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19:17Top 100 MOST VIEWED Songs of All Time
Top 100 MOST VIEWED Songs of All TimePregleda 302 tis.Prije dan
18:24Songs You Can't Sing Along To #3
Songs You Can't Sing Along To #3Pregleda 344 tis.Prije dan
13:10Songs You Totally Forgot About! #2
Songs You Totally Forgot About! #2Pregleda 503 tis.Prije dan
14:56His voice does IMPOSSIBLE things
His voice does IMPOSSIBLE thingsPregleda 266 tis.Prije dan
14:41Singers who SOLD OUT vs Singers who DIDN'T
16:16Rating National Anthems #2
Rating National Anthems #2Pregleda 472 tis.Prije dan
13:56HILARIOUS Misheard Lyrics #3
HILARIOUS Misheard Lyrics #3Pregleda 527 tis.Prije dan
17:14How Fast can these YouTubers write a HIT SONG?
17:28Songs That Shouldn't Work Together But Do #4
13:58GOODBYE Daft Punk : Their TOP 10 Songs
GOODBYE Daft Punk : Their TOP 10 SongsPregleda 592 tis.Prije 7 dana
17:41Songs you can't NOT sing along to
Songs you can't NOT sing along toPregleda 856 tis.Prije 7 dana
16:14Singers Who ACCIDENTALLY Became Famous
Singers Who ACCIDENTALLY Became FamousPregleda 502 tis.Prije 7 dana
18:07famous singers who NEVER had a #1 song
famous singers who NEVER had a #1 songPregleda 592 tis.Prije 7 dana
14:23Singers with WEIRD Hidden Talents
12:55Best of SEA SHANTY TikTok Singing
15:22Top 10 Acoustic Live Performances
20:04Most ANNOYING Songs of All Time
13:49UNBELIEVABLE Musicians Performing In Public
UNBELIEVABLE Musicians Performing In PublicPregleda 289 tis.Prije mjesec
17:50Singers' Least vs Most Played Songs on Spotify #3
17:31Songs that'll turn 10 years old in 2021
Songs that'll turn 10 years old in 2021Pregleda 666 tis.Prije mjesec


  • Where is the attention or shape of you, I thing it also has a lot of views

  • I still listen to I'm Gonna Show You Crazy by Bebe

  • The kid who dances in Sia's music videos is Maddie zigler

  • Random question: Do you read comments, Joel?

  • I’m surprised there weren’t a lot of Hindi songs in this 😅

  • where's the kpop at?

  • Joel's most hated songs #1 must definitely be LMFAO Party Rock Anthem

  • Donald DuUuuUuuuckkk :>

  • Actually baby shark has 7B+ views but I guess it doesn’t count as a song 😂

  • me a pakistani, a country of 230 million people, waiting: ;( ;( for a reaction ;(

  • Damn I love how he doesn’t have an intro

  • The beat boxer does not autotune

  • you should do Most viewed the voice performances

  • We can all agree that bands like nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, greenday, and other 80-90 bands are the best


  • showing elvis made me subscribe.

  • Got 11

  • gummy bear hits different😈

  • I'm offended that there's no Katy Perry songs that have popped up yet

  • Really funny watching Joel having a crash course in Latin American music, albeit it is broader than just reggaeton.


  • As a person who was a teen when Roar and Dark Horse came out, I wasn't surprised Roar is higher. I can see "two big reasons" why roar has more views.

  • but this was dope

  • I need joel to react to music in spanish

  • Don't really understand what this video is about. Where are the weird indian songs and where is the kPop?

  • Finally Spanish songs!!!!! Joelllll get into it!!!!!!! There awesomeeeeeeee

  • I was about to comment these spanish are not from Spain when he said oops didn't mean to trigger 😂

  • I wouldn’t say never forget you was a hard one to sing.

  • A lot of spanish songs (not from spain but in spanish) are really popular in Europe too. Like i grew up listening to this. I’m surprised he didn’t even knew, a lot of those kind of songs have been topping charts in Sweden since the 90’s. Bruh. Dude is living under a ROCK

  • I don't normally comment, but I wanted to say I really enjoy and appreciate your videos Joel. Not only do I learn a whole bunch about music, but you amuse me and your editors are great. I also appreciate your reactions to impressive and maybe not so impressive music. Just wanted to say thanks.

  • the fact that he doesn't know Chantaje I-

  • Send me on my way is SUCH a classic to me! I feel so chill when listening to it Imagine you went from Whitney singing the national anthem to fergie..eesh

  • i learned how to do that for two years

  • Can you react to NF

  • Well, Corazón has Spanish and Portuguese parts

  • El reggaeton y los traperos latinos son basura...... reggaeton and latin raps are trash............

  • Iam a pro at beatbox and iam only 9 and I live in Malaysia

  • I looked the amount of views that baby shark has and it should be number one

  • No all songs in spanish are from spain

  • The lowest that I have hit while singing the chorus is a low a1 to b1 and I think it is impressive

  • Anyone notice theres no subreddits?

  • Advanced definitely winned all the types beacause its to good Man👍👍👍👍

  • Why was Joel beatboxing actually good???

  • Baby shark has 8B views i guess they didnt include it

  • Got chandelier on the first line!

  • Not a single Beyoncé song! I’m not even mad :))

  • I was so sure we were going to get rickrolled, but... No?

  • 6:15 France's national anthem is a 10/11, Russia is 11/11 Get some balls and stop arguing over great lyrics....

  • 2:20 he's singing in i think hinde

  • 17:48 cant sing that low and I have size 15...


  • Is that a jojo reference?!?

  • Everytime I heard Germany National Anthem I always thinking of F1. Mercedes won so many times XD

  • Shakira lol 14:44🤣

  • Your telling me almost everyone on earth has seen despacito?

  • Favourite Adele song? Mine is Right as Rain.

  • Joel calling a brazilian song "spanish". Brazil: am I a joke to you?


  • In a scene In hello with the big coat Adele looks like Mia Dio

  • 0:05 man ngl that girl’s heian sandan is better than mine

  • For the Million dollar Question... What is the name of that anime?

  • Wax Audio did a mash-up with Lady Gaga and Judas Priest

  • Im actually surprised that 2 brazilian songs were on that list. I mean we're a big country but we are only one country. That must mean people from other countries listen to our songs even tho it's not in spanish it's in portuguese

  • I totally forgot that Roomie existed

  • the amount of spanish music isn't actually surprising, given the spanish population and then other populations internationally that also speak spanish. it's one of the most spoken languages internationally as well.

  • I can't tell you how much I love "Now I'm a Baby"

  • yeah, i would jam to a little pitchy break up song XD

  • I got 4 out 5. My guess was "The Lazy Song", "Love me like you do", "Chandelier" and "Sugar". The other one that didn't come out is "Focus" by Ariana Grande

  • Almost none of these are from Spain! Learn your countries ;)

  • Roomie baby shark got 8.1 billions views

  • Even though I amHispanic, these Latin songs are huge and are very popular in the US actually.

  • number 98 is not spanish!

  • Your pichy