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Rocket science. A term we all use to describe something incredibly difficult. Trying to grasp all of the concepts involved in rocket science can be incredibly intimidating.

My name’s Tim Dodd but I'm better known as the Everyday Astronaut. Recently I fell head over heals in love with spaceflight. My appreciation and curiosity for the subject grew into an obsession. Before you knew it, all I wanted to do was learn more and more. And the more I learned, the more I wanted to share what was making me so excited.

But as someone who dropped out of college and has no technical background or degree… I really felt unqualified for the job of explaining rocket science to anyone. But the fact of the matter is, if I can learn this stuff, anyone can.

Rocket science is awesome, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be excited.

Everyday Astronaut. Bringing space down to Earth for everyday people.


2:50:54Watch NASA land the Perseverance Rover on Mars!
5:46:22Watch SpaceX launch Starship SN9!
1:25:53Watch Rocket Lab Launch their Awesome Electron Rocket!
42:04A Tour of SpaceX’s Boca Chica facilities [LIVE]
3:08:00Watch NASA fire up SLS for the first time!
Watch NASA fire up SLS for the first time!Pregleda 435 tis.Prije mjesec
5:31:01Watch SpaceX Static Fire Starship SN9 THREE Times!!!
2:34:02[SCRUBBED] Watch SpaceX Static Fire Starship SN9!
2:29:54Watch SpaceX launch their first mission of 2021!!
53:15Best Space Moments of 2020!!!
Best Space Moments of 2020!!!Pregleda 347 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
2:33:33Watch SpaceX launch their brand new Dragon Cargo Capsule!
1:18:18Pre 15KM flight Q\u0026A [LIVE on site!]
Pre 15KM flight Q\u0026A [LIVE on site!]Pregleda 319 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
1:30Starship SN8's final static fire in 4K Slow Motion!
1:39:32Watch SpaceX Launch 60 More Starlink Satellites!!
1:50:04Let's watch Starship SN8 test its engines before launch!
5:26:34Watch SpaceX Launch NASA and JAXA Astronauts to the ISS!


  • New vid comparing Neutron to f9 once we know more?

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  • 15:46 looks like time has a crush on teh girls

  • Water is the third most effective greenhouse gas of the greenhouse effect seen in any test. The hotter it gets the steamier the world will get along with the nasty gas we pump in the air.

  • Why can't you explain Rocket lab's tech without comparing it to SpaceX? Fanboy much?

  • 19:07 eagerly waiting for the day we have spare mass for a Selfie-Sat to get video of the main mission vehicles en route

  • what if you dont use material for the aerospike but a lower pressure gas than the surrounding atmosphere , wouldnt you get the same effect and then you wouldnt have to cool the actual aero spike? (just a thought im not smart XD)

  • (YEET mode activated) Now thats what i live for

  • Please do an in depth look at the Nuclear Salt Water propulsion system which can get us from Earth to Mars in weeks not months.

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  • i always thought rocket hobbyists was interested in rockets for a much more technically level.. oh well

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  • SLS -- the Senate Laundering System -- exists because the US Senate Swamp exists. It's as simple as that.

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  • I mean, could you just make a ssto that's basically entirely repurpose able as a satellite or space station? So you don't need to use the rocket again and nothing needs to return? could be a stupid question but figured i'd bring it up lol.

  • Elon has already created a transporter.

  • Rockets are looking like rockets now, and astronauts are looking like astronauts now.

  • 15:50 yes the bigger rockets is coming :D

  • State Road 401 is totally closed to viewing launch/landings. Jetty park has severally limited the number of vehicles allowed in with priority going to Brevard County residents

  • im just here after neutron announcement, this video will go down to history

  • What does he mean when he says the heat Shield tile number is different orbiters did some have more

  • The 1.6K dislikes were KSP players...

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  • How could anybody not just instantly love him? ❤️

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  • Nasa is a joke they are not for the moon and mars is ridiculous using many more vehicles and launches than was necessary with apollo.....nasa is a blight to science and manned space travel.....if u want to go to he moon or mars u go directly....u don't need some gateway that just wastes more money and time........if u want to know how to get to the moon and get to mars follows elon musk and dr zubrins......their pimple direct methods are true answer......not nasa they are politics.,...apollo was good science and good management...since apollo we have seen waste and corruption and disregard for human life......the shuttle to nowhere failed to meet all design parameters and the politics killed 14 people in two missions........the space station is another example of waste and corruption that produces junko science......no real science has come from the ISs....and it cost a fortune....we see nasa dropping the ball again with the wow.....over budget and over cost.....their plan

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  • SLS is not a space program. It's a jobs program designed to get politicians reelected and companies like Boeing leeching of the taxpayer's dime. Boeing has gotten lazy over the years by getting sweetheart government deals. The 737 MAX disaster is just one example of how a private got away with skimping on safety in part because the agency meant to regulate the industry looked the other way (regulatory capture).

  • Is the “troll” he keeps talking about in regards to “to the future,” thunderfoot?

  • Do they actually push liquid methane into the combustion chamber or is it gasified by the time it reaches the combustion chamber ?

  • nice video!

  • 5:18 Particularily lol

  • why did i never notice before that has Heterochromia

  • Government sucks at everything, and robs you to pay for it.

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  • Not really. They don’t have a rocket being developed that is a medium-lift rocket that is reusable that lands on a floating platform or anything like that. Wait...

  • Always bet on the space cowboy. I'm forbidden from saying why.

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  • I agree. NASA should've stuck with Apollo Saturn - extending / updating / evolving it / instead of ditching ALL THAT skill talent and experience.

  • I cringe when you say utilize. It’s not a synonym for use and it doesn’t make things sound more technical. Utilize implies you’re using something to solve a problem it wasn’t intended to solve. You wouldn’t utilize a paper clip to clip papers because that’s it’s intended purpose. You could utilize a paper clip to eject an SD card because that’s not it’s intended purpose. That’s why abutilize isn’t a word.

  • Mabey in 202 we can do it in person well that aged very very poorly

  • Pretty crap after years of building rockets. They shouldn't be blowing up like this still.

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  • belated Happy birthday by your youngest fan (maybe not your youngest fan).

  • Idk i think spacex will first reach orbit

  • The Core Stage of SLS into ORBIT??? !!!!^ Could This Bode Some Kind of Super-SKYLAB Orbital Base???? This ABSOLUTELY BLOWS MY MIND What is the Payload Capacity to LEO if you boot-strap 4 SRB's onto the Core Stage? Do you happen to know, off hand?

  • Thank you.

  • You’re a little too much of a SpaceX fanboy, Tim.

  • Going to the moon seems like a pointless operation. What's good about being or going there? Seems like extra steps. Just go to Mars.

  • But... why not to use just a parachute

  • Government is evil trash and should be destroyed. Violently. As a message to the future. Always. No exceptions. Government is an extinction event. If we do not destroy it, the human race will end.

  • I turned 70 two years ago and I´m excited that finally the story goes on with such ambitious persons like Elon. Hurry up, I will witness landings on the moon and maybe on the mars as well.

  • Well Tim, you are wrong in this video. He is building a bigger rocket to send meat to space. Ohh and he ate his hat in that video.

  • Question for anyone. What if Elon made a star ship that did not come back from space by that I mean the starship only has a detachable lower engine or lower ring. What amount of the starship could used. The other question I have is what type a size and shape could be fitted by the heavy lift rocket. Could This be larger that the starship. What would you place on the heavy lift rocked.

  • The easiest way for oxygen on mars is take some soil from earth and some saplings of big trees, So , trees will reduce carbon dioxide and give oxygen, Isnt it a good idea?

  • TIMMMM! Wake up! Big rocket. Rocketlab!

  • Rocket lab is making a new rocket!!

  • Rocket lab is making a new rocket!!

  • Rocket lab is making a new rocket!!

  • Rocket lab is making a new rocket!!

  • I have an easy solution: *E* *J* *E* *C* *T* *S* *E* *A* *T* *S*

  • Who's here after the Neutron announcement?

  • @everyday astronaut Rocket lab just announced nutron. and he are the hat.

  • 3:37:37 sn9 be like

  • Starship Fleet Divisions SFD Starship Fleet SF Refuel Fleet RF Deep space Explorers fleet DSEF Atmosphereless Starship Fleet ASF

  • The godfather anthem song at the beginning Elon os whistling 😂

  • After all, rockets are not that huge things compared to oil industry and other sources of GHG's. And without rockets we would not have earth's observing satellites that are helping to measure other emissions and what really happens with our climate. But even rockets can do better and make less pollution. Let's also hope that Musk or others won't mass produce rockets that will become a really significant emission source.

  • Why isn't there a stream scheduled for SN10 yet?

  • Steel should be produced by using hydrogen. Then emissions will go down a lot. We just need to get hydrogen prizes down.

  • Methane powered rockets may release double COe-emissions on launch. If you overpressurize the rocket fuel for better performance then you may have some unburned methane that leaks to the atmosphere. If that amount is around 4% then it means you get 25-times more potent GHG to the atmosphere and 4% times 25 is: +100% vs. pure CO2 burn.

  • What about the whole system that runs? You have plenty of build infra around the rocket and if the rocket is not reusable then you have to manufacture them again and again. Hardly ever you'll see the whole combination of the system, but only one part of it. And by mass the rocket itself is a tiny part of the whole organisation. And in space technologies you use loads of rare materials that has to be taken out from the earth crust. This adds quite much pollution to the equation. Without rockets you won't need any of these, so they should be added as a rocket waste. The launch is most likely a minor part of the pollution when compared to the whole industry around them.

  • Methane leaks are just pure methane that comes out from all along the methane manufacturing, transporting and fueling. Also the burning process is not always burning all methane, so there's another source. And also with failures like Starship landing failures you get extra methane leakage. Same issues effects almost any gas. Global methane levels are raising rapidly and one source is fracking industry with long pipelines.