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new album “evermore” out tonight at midnight eastern


3:45Taylor Swift - dorothea (Official Lyric Video)
Taylor Swift - dorothea (Official Lyric Video)Pregleda 4,9 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
4:08Taylor Swift - tolerate it (Official Lyric Video)
4:40Taylor Swift - cowboy like me (Official Lyric Video)
5:18Taylor Swift - happiness (Official Lyric Video)
Taylor Swift - happiness (Official Lyric Video)Pregleda 4,2 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
3:41Taylor Swift - long story short (Official Lyric Video)
4:13Taylor Swift - willow (Official Music Video)
Taylor Swift - willow (Official Music Video)Pregleda 63 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
4:18Taylor Swift - marjorie (Official Lyric Video)
Taylor Swift - marjorie (Official Lyric Video)Pregleda 4,8 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
4:19Taylor Swift - ivy (Official Lyric Video)
Taylor Swift - ivy (Official Lyric Video)Pregleda 4,5 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
3:09Taylor Swift - gold rush (Official Lyric Video)
3:03Taylor Swift - closure (Official Lyric Video)
Taylor Swift - closure (Official Lyric Video)Pregleda 2,4 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
3:41Taylor Swift - willow (Official Lyric Video)
Taylor Swift - willow (Official Lyric Video)Pregleda 3,4 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
3:31Taylor Swift - the lakes (Official Lyric Video)
3:42Taylor Swift - hoax (Official Lyric Video)
Taylor Swift - hoax (Official Lyric Video)Pregleda 8 mil.Prije 7 mjeseci
3:30Taylor Swift - seven (Official Lyric Video)
Taylor Swift - seven (Official Lyric Video)Pregleda 9 mil.Prije 7 mjeseci
4:24Taylor Swift - august (Official Lyric Video)
Taylor Swift - august (Official Lyric Video)Pregleda 20 mil.Prije 7 mjeseci
4:01Taylor Swift - cardigan (Official Lyric Video)
3:55Taylor Swift - peace (Official Lyric Video)
Taylor Swift - peace (Official Lyric Video)Pregleda 5 mil.Prije 7 mjeseci


  • This and Exile. More than songs. Poetry set to music.

  • Bài hát làm t .mê một thời

  • Omg taylor swifypt made a hunger game song???

  • im sorry im just not feeling this and so is the rest of you tube

  • but the guy of the video looks more like Niall


  • I love shake it off


  • Ít ai cày view bài này quá

  • Giờ chỉ trong chờ bài này lên 1 B thôi

  • Fun Fact: You Search For It

  • Can't get enough of it .....!!! Anyone here listening to it in 2021? 💙💙

  • Phong cách hoang dã

  • 📱🔍

  • Omo I cried watching this 😭❤️

  • Bart baker is better jk

  • So we’re finally at 3B. Awesome 👏🏽

  • What I hear:Gotta long list of Starbucks' lover What she actually says:Gotta long list of ex lovers

  • Meh : Old Taylor can’t come because she’s busy cutting a plane

  • legend.

  • This is hilarious

  • I'm a huge fan

  • Bài này nghe Taylor live trong Rep tour cực kì hay.


  • 0:45 Mood swings

  • Meh : *Feel so bad for the golden car*

  • Goosebumps..! That's all I can say now!

  • I really love this music even i'm late to know this

  • Sia: sticks and stones may break my bones Taylor: sticks and stones never broke my bones

  • Whose still watching in 2021??

  • I been listining to talor swift ever since i was 4

  • My goals Listen to fifteen everyday - cause I’m fifteen Listen to 22 every day when I turn 22 Listen to Welcome to New York when I live there one day

  • This song always reminds of my teenage days..☺️

  • I wish i could go back to that day In march when I broke my ex bf heart so badly on his birthday. I could have ended our relationship in a better way but i was so busy with another guy without knowing it was his birthday... Also at that night he found out that I am in love with another guy

  • Her voice is beautiful She looks beautiful Every thing in this video is beautiful This song is Beautiful 💕

  • Still cant believe this song is almost 12 yrs old

  • We all have champagne problems, 'cause it's just like 1st world problems.

  • Mom after slapping me for failing: Look what you made me do


  • is that jace wayland from the shadowhunters series?🤣

  • *It annoy's me so much when she doesnt put a capital letter*

  • Hot 100

  • orgulho de ser fã de uma artista de puro talento

  • I thought that was the lasso of truth

  • so that bad bch was also Taylor T_T omg childhood, i was angry about her but turns out they're the same Taylor

  • She's a genius writer, I feel like her songs are in a different language because its too deep before you understand it clearly

  • WHAT IS THIS TUNEEE ive heard it before but i never watched this vid

  • Ước gì Taylor làm thêm 1 cái album giống như Reputation nữa

  • 🥺

  • I feel like Those people who love getting more and more likes come here to comment 😂😂

  • *And haters still saying you are a r*acist*

  • *haters probably want Reputation 2*

  • *haters probably want Reputation 2*

  • 3:22 hey yo it's Eminem's daughter xD

  • 3 billions views let’s go Swifties

  • Andrew holiness give out there identity

  • How can she not age? Hope I was a vampire too 😭✊... Love you TS

  • A Taylor tava a própria patroa nesse clipe haha

  • The worst thing I ever did was write those letters. . This is a nightmare and you're all pieces of shit.

  • whts going on with the youtube algorithm

  • You're going to wish I didn't exist. . . Here bully, bully, bully... .. . I can't wait to hear your screams. Do you even have real tears?

  • This is like a sequel to "stay stay stay" same upbeat melody

  • I think 1 billion of these views are from me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • This is me in 2021

  • "If I showed up at your party" ==== You're a lying piece of shit.

  • Who is that guy name? I seriously don't know. I recognize his face from some of his work but i don't know his name.

  • this video was made 41 days before I was born :D Thats just insane, yet so cool.

  • I think that song is about her fans who adore her way too much that it turns into literal obsession. They roar "Marry me, I love you" on the streets when she walks to the car, but actually, they just dream about her and don't really know her as a person. She is a real human with many insecurities, bad habits, health issues and other unattractive things. So this obsession with celebs seems to be like gold rush (what must it be like to grow up that beautiful - many fans say/write these words about her). You may like her songs but when you start going deep into her private life and wondering who is this song about(exes, family, friends) it is way too much, singing and songwriting is her job.

  • Nahid afrin see after

  • 2021? Are we here??

  • 12ph

  • 11 yrs ago but this is still my favorite

  • 12ph

  • your feet is beautiful

  • People really need to calm down about a lot of things

  • This time i not in the world..

  • Clearly he should have chosen Taylor over Taylor. Taylor is way better than Taylor.