie, their are some decent ones.

  • Now they should do a cut for every main character where the actor who played that character gets to direct the movie as they see fit. Give these people's overinflated ego a nice boost and sit back to watch the fireworks! Cheers.

  • And then Wonder Woman steps up, cue the music...aaahahaha ha haa aha hahaaaaha..!

  • "Changing your name to me-ma is tight" I'm normally more of a quiet "ha that's funny" type of person, but this broke me

  • When I was watching this at the post credit scene my dad asked me who that is then martion man hunter said "they call me martion man hunter

  • Dude I lost it a "memaw" and the wonder woman music

  • Things that runined the movie 1.)Joker 2.)Talking like they know each other aka "United" 3.)Flash makes up for all of it

  • 2:59 Bars