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6:16WandaVision: Project Cataract Explained
5:23Army Of The Dead: Everything We Know So Far
8:52Every Easter Egg In WandaVision Episode 8
Every Easter Egg In WandaVision Episode 8Pregleda 31 tis.Prije 18 sati
5:42Disney's Luca: Everything You Need To Know
Disney's Luca: Everything You Need To KnowPregleda 12 tis.Prije 18 sati
9:038 MCU Villain Team Ups That Could Happen
8 MCU Villain Team Ups That Could HappenPregleda 16 tis.Prije 18 sati
9:4310 Actors Who Followed In Their Parents Footsteps
9:36Every MCU Character Who Could Be A Nexus Being
6:36Face/Off Pitch Meeting
Face/Off Pitch MeetingPregleda 658 tis.Prije 18 sati
8:20Every James Bond Rule No Time To Die Is Breaking
12:0315 Actors Who Spoiled Superhero Movies
15 Actors Who Spoiled Superhero MoviesPregleda 24 tis.Prije 18 sati
16:39How Star Wars Changed the Special Effects Industry
10:13Disney Princess Face-Off: Elsa VS Rapunzel
16:29How Pokemon Took Over The World
How Pokemon Took Over The WorldPregleda 29 tis.Prije dan
9:25Groot Tried To Warn Us About Thanos
Groot Tried To Warn Us About ThanosPregleda 61 tis.Prije 7 dana
5:24Mortal Kombat: 5 Things You Need To Know
Mortal Kombat: 5 Things You Need To KnowPregleda 44 tis.Prije 7 dana
5:46WandaVision: Monica Rambeau's Powers Explained
8:1210 Ways WandaVision Has Changed The MCU
10 Ways WandaVision Has Changed The MCUPregleda 40 tis.Prije 7 dana
10:2310 Plot Holes In Cobra Kai
10 Plot Holes In Cobra KaiPregleda 33 tis.Prije 7 dana
18:0725 Iconic Movies That Had Alternate Endings


  • I got this recommended after 3 years..................

  • I think I’ll stick to pitch meetings with this channel.

  • I use Cheeto dust.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I hate how movies just lie and twist the truth of these bio-films. Why bother? Just tell us what really happened.

  • Feige not figgy

  • Where s talis ?? !!

  • Marvel released a movie marathon list to prepare for the WandaVision finale, but i don’t have the time to watch it all before I watch the finale, so I’ll just settle for the pitch meetings!

  • Ralph: That's where I saw the leprechaun! Bart: Right a leprechaun... Ralph: He told me to burn things!

  • The Tangled and Frozen theories really makes sense...does anyone realize the horse in Tangled and Frozen is the same?😀😎✌🏻

  • Ah, yes Muvee logecc

  • This is a joke right? I am groot Thank you fir that clarification

  • 5:50

  • NONE. MCU did a great job in casting. Each actor fits the character they portray in the MCU world.

  • Fake i think or fake

  • Can u do will Smith movie focus pitch

  • Also the lion king is hamlet but with animals.

  • sometimes Marvel just put Mephisto's references as easter eggs from the comics. Doesn't really mean anything but I do hope Mephisto comes into the MCU one day.

  • American History X.

  • I mean film theory proves the black widow can lift the hammer

  • Thay full cast shot. It tickles me to see an action. Protagonist wearing glasses while weapons up.

  • “Super easy! Barely an inconvenience..” Idk why this phrase is so freaking funny every time but oh my lanta.

  • Cooming Muum! ~ When you wanna sing~

  • ...the first three seconds where Voldemort has a nose. Me: O.O

  • ok just reboot the bloody world already. Also great vid, yet again.

  • I'd love it if when he said "Scott is tight" if someone walked past and yells "oh hell yeah I am."

  • Over four decades ☠️

  • They missed namor, was hinted on a map

  • I wish they would have left the gas scene in, it would make the episode that much better.

  • Watching him mention Darcy as the sidekick makes me laugh now. I'm so happy we saw her again in WandaVision

  • Or the owner of the diner

  • amazing how when ryan george isn't involved, this channel doesn't work... YOU REALLY FORGOT JOHNNY STORM????

  • Looks boring.

  • Well, the virus has mutated ... the European, Brazilian, and African strands are here!

  • Coco

  • Coca-Cola new Vision is too white

  • Sanity is being able to observe the world around you accurately, cope with it and adapt, and function harmoniously with it. Delusion on the other hand, is the insane belief that the world around you must change according to how you imagine it should be, regardless of physical evidence of how it really is. These so called "woke" people are absolutely insane, only overshadowed by the people who insist that they e allowed to make the rules for everyone else. That is the height if both stupidity and insanity. if a person thinks they are a peacock, but they have no feathers, no beak, and cannot lay eggs, you don't demand that everyone call them a peacock, you send them to a mental institution where they belong so they can be treated, and kept from harming themselves.

  • They will mess with the prequel book until the plot demonizes Conservatives and glorifies gay woke socialist liberalism. Nothing else will be produced by Hollywood any more.

  • Screen rant , episode nine came and wanda was studying the magical book which was in agatha's basement . Then billy and tommy was shouting for help . Was that just a dream or was that real ? Can you make a theory on that ?

  • They never see it coming What Drax would do next

  • Natasha Romanoff, that’s it.

  • This guy: ya mar do Yamato:😢

  • The fast and the furious movies 1 2 and Tokyo drift?

  • 4:16, just 4:16

  • Make them kiss!

  • He was a limited film? Now i feel myself lucky. For the first time my life...

    • Wait, much more wide release? Just... I AM NEVER LUCKY TOO!!!