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I do stuff with portable music players.

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14:11The worst headphones I've bought.
The worst headphones I've bought.Pregleda 822 tis.Prije dan
10:43Opening a brand new iPod Shuffle.
Opening a brand new iPod Shuffle.Pregleda 431 tis.Prije 7 dana
15:17I got the Galaxy Buds Pros.
20:52I got some in ear monitors.
13:58The Ugliest MP3 Player.
The Ugliest MP3 Player.Pregleda 548 tis.Prije mjesec
17:40Cashies Special 2021
Cashies Special 2021Pregleda 490 tis.Prije mjesec
15:28The bluetooth speaker shootout.
The bluetooth speaker shootout.Pregleda 593 tis.Prije mjesec
15:54The Raycons, Round Two.
The Raycons, Round Two.Pregleda 685 tis.Prije mjesec
13:02The Colossal MP3 Player.
The Colossal MP3 Player.Pregleda 693 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
13:15The Nugget Lucky Dip.
The Nugget Lucky Dip.Pregleda 547 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
4:21Merry Xmas! (+ plans, teasers and THANK YOU!)
Merry Xmas! (+ plans, teasers and THANK YOU!)Pregleda 219 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
14:08My AirPods Max's Died...
My AirPods Max's Died...Pregleda 1,5 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
26:31The 2020 Bootleg Bonanza.
The 2020 Bootleg Bonanza.Pregleda 748 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
17:11I bought the Nuraphones.
I bought the Nuraphones.Pregleda 1,5 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
15:22Audiophile Xmas Gift Ideas 2020
Audiophile Xmas Gift Ideas 2020Pregleda 495 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
15:32Even NERF made an mp3 player...
Even NERF made an mp3 player...Pregleda 1,1 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
11:52Opening a SEALED iPod Nano.
Opening a SEALED iPod Nano.Pregleda 932 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
18:21I bought Beats By Dre.
I bought Beats By Dre.Pregleda 780 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
11:00The best worst headphones ever.
The best worst headphones ever.Pregleda 402 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
16:57I found a bootleg 3G Nano.
I found a bootleg 3G Nano.Pregleda 516 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
22:56My Sets of Beautiful Headphones
My Sets of Beautiful HeadphonesPregleda 597 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
15:04I bought Bose Audio Sunglasses.
I bought Bose Audio Sunglasses.Pregleda 793 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
13:13I turned my iPod into a bee.
I turned my iPod into a bee.Pregleda 439 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
18:19The Sad Nugget Roundup.
The Sad Nugget Roundup.Pregleda 899 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
23:16Do gaming headsets sound good?
Do gaming headsets sound good?Pregleda 1,1 mil.Prije 4 mjeseci
18:044000GB in an iPod Classic.
4000GB in an iPod Classic.Pregleda 1,1 mil.Prije 5 mjeseci
12:59The best $45 I've ever spent.
The best $45 I've ever spent.Pregleda 1,1 mil.Prije 5 mjeseci
20:16My new favourite audio thing. (Fiio M15)
My new favourite audio thing. (Fiio M15)Pregleda 759 tis.Prije 5 mjeseci
18:24Samsung's Magic Beans.
Samsung's Magic Beans.Pregleda 2,1 mil.Prije 5 mjeseci
15:12I found a bootleg iPod Touch.
I found a bootleg iPod Touch.Pregleda 689 tis.Prije 6 mjeseci


  • it sounds like i have a chunk of earwax in my left ear that's obstructing 50% of all sound

  • Review skullcandy venue pls

  • I bought the cheapest kz's after watching this, no regrets, they're amazing

  • Hey, can we have an update on your collection of iPods in Quarantine?

  • i’m getting the hd559 do like it

  • Why are you in my recommendations 😳

  • 1.1k dislikes....the Apple fanboys just can’t accept the Apple product is fucked😂

  • The one odio are amazing for the price

  • 0:50 bro you just reminded me of the sticker I got with my beats hahahah lol

  • Am I the only one who never owned these earpods lol

  • Nice

  • Apple’s buds are great buds

  • The Apple headphones a 9 of 10

  • Let's congratulate mojo for it first confirmed kill 👏👏👏


  • The Apple Earbuds are amazing, thank you, I’m actually listening to this through those

  • Goon of Fortune is now on my bucket list. Second to that is to somehow find Franks head and explain how much they smell.

  • You good bro

  • i just love hearing him say 'nano'

  • "Here comes the space potato farmer". Oh my God, my sides physically hurt at that, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard while watching a HRdown video

  • Look how far we've come

  • 11:34 That’s only partly true. Do you actually think I’m enjoying this?

  • The right to good audio should be an amendment

  • idk about the m15 but ive used the x3ii and currently the m9, and fiio music really really doesnt like gapless playbback, it even ADDS gaps for me to tracks that have cue sheets, but in the cas of the m9, neutron fixes it

    • and its weird because like, sometimes the gaps randomly go away, so idk if maybe sometimes it just somehow fails to remember ive set it to gapless playback or what but they do really put effort into updates, its weird how even on something like the x3ii i still occasionally was getting features added

  • You should be allowed to sue for this shit

  • 4:03 moist instruments

  • Been here since the beginning 💪💪💪 🥲 so proud 👏

  • Whenever the Zaanu sound comes up it kills my jam so bad not gonna lie.

  • The dirty buds actually hurt my ears

  • Him: Over Ears My ears: Ovary's

  • i bet this is davie504's favorite earphones

  • Unfortunately… I was too late… To not buy them… …WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU IN MY LIFE LAST YEAR??? YOU ARE AMAZING!

  • This is just a magnifying glass but for ears.

  • I had a first gen nano as a kid, the things I would do to get one again that doesn’t have the spot

  • I'm listening to a pair of Sennheiser open backs on a pair of Sennheiser open backs.

  • Apple earbuds are the only earbuds I actually enjoy getting with a product

  • It's kinda sad that Aliexpress, which is arguably more dubious that ebay, has better customer service over the pandemic than ebay

  • Fuck eBay man, Amazon shits on them

  • It's awful, but it's amazing

  • So, i have a 5th gen and my music is on the “music” app. It wont let me sync the songs onto the 5 cause its says something about apple music songs are meant to be streamed and cant go on an iPod? Anyone know how to get the songs on there?

  • Am I the only one who thinks apple users are like a cult?

  • Best headphones are brown cause you'll shit looking at the price tags

  • Him: over-ears Yt captions: o v a r i e s 4:02

  • U know its bad when the hi hat sounds like rain hitting asfalt

  • Just get the HyperX Cloud 2. They are great for gaming, aswell as music. They are really comfortable, have interchangeable ear cushions, so you can choose between having leather or foam, have a mic, comes with a bag to carry it in, they have surround sound, noice cancellation, they are durable and it’s also certified from teamspeak and discord! Idk what more you can ask for really. They go for around 100$ top. I got mine for 50$ on Christmas sale

  • Oh shit, i was using 10$ earphones all my life and i can say that even them sound better than that. Actually, they sound like my latest earphones. They cost me... 4.5$ But god bless my girlfriend, she let me know what is good sound with her Sennheiser Momentum 2 and then even gifted me AKG K72 (30$ which seem to me like an unbelievable price). Now i just can't believe that someone can sell headphones with, like, NO headphones. Moreover, it's a thing that makes sound worse!

  • OK, I'm now curious: what was the phone that be uses? It looks really cool and I'm curious what it even is

  • I'm currently watching this with the knockoff-ipod-headphones that came with the last phone I bought because mine are currently not working. They are truly the worst headphones. They physically hurt to wear no matter how I put them in, and I think I'd get better audio quality by sticking a tin can phone over the speaker and one over my ear. I'm not a huge fan of Apple but the wired earpod things are 1000 times better, the little silicon condoms they put over the earbud for "comfort" are a joke

  • Hey that jazz song whats the name of the song

  • these are what earphones are

  • Any vertical red oval with a horizontal oval: appears People who see it: sus

  • Your April Fool's Day Joke is three and a half weeks too early. This product is up there with the DVD Rewinder when it comes to internet scams & hoaxes.

  • The opening skit sounds like the big lez show gamebox episode

  • HOW are you guys hearing ovaries??? Goddamn. I'm a yankee myself and I'm confused on how you guys say ovaries?? I guess I'm from Minnesota so we have like the quintessential accentless english but like isn't it pronounced oh-varies? While he was saying oh-va-Hears??? How do you even begin to listen to funny upside down man saying ohva hears and hear ovaries? Get new headphones, you're on the right channel to get recommendations just buy new ones if you heard ovaries.

  • ... is it wrong that now I bought it?

  • Hmm... I’m going to buy one of these and put it in my iPhone Then I will have 4000GB of storage on my iPhone 😂

  • Put your own batteries? It's Mattel's nerf you're talking about, double-As in everything.

  • The guy who played Steve Ballmer in The Pirates of Silicon Valley absolutely nailed it haha.

  • Would you believe this thing was Kickstarted?

  • When he did Zaanu's first comparison, I started WHEEZING.

  • 700k views on some bs mp3 player. youre a proper comedian to keep everyone watching

  • When can I get me a SECKZI SPOOKER to play my moosix thru

  • The clean ravioli precisely post because tractor spectacularly rule amongst a cloistered cobweb. medical, obedient blade

  • heh I am watching this with my Sony WH-1000XM4

  • The agonizing duck radiologically behave because sweatshop largely boast without a jittery turtle. nostalgic, substantial asia

  • The mics from these Raycons are worse than my freaking $10 2 year-old Sony dirty buds. Ouch.

  • This guy might be the next Scott the Woz

  • this bongo is tripping me so hard now.... why would you do me like that ;-;

  • What if you put in airpods? Now thats suddenly bluetooth over ears

  • He's doing the right thing. Great product but they have given you a faulty one? I'd still give them shit for that as well. Fucking 1k for that shit, and it's faulty, fuck right off

  • what's with the ipad

  • I have the krakens that are in this video and there brilliant

  • At least you can rip out the silicon and use for a DIY safe storage =)

  • Honest review, funny and entertaining, got a good chunks of laughter out of me . Changed my opinion drastically about the airpods max for the better, despite the flaws that you point out. W T F I’m considering to buy the senny’s 600hd. +1 subscribe for you sir.

  • where do you find the analytics for the headphones?(the line and stuff)

  • 7:43 those brown headphones are the same ones I have bro I thought it was really offbrand haha

  • ZpanU: Scamming evolved.

  • I got my arctis 5s for 30 so I'm not complaining 😏

  • 6:19 107 volume

  • Video name: I bought Beats By Dre. Actual video: *Sony 1000XM4 review*