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0:31Adorable baby wombats are playing.
Adorable baby wombats are playing.Pregleda 4,6 tis.Prije dan
0:31Dog somehow gets stuck in the comforter.
0:47Biscuit really wants to pet the bunny.
0:10Kid says mom has spikes on her legs!
Kid says mom has spikes on her legs!Pregleda 36 tis.Prije dan


  • Damn i gotta move to the south...that accent is a killer 😍


  • I had a lab that looked almost identical to his! Even had the neck fat while lying in his spot ❤️


  • I swear it looked like every time they twitched looked like the video cut to the next scene lol

  • Ha ! Dog knew he was in Big Poppy's chair !

  • Lady where were YOU when I was in the hospital????

  • Insaw the attempt of lifting the right paw 🐾😂🥰💖

  • The HRdown channel is Mikey the Macaw & Friends! Go check them out their are amazing!

  • How does it feel being stuck 10 feet in the air for 2 hours when you could've just jumped into the snow?

  • Dude, she's a keeper

  • You want some water? After he poured it in his mouth 😂

  • Teenager whack in' off' skills,by ZZAPPI (The Saudi Champ)

  • I have to tourette's to. This must be terrible but awesome at the same time

  • tfw this is them being quiet

  • dod seeing the park and the vet in the same time ( o_______ o )

  • Soon it'll turn from candy to drugs lol

  • Bless that guy, bless the ferret and bless that young lady that put a smile on that young lads face.

  • man shes a keeper ^_^

  • That poor dog is scared of that little witch!

  • I need some cake 😳

  • I see you have found my third leg

  • I think she bought a whole store of SNACK'S

  • If it was playing through his headphones how did we hear it too? Funny tho

  • If this ain't fake, let's make a fo fund me for the lad!

  • "What do you need?" Yes.

  • That was a rollercoaster

  • I've had this happen to me before. It's not a good feeling.

  • He looks so sad 🥺 i hope he finds a better job then having that job with workers being rude

  • Somebody need a big wet smooch.

  • Guy: swears in goose Goose: but your way the hell over there Guy: swears even more Goose: that's it mother f♤<♢♧r I'm coming for you Guy: hi are you going to chose love today Goose: i heard you talking shit you have chosen death today

  • This needs to be a mini series on netflix

  • First world problems.......would love to experience that.

  • I kinda think this guy was calling Vito all kinds of bad names in goose honk without knowing it.. Probably called Mrs Vito a dirty, no good, 2 timing, little sl... 🤭🤣😂

  • lol. my cat was like that too

  • I have family like that but she 😎

  • LOL I love them both

  • Welp.. that didn't go as planned 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • I'll just sit and wait for this to go viral-

  • 2 other people getting fired Monday as well now

  • Fake

  • This goose must have been trained by Pinky the Cat.

  • Please tell me this shit is fake. THIS IS FUCKING HORRIBLE OH MY GOD. I genuinely feel so badddddd brooo whaaaat

  • Well if he can hear it in his headphones why would it be playing through the speakers too 🧐

  • The way his leg bends backwards like a Family Guy character, the fact his friend fell too, and his name is Trip? This is a masterpiece and I can't stop watching 🤣

  • Everyone in the comments is either 6 or 60 years old ... of course its fake u morons

  • Getting off the metro in Germany headed to the hostel was the most pigeons I've ever seen. There were arguably more than New York, it was NUTS

  • My money is on the bun. Lol

  • Who’s here before this gets a million views???

  • that is a PUPPY?

  • It was the dog's 🐕 idea

  • yall cant be serious


  • Ngl I thought he was gonna throw the dog

  • Cats are actually REALLY intimidating though, my friend’s cat stares at me and occasionally hisses when I go t to her house and that shit made me so uncomfortable I didn’t want to go there anymore

  • The way he came right back n peeked around the corner. Got me

  • If Sheldon Cooper had a dog: you're sitting in my stop

  • I wonder if he got verbal consent to record the workplace conversation....

  • so cute😫😫😫😫😫

  • His voice, my God his voice

  • The hookup with the hookup.

  • I have been bitten by ducks before and it's not too bad but this looked painful. Geez!

  • Omg I know they have Tourette’s but they are so darn cute

  • People really suck sometimes eh??

  • The weak should fear the strong, lol.

  • That made me literally laugh out loud 🤣😂😆

  • Pretty odd how you and your coworkers have the same exact voice

  • ER they wait so long... in my country it only takes minutes

  • I would like to know what dog breed this is maybe kuvasz , retriver , or other

  • This isn’t even funny .

  • Cat: *sniffs belly* cat: lol you did the nasty 👉👈

  • any animal you treat somewhat as a pet you gotta be alpha to that punk ass goose.

  • How did you keep it from melting

  • Deffo fake lmao

  • This is exactly how my dog is lol

  • Thanks for taking one for the team, that was AWESOME- LMAO 🤣😆😂😆😂!

  • Where's the weed stash?????

  • Horrible

  • My dobermans had the same problem with the smallest cat I have ever owned. She rules this house with an iron paw and my male Doberman was 5 ft tall when he stood up and he was scared to death of her. Unfortunately, Dobermans are what I call heartbreaker dogs. You don't get 15 years out of them very often. Oddly enough when it came time for my Dobermans to pass, the very same cat that terrorized them their entire lives would not leave their side. My female wore down first and comet would not leave her side till the day I took her into the doctor to be put to sleep. She did the same thing a year later with my male Doberman.. about a year ago I had a very old Great Pyrenees show up here. She ran away from home several times and the owners got tired of coming together so they let her stay. She was in really bad shape and that same cat would not leave her side for the first month or so that the dog was here. I thought for sure that she was done. But she's pretty rickety in the back end but she's still going