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10:232020 NBA All-Star Game Mini Movie
2020 NBA All-Star Game Mini MoviePregleda 15 tis.Prije dan
0:36This DJ Carton Poster vs. DePaul Was Filthy


  • lebron has always chosen ben simmons to be on his team. take the hint, ben

  • Alright. I'll do it. Shaq, shut up, Boomer.

  • reggie miller a hater

  • 🐐

  • Goat

  • Yes let’s go

  • made us all think that Conley was gonna win.

  • Quavo and Dave East vs J Cole and Chris Brown

  • Why do it look like a video game 😅?

  • Bruh shaq predicted this

  • Nothing will top Lavine vs Gordon. We won't see something like that for another 10 years.

  • Dont hate, Just Appreciate

  • Team lebron is so stacked shits gonna be boring

  • Curry to Conley: "You have my respect Stark"

  • 🤣🤣

  • Curry won....barely

  • They only kneel when they don’t get a black singer to perform the national anthem!

  • That boy curry is a different breed

  • Lil baby thought he could finish it 😂😂

  • I think Blake griffin actually jumped over the kia 😱😱

  • I bet 1000 on the Chef to win

  • Delete this stupid contest. Change it to 1v1

  • I'd still take Shawn Kemp, ... as someone who grew up in Elkhart County, and saw him play in HS, as well as you know where.

  • Called it.

  • I remember when the cowboys drafted Bennett and you could see right off the jump he was very talented but witten was still a 90 recs around 1000 yds a year TE and this dude could do everything jason could do with a lot more speed and athletic ability ,but Bennett didn't take the game that serious as Witten did and always will while he's playing ... But what I'm trying to say is martellus Bennett could have been a pro bowler every year probably in the Hall of Fame if he would have played long enough andwho cares he still made millions to be able to take care of his family and it's his Life I ain't mad at ya bro 👍✌️

  • We are so lucky we live in the same era with this guy, the greatest shooter of all time.

  • He planned it to win by the last shot 😭

  • Conley did pretty well ngl

  • Candace ain’t wrong dem McDonald’s sprites do be hitting

  • this is the worst all star festivity

  • "Didn't break a sweat." -Dwade It went down the wire! He looked exhausted after.

  • Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Still!

  • Wow

  • Curry wasn't going to lose man 😂😂 he was lights out in the warm-ups.. He IS the best shooter of all-time 🔥🔥🔥

  • So next year we adding a 5 point half court shot?

    • Even if they did not everybody could but that shit besides curry

  • "Where's thompson when we need him?"

  • Flight's gonna be so happy now

  • With the fate of the universe on the line I want Iguodala -Max Kellerman

  • probably wasnt as fun without that crowd

  • I miss the older contest where there was more than 2 obstacles 😂😂😂 a chest pass and a 3 pointer isn't much to be excited about

    • True, the mid 2000s event was better but I guess the more competitive aspect of face-to-face is alright

  • mike conley mad underrated

  • Flight gonna be so happy

  • Flights gonna go crazy when he sees this

  • Curry literally warmed up his shot for the allstar game.

  • lil baby needs to stick with rapping 🤒

  • Simons will win 😏

  • Can't wait to watch flight's reaction to this lol...

  • Chef it up my bredda

  • I thought that was pau gasol.


  • Look at curry man so inspirational 😭 🙌 😍

  • Dwade is just a fucking nutshell judges when he retired. He should never be a judge in a dunk contest again.

  • Greatest shooter man... you can't argue that

  • That shot wet

  • Only thing left is for curry and the goat to play together 😤

  • look at curry man

  • *Luka didn't even care* 😂

  • Look at curry mann soo inspirational 🙌 and the way he spaced out Hoisting the trophy 🏆 😂