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0:57RPDR Season 13 Roast in 60 seconds #Shorts
9:57Whatcha Packin’ | S13 E13 | RuPaul's Drag Race
9:36Whatcha Packin’ | S13 E12 | RuPaul's Drag Race
51:41Best Of Shangela 🎁 RuPaul’s Drag Race
Best Of Shangela 🎁 RuPaul’s Drag RacePregleda 372 tis.Prije 14 dana
8:19Whatcha Packin’ | S13 E11 | RuPaul's Drag Race


  • When you get a commercial for Moscato right before Jinkx says who she thinks will win 🤣🤣🤣

  • Simone and Gottmik are EVERYTHING!!! Wow!!! ❤️

  • Dayum someone really made sure Ru slapped hard with this track

  • "My boyfriend's favorite drag queen, JINKX MONSOON!" I died😆 She really looks BEAUTIFUL 😍aaawwwww🌸🌸🌸

  • The edit of the final version is atrocious.

  • Was waiting for Jinkx to shout “PASSWORD”

  • Reasons Why Gottmik Should Win: 1)She Rhymed "In between" With "Queen" 2)It Would Be A Good Thing To Have A Trans Winner 3)Talented.

  • Braxton family values RUSICAL season 14

  • Rosé's movements are matching with the song. Love her, but tbh her expressions in lipsyncs are too stiff.

  • In the thumbnail the ring light reflecting on Tracy’s lipstick looks like a nose ring and I live for it

  • Kandy and Symone ATE

  • Kandy gave "Back Back Back Again" a whole new meaning. Back Rhymes??

  • I mean one of the uk queens got COVID so calm it

  • #TeamGottmik

  • Jinxx is my fav queen too 💕

  • I don’t understand how Kandy made it this far...

  • Love the Ahs:coven Reference 💙

  • Still questioning if Symone's part is even considered a verse.

  • jinkx outfit is insanely beautiful

  • This was TOP TIER comedy!!! 😆

  • Ru advices the top 4 not to read comments on social media when they get home.... then proceeds to ask fans who they think should win the crown..

  • riggamoris girl! this was riggamoris

  • Rupaul having her Cher throwback moment. Gottmik and Rosé with great lyrics and great moves. The 4 of them stunning.

  • Rosé 😍


  • Best rupaul song so fsr


  • People obsessing over who’s gonna be the winner. And here I am obsessing over what would Tammie Brown’s performance look like 🧐

  • I feel like this was a continuation of Jinkx Has Snapped

  • Rosé is so cute and sweet, she's having the time of her life every time the girls are lipsynk

  • Symone was so boring

  • My fav winner ever 🥰🥰

  • Why is Kandi there 🙄

  • Gottmik's verse is really good

  • why is Rose overlooked : (

  • I DIED on how they pronunced Paraguay. Oh. My. God.

  • Give symone the crown baby

  • Kimichi always had perfect looks

  • Barely anyone is talking about how well Trixie did. Ik it's expected of her cuz it's Dolly but to hold and pretend to play a guitar while also doing those dance moves in heels is impressive. Even in her background parts she was so good! I guess the judges/producers wanted her to seem like an underdog/unexpected but Tracy was killing the season from the start she was just robbed of being the top in some challenges imo.

  • the way jinkx laughs makes my dead plants and pets come back from the dead she’s such a gem

  • Trixie keeps saying "you were scream laughing when that happened" do they watch the ep together before they film these?

  • Trixie looks so beautiful !!

  • ... choices... *just walks away*

  • Symone should win., but I think, the crown is going to Gotmik. And, that ain’t too bad. She’s lovely

  • yall...Trixie's hill at 12:08

  • test

  • dang i forgot to watch this last week like always

  • "Well did you know you're flat chested" 😭😭😭😭 pick me up off this floor

  • no this SNATCHED Best Episode from Violet

  • Ok but like rose did sooooo good.

  • Song was trash 🗑 but Rose & GotMik was FABULOUS!!!!

  • eu te amo jinkx eu te amo

  • #teamsymone

  • the pages @11:20 ??? make it make sense

  • Omg !!! Did Trixie take my advice on the ponytail wig 😍 I feel seen an understood

  • 5:55 jinx is my favorite queen all time to say that

  • When I saw Kandy Muse’s final runway outfit, I couldn’t help it but think it was inspired by Daphne of Scooby Doo!

  • Why I feel like either Kandy or Gottmik will pull up Sasha Velour???

  • GQUEEN ....

  • Love it! Sounds retro, fun and drag at the same time <3

  • Jinkx : "Something about not having to interact with other people made it a special day" Introverts : Welcome to the cult

  • not here for the Rosé erasure

  • 11:20 - 📖 🤔 📄

  • Finally no blonde wigs in the top 4 😌

  • Anybody can win actually, except Kandy of course.

  • Its hard to imagine Jinx as poor. In my mind, she’s always been this high priestess in a castle

  • They both look so good

  • Symone is from One hour from Me!I live in Hope,Arkansas!!!

  • The queens are lucky that they got to do this number instead of a few of the other top 4 numbers lmao...

  • I’m gonna say something controversial yet brave 😊I see gottmik winning only bc she’s trans because she’s not all that good


  • I just realized they cut out them talking about Cracker’s look.

  • Violet coming in to say no was iconic 😭

  • Between Bewitched and Gilligan's Island, actually.

  • They are killing it!

  • Season is almost over and i'll say it, cast tina wasn't the right call, not sorry

  • SYMONE SYMONE SYMONE... I want Symone!!!! I love the lovable sass. She’s amazing...and seems like someone I would like in real life. However, this was a strong cast overall.