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0:08Nanny Cat || ViralHog
Nanny Cat || ViralHogPregleda 1,3 tis.Prije dan
0:41Horse Holds Up Train on Bridge || ViralHog
0:15Doggies Enjoy Exciting Cart Ride || ViralHog


  • Thanks for the free extermination ants

  • Well that something i never thought i see

  • Well.. driver not getting [email protected] tonight

  • What is that gooey crap inside the plants that yellow jackets eat?

  • Didn't look down at his *purple* and blue shirt!

  • This cat is more responsible more than there parents......🙄

  • Blackout: occurs Hoomans: "eis graca eiis heRICO KWHAJAH!! You thEiii" _followed by devlilish laughter_

  • Seems like preplanned🧐

  • What happened afterwards?

  • Imagine brushing a teeth of a demon

  • Salute to both truck drivers saved the baby's life.

  • Damn thats a lot excitement just throwing a ball

  • 😂

  • The ants go marching one by one...

  • Russian hangover movie

  • I would have burst into tears and screamed harassment. I would have feared for my life. Y’all need to start playing them at their own game.

  • Omg it's trying to mate. That escalated quickly

  • theres something about this video that is so beautiful. what a wonderful world must have been inspired by this. these ants have a more effective form of communication than humans. they have a natural emailing list. imagine the first ant rallying the rest. theres so much to think about with this video. most humans first thought would probably be "what if i squish this midsection?"

  • Oh well, time for some Meow-Mix

  • Aw

  • 0:09 His dàd really hit him with the "Anything you need to tell me" lmao

  • Congrats

  • That was probably her boyfriend who left her ass🤣

  • The kangaroo had the dog inna head lock🤣


  • Her breath must smell

  • True friends, mine would’ve just ran

  • مين جاي من قناة مش معقول

  • I thought this was,’I know what you did last Winter’, and the deer was suppose to be crushed by a high speed train.

  • مش مقول🌚

  • Dude lets be grateful that they’re their current size

  • Imagine all people were just 2 secs late, The stucked man be like:- mai doobuu, to sabko saath lekar doobuu Edit:- this is not real, how can someone's foot can stuck there? There is lot of space

  • Are they on a Tesla?

  • Кошмар


  • Iphone meme

  • They made running people over with your cars from gta into a real thing?!

  • With all that screaming you still don't show us what the shark did, where is the blood, where is the wound ? This mostly is fake, boys are trying to make a video for HRdown.

  • 😂😂🤣🤣😂

  • When the MC just arrived in time

  • Mans like bro I thought we was playing😿

  • What is the name of the song being played?

  • Is this in the Philippines is what I want to know

  • She looks like one of the first people to eat Tide Pods for fun...

  • Amazing! Good Job :D

  • Oops the tornado kills me

  • Oops I went YEET

  • One of the most lazy useless dog i've ever seen

  • Oh oops when YEET

  • Bro the kid has a t-shirt and shorts why would you pat him 3 times what Did u miss in the 1st 2 pat down

  • Wait hold up are you telling me that mama possum opened the grill by herself and let herself in?

  • Better than Joe Rogan UFC commentary

  • I would agree with beaver boy, if he weren't so smug about it

  • Bird lays back and lies an egg? Such bad grammar! "Bird lies back!" (Then, perhaps lays an egg!)🤗😆😅

  • 💕💕💕💕💕

  • Wow, that pup knows how to have fun, 🐕 but makes me dizzy! Lol.

  • The original "Nope rope."

  • 💓💪💓💪💓 mon don't buy TV it time to make baby's 😂 , no sports, movies....Nada ✌

  • how to destroy your car in 1 minute

  • 🌴ooh🌴ooh🌴let’s🌴keep🌴the🌴feelings🌴

  • Kangaroo ab iss admi se kabhi baat nahi karega😀

  • Maybe more maintenance and less wax next time.

  • Satisfying. Do Jesus everyone

  • 0:24 Grandpa says 'No, he's not nervous.'. After a day job as a Chemical Engineer, I am pretty sure a random car driver is one of the less threatening things you can think of encountering. He probably had quite an interesting career!

  • Aprendan Uruguayos

  • I don't see any flying rug

  • Who needs babysitters when you have cats?

  • Damn nature you crazy, you can even see the ants carrying the wasp larvae out the hive

  • I think he was saitama huh

  • Is it a dog or a bucking bronco?


  • I hope it was useless items they stole

  • Anyone heard of mud floods and tartaria.

  • Is she autistic lol

  • Devour it

  • Random person driving :-wtf?

  • I Spend My Most of time in "Recording","Gameplay","Editing" and "uploading" I Need My all Brothers & Sisters Support.🙏😭😭😭😭😭.

  • Lol

  • This is great!!!!

  • A put the deer in the truck?? Did the deer get frost bite.