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Hello Internet! I'm MatPat and welcome to FILM THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite movies and shows? So do we! From figuring out the biology of Attack on Titan's Titans to revealing the dark secrets of Disney movies, we cover it all! Want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories? Join our community of Loyal Theorists today!\n\nBut hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Film Theories! And CUT! \n\nWant MORE theories? Check out Game Theory! \n►\n\nOr join us on our gaming talk show, GTLive!\n►\n\nWe have a strict policy on image use for our videos, which includes only using images licensed for reuse. If we use fanart we try to find a proper source to credit the artist, but sometimes things slip through. If you think we have used your art without your permission please let us know on the Game Theorist subreddit. \n►


14:37Film Theory: Aquaman is NO Hero!
Film Theory: Aquaman is NO Hero!Pregleda 1,5 mil.Prije mjesec
17:32Film Theory: The Lorax Movie LIED To You!
Film Theory: The Lorax Movie LIED To You!Pregleda 4,2 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
13:57Film Theory: Jigsaw was RIGHT! (Saw Movies)
Film Theory: Jigsaw was RIGHT! (Saw Movies)Pregleda 3 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
17:53Film Theory: Don't Trust A RAT! (Ratatouille)
Film Theory: Don't Trust A RAT! (Ratatouille)Pregleda 4,1 mil.Prije 4 mjeseci
12:59Film Theory: Hank is NOT the Father! (King of the Hill)
13:36Film Theory: Why Hamilton SCARES Hollywood!
Film Theory: Why Hamilton SCARES Hollywood!Pregleda 1,7 mil.Prije 5 mjeseci
19:01Film Theory: Willy Wonka RIGGED the Golden Tickets!
14:21Film Theory: Naruto Run is BEST Run!
Film Theory: Naruto Run is BEST Run!Pregleda 2,8 mil.Prije 6 mjeseci
17:36Film Theory: Is J Jonah STEALING From Spiderman?
11:31Film Theory: You'll Never Be Happy (Rick and Morty)
16:36Film Theory: Hey Fallon, You're Doing it Wrong!
Film Theory: Hey Fallon, You're Doing it Wrong!Pregleda 2,5 mil.Prije 8 mjeseci
17:04Film Theory: Scooby Doo is an Alien?!
Film Theory: Scooby Doo is an Alien?!Pregleda 4,9 mil.Prije 8 mjeseci
17:14Film Theory: Rick and Morty Sold You Out!
Film Theory: Rick and Morty Sold You Out!Pregleda 3,9 mil.Prije 8 mjeseci
18:15Film Theory: How A Tiger King Disposes of a Body!
11:49Film Theory: Dear Sonic, You SUCK at Running!
Film Theory: Dear Sonic, You SUCK at Running!Pregleda 2,6 mil.Prije 9 mjeseci
15:05Film Theory: Frozen 2 is DANGEROUS. Here's why.
Film Theory: Frozen 2 is DANGEROUS. Here's why.Pregleda 3,3 mil.Prije 10 mjeseci
21:51Film Theory: How Disney+ is DESTROYING Streaming
Film Theory: How Disney+ is DESTROYING StreamingPregleda 3,7 mil.Prije 10 mjeseci
16:54Film Theory: Did Sonic WASTE Our Time? (Sonic Movie 2020)
13:45Film Theory: Can we SAVE Mary? (HiImMaryMary)
Film Theory: Can we SAVE Mary? (HiImMaryMary)Pregleda 2,4 mil.Prije 11 mjeseci
18:15Film Theory: How To FREEZE Elsa! (Disney Frozen 2)
14:44Film Theory: How To WIN The Purge
Film Theory: How To WIN The PurgePregleda 6 mil.Prije godine
16:06Film Theory: The 5 Evils of HiImMaryMary
Film Theory: The 5 Evils of HiImMaryMaryPregleda 3,2 mil.Prije godine
18:17Film Theory: Spiderman vs Spiderman Battle Royale!
13:17Film Theory: The Avenger That RUINED Dark Phoenix!
13:21Film Theory: Dumbo's Dank Adventure (Disney Dumbo)
13:43Film Theory: Beware Shrek's Fatal Stench! (SHREK)


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  • In my opinion I think that the cursed god can manipulate time and place and at the end of season 4 he opens the box and the last time SAE open the box they turned evil so I think Joey is going to be a evil person in the so he going to be a like the best man of the cursed god then get all the evil out but hey that’s just a theorie

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  • 7:13 Did anyone think of the I-station girl Paige Turner? Just me? Ok...😢

  • McDonalds: That'll be 20 dollars, sir James: Um, yeah I only have 100s

  • You ignored the fact that many more lives were also saved by the new requirements for lifeboats after the Titanic sank.

  • The into that you did was so dorky Matthew but I loved it nice work

  • Can you make a theory about how eren walk in his new Titan form "Attack on Titan"

  • Caught a little brain fart only deadpool is immune to telepathy cuz his brain is destroyed (because of his cancer) and simultaneously being regenerated And deadpool remembers everything cuz marvel likes deadpool and we like deadpool

    • Also I don't think obesity counts as a disease for deadpools healing factor so would overfeeding him work?

  • Do a predator theory

  • Dad: calls out matpat then immediately deletes the video. mat pat: You dare strike your god!?!?!

  • Its not toxic masculinity, its called the Dominator Ego and Terrence McKenna spoke on this concept heavily decades ago


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  • "fatter people can absorb more damage" Americans : I am not obese .. I am just the master of damage absorption

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  • After he knocked the pic of drugs off screen a T-mobile add popped up!-

  • And in warhammer the imperium are the good guys but they blow up planets on a regular basis because people think the wrong way

  • That movie was not that good also get a fire stick and also download Cinema free it let's you watch new movies like wonder woman free

  • What was the name of that city again

  • What about BP? He was nothing but noble and willing to do what was right

  • Here is the reason why all six stones are needed. 1. The Soul Stone - it identify every soul in the universe. 2. The Space Stone - to allow the power of the gauntlet to reach throughout all of space. 3. The Time Stone - to allow the power of the gauntlet to affect every soul in the universe at approximately the same time. 4. The Mind Stone - to coordinate the efforts of the other stones to make the snap possible. 5. The Power Stone - To provide the energy necessary for the other stones to accomplish high scale feeds. 6. The Reality Stone - To alter reality to allow Thanos to snap while wearing a metal glove. There you go. Problem solved. Case closed.

  • It is not, it is vengeance movie! Ahhh!

  • MatPat remember the DAD Theory? Well He made a video about you!

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  • What if we are cars and they are humans...

  • She was made by palpatine and Anakin was made by palpatine I thought that's why they were skywalkers

  • Lets be honest he didn't cover it all he could beat goku at 0.001 of his power he was born with this power they ruined it he just didn't show it before he acted scared but he knew he could use 0.01 of his power and win he could have the same power but better after he hears bad twice he just wont show it he has no human limitations and lots of training it moves on his own he doesn't have the aura cuz his power is to much the aura kinda malfunctions in conclusion hes wrong shaggy to op oh yea he can make a power beam he just doesn't

  • min 10:48 it´s easy, just go outside without protection

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  • Also, you still didn't explain why Leo needed to die.

  • Also, why it is more probable the Americans would go to war after the sinking of the Titanic if they didn't after the sinking of Lusitania? Both are British ships.

  • Send him to space done

  • Sorry, but this was a very bad theory. It makes zero sense.

  • Well, since old Rose is telling the story of the movie from her perspective, she may simply get some facts wrong after 76 years... She may mix up the name of the lake with one that she learned of later.

  • Sans is worthy. Here's why: Once you commit mass genocide upon the underground, The comedic skeleton is forced to use hostile matters to try to nutralise your cruel-like actions. From there on, show no desire to hurt others. Therefore achieving an example correspondent to Odin's, "Only use violence as a last resort" reasoning. ALSO, Sans, obviously knowing he's going to die once trying to stop you, (Consisting of dying whilst attempting to end the countless genocide routes) still tries without giving up to save monster kind from your torture. ᴏɴᴄᴇ ᴀɢᴀɪɴ, ꜰᴏʟʟᴏᴡɪɴɢ ᴏᴅɪɴ'ꜱ ʀᴜʟᴇꜱ.

  • THIS WAS A YEAR AGO! Feels like last month!

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  • If it takes the form of my greatest fear it would be “also, this video is sponsored by raid shadow legends!”

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  • “dad” commented on the trailer for fnaf post, does this mean anything

  • Hear me out What if its not just 1 thing it could be more then 1

  • Theory mat pat is apart of the illuminati and he cover up everything

  • hey, THEORY ALERT!!!! is Katara an air-bender like Aang? she has the round air-bender-like head,... just sayin,...

  • That new version of super Saiyan is just a rip off hyper sonic

  • Why did Oliver have a gun?

  • Clone

  • The Matpat tree

  • Sadly, I don't remember the Knights of Ren doing anything important.

  • also at the end he cant get in the building because its locked there i finished you on it lol

  • and there fathers have to much of an age difference

  • Anyone whos seen Frozen 2 knows this isnt true

  • komm on its a cartoon

  • We are not the ones who did it

  • wait ariel doesn’t have a dress.

  • Mat:Telling us to not eat tide pods youtube:no

  • The new movie confirmed this threoy

  • 0:37 incase you got super spooped like me

  • I only hear green needle

  • Hey speaking of Disney songs that sound like other songs... anyone else mistake the beginning of poor unfortunate souls with the very start of “master of the house” from les miserables (might have misspelled) specifically the original London cast version (on Spotify (idk if there are differences))

  • You said they didn’t try to cure Elsa but their is a theory that Elsa and Anna’s parents went on the boat to go search where her powers came from

  • i acutally discovered a comic series called brookhollow that has our skeleton friend in it, no lie google brookhollow and you will find it

  • Hey uh, jets don't have pistons there, matpat ;)

  • 10:47 dang add a beat to that that nice bukrt ts ts turch tuch teh ts turch ts ts (loop )

  • i think elsa was born with powers because if you can see in the time 10:37 is like the man it's like what's magic coming out of his head, and if you saw a video that is from "14 amazing scenes frozen deleted" ... shows the mother and dad of ana and else when was children..and shows that the guards Arndel and other unknown citizens were fighting and it seems that the father of Elsa and Ana's father was fighting and he was fighting (and it was like the father of Elsa and Ana's father died)

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  • Me in 2021: nah that's not happening

  • *the picture of the news reporters but it’s COVID as a species* The reporters that are human COVID: the people are wearing masks

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  • 2020: Pandemic, Lots of death, Murder Hornets, Flying spiders 2021: But wait..There's more