Datum objavljivanja: 23. Lis 2020.
still pretty sick.... pretty sick at zed outplay faker might be in trouble here death marks tries to clean it up look at the moves look at the cleanse faker what was that
Also credit to u/arfmoochkncheez on reddit for the original zed paint drawing. Absolute legend
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  • Another day reminding pianta i liked every vid

  • I see everyone struggling to find the piano song at 2:23 It's Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No. 1

  • 2:22 my fucking eyes



  • As a Zed Main I approve

  • Song in 2:30?

  • cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/762293239519903764/817858790543327293/unknown.png thanks for the tutorial !!!!

  • Say that to chinese qiyana

  • Every league player i play against...so predictable and no imagination what so ever.Ez chall

  • there was no cleanse

  • Your drawing shows that how u know zed

  • Twoset Eddy's lofi with the art right there mate

  • that tmnt bit unlocked some memories

  • I played with a zed like this today and we still won lol

  • I saw this in my recommended and I love it😂

  • whats the song at 3:40 ??

  • That music ,was that my childhood ,was that best moment of my entire life? Well yes.

  • Wait.... zeds horns?

  • that zed drawing was actually good

  • I love Pianta's drawings ngl

  • 2:40 so today on the joy of painting we’re going to play a little game of Zed or Urgot

  • 1 2 3 4, clearly jhin wasn't watching out for shredder...... zed.... see the joke is.....

  • Its pengu what was that btw

  • This Faker guy seems to be in trouble a lot of the time

  • Lets be honest we've all repeated that line while mashing on zed

  • *WhAt wAs THaT*

  • It was actually funny how I clicked on the thumbnail thinking it was SION

  • "look at the moves-look at the cleanse" pissed me TF off

  • Don't forget to go like this so we can get another river shen movie. hrdown.info/block/video/vGlpkNprocZofM0

  • Pls watch my gameplay 🙏🏼

  • He memorized the line just for this vid

  • River shen


  • Casually killing Pablo Escobar xD


  • Btw gj you fixed zeds ricall bug dd

  • Zed gameplay hrdown.info/block/video/lnWAhdCDhqWChdk

  • Who else when he was drawing zed, went back to the thumbnail?

  • At first I though it was jhin on thumbnail

  • Tenmo might be in trouble here, shroom dropped, they try to clear it up.... look at the flash, loot at the auto, look at the Q and the ignite, TENMO WHAT WAS THAT!?

  • Wait In Bush

  • How cringe

  • 1:11 @pianta why do u have to scream man. i got detention at schol for putting that on high volume lmaooooo still ily tho

  • Hmm maybe RIVER ZED

  • Was that the commentary line? Zed vs Zed

  • If you are looking for this masterpiece, here you go Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1

  • Can someone tell me what's the piano background song

  • "u saved here blitzcrank" sarcasm at it's finest

  • every video you download is my happy pill

  • (enters ANY fight at all) *FAKER MIGHT BE IN TROUBLE HERE*

  • *amazing video thanks pianta*

  • Man his art skill is so magnificent tho not gonna lie..

  • Pianta : Look at the cleanse! Summoners : Ignite and flash

  • Pianta just hire someone to make video thumbnails for you. Don't do it yourself it's so painful.

  • I thought the thumbnail was Sion taking a massive shit


  • What is this song? 2:22

  • Tenmo player masters?

  • Hear me out ZIGS OP

  • where is temno player??

  • it was river shen now its bush zed



  • Make a Zed urf video before urf is gone!

  • This title is oddly familiar

  • what was the song on 2:22 plz

  • 2:46 still better than me

  • My ocd went off really hard from you saying "Look at the moves, look at the cleanse" instead of saying it the other way around how it's supposed to be lol

  • This just proves Zed has the least counter play out of everyone in the game. He's stupid.

  • Bwian kun

  • Faker what was that!

  • "Zed is balanced" Lol ok.

  • Hopefully Lil' Jimmy will get the peace he deserves... unless Faker with the moves WHAT WAS THAT!!!!!

  • My name is Jimmy damn it

  • finally i pianta zed

  • nice vifd

  • The way that the thumbnail says 0,02sec 1 shot lmao i cant with these kind of things

  • idta de caorro espido ir para o espido caido ir para o espido caído

  • 10 seconds into the paint lesson and i thought we were making troll face ??

  • Turtles !

  • 4:53 KONO PIANTA DA!!!

  • Last time i was this late i was early because i hurried to not be late

  • nostalgia ninja turtles intro music

  • i love when brian does the oneshot move


  • Instantly subbed. Amazing content

  • What's the name of the soundtrack you put in the Zed Drawing? I am a piano player, I forgot the name of the song, but somehow I remember that you putted it in this video so here I am

  • That TMNT part was so random but I liked it

  • I see the theme u had splinter last video

  • kinda annoying saying the same line the whole vid

  • Nostalgia hit me really hard with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • You should play that song while playing lethality rammus

  • Pianta is your name after the pianta village in mario sunshine

  • 2:22 bob ross for league of legends

  • I thought that was a sion anyone else think that?

  • I wouldn't wanna play against brian as an adc main

  • Sadly, this isn’t close to the speed of the volibear oneshots...


  • WHAT WAS THAT????????????