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  • i honestly didn't like it because it seemed to fit their politics into it

  • This should have been a hilariousity

  • your. just a ripoff of sean chandler, you even have the same background

  • Dude, I lost all respect for you being a trusted movie reviewer. It's one thing to enjoy the big monsters fighting because you are a fan and I can vibe with that, but to give any credit to the human stories or any other part of the film is just bonkers to me. Every part of this film besides the fights was just overwhelmingly bad writing and decision making. This review honestly sounds like you are shilling for the film.

  • B+ for me

  • 14:14

  • What's your opinion on Ted 2 and Sisters?

  • my only question for making a trailer for the movie their making is that: how do you show plot points, not showing anything, or no spoilers ahead without having it false advertised or being misleading to get more people intrigued to the movie their watching??

  • Only thing I had real trouble with is how they have light and even visible sun in the "inner" world? Am I missing something?

  • lol u kinda lookalike jai

  • Very VERY good movie👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • A B!

  • This movie looks like its gonna be trash.

  • plz review voyagers

  • I don't think this is a good idea. he will probably make this first one a soft reboot of the first one to play it safe. He better not just bring back old characters just for fan service.

  • There is a good movie in this and some great character stuff, but unfortunately it's very subtle and therefore very easy to miss. As a few examples, there's the conclusion at the end when we are shown Hank has become the head of the X-Mansion now that Charles has retired. Then there's the fact Eric has created Genosha and is offering Charles to live with him, along the mutants he himself has saved in one way or another, just as his old friend Charles did for him when Eric was a lost man in the past. Lastly, and the most important, is Raven implies she got back with Hank and wants them both to leave the X-mansion and start their actual life together, away from the Professor's X-Men. With this information, it makes way more sense how Beast turns on Jean and asks for help from Eric. Now, although Hank lost himself in anger and grief, I don't believe he himself would have killed Jean given the chance, which again, helps us understand how he could team up with Magneto. I just wish the writers put more of this in the forefront, so we the audience, don't mistake some of this as character inconsistencies. A more minor instance of this is in the incredible train action sequence, specifically when Nightcrawler loses it when a soldier is killed in front of him. Kurt was told this soldier's son was a fan of the X-men and when they were being attacked, he had begged that man to release them to prove to him his son was right in thinking they were good. Later, that soldier actually tries to save Kurt from the D'Bari invaders but then Kurt was too slow in saving the Soldier, and so he snaps. Because now he also knows there's a child who won't see his father ever again. There's just too many things littered around this film that are just presented in a way that are kind of hard to follow. And then there's Vuk. Although well acted, the character is very underdeveloped and almost seems as just a side plot. Thankfully the Aliens were atleast creepy and powerful enough to make for a fun challenge. Jean's more dramatic past being blocked by the Professor does seem screwed up but at least they try and explain a psychic's mind is fragile so Charles felt forced to. Pretty much everyone makes good points as to why they do what they do or say. Raven was trying to make Charles understand he was risking their lifes too much and they could have lost Jean Grey in that last mission and possibly others, while he hasn't actually even been there fighting alongside the X-men in a long time unlike Mystique, which is why she drops the whole "X-Women" line. And again, because it's not being very clear on the points, you may take it as a feminist line. It's great that he's also not completely wrong because as proof, he earned a private line to the white house. I really like to see the contrast from this and the original timeline with how they had to get ahold of the President then. Also I wonder how long Jean gave herself before coming back to the X-Mansion since we know she eventually does by the end of Days of Future Past. Raven's death fits well with that too. But with the execution being as it is, the highest I can give it is a 7/10.

  • Shin godzilla would DEMOLISH this Kobg

  • Read the book Chris! It’s about time.

  • I know this sounds stupid but I watched the first 5 mins of the movie and I saw a spider, is this film OK for people who are really scared of spiders?

  • People didn't like "Stay"?? That movie makes me absolutely sob inconsolably at the end and I couldn't even tell you why. The first time I watched it and I started crying at the end I was just so confused at my tears lol like, what's happening why am I crying?? I dunno, that film touched me in some way.

  • Brilliant reviewer

  • I love the god and earth aspect to this movie

  • i feel like Jasons character was representative of addiction and alcohol and substance abuse but as a character. Literally what those things can do to people and those around those people. Every addictive substance seems so fun and light hearted and charming at first but changes vastly once those substances are in control of your life. I think his role was extremely symbolic and not to be so literally analyzed.

  • I was so happy when I predicted to my mom, that at the beginning what ben afflecks character said while touching her head will be said at the end.

  • Say what u want bit Milla Jojovich kicks ass.

  • 2021 I finally love this movie. Memento was the first Nolan movie I saw so I had to watch his other work. I didn't like Insomnia when I saw it the first time, I don't know why or what the situation around me watching it was at the time. Now, I love it and respect it.

  • The isolation part is insane. That’s cult activity for sure. Glad your happy how.

  • 20:00 You almost have to laugh, just to avoid crying. Thank you for being so brave and inspirational.

  • Is that a black metal influenced Kong v Zilla shirt?🔥

  • 'These birds routinely remind us of what is going on with the plot--I'm not exaggerating.' - Chris was exaggerating. The birds only show up twice and both are shown in the review above. Once at the beginning to set the plot and once in the middle when there is a transition to explain why suddenly we are at a wedding.

  • Nice movie. Great watch

  • Worst movie I’ve ever since in years.

  • Typical action movie, rehashed. I knew this idiot will review this movie.

  • I dont get the complaint about dialogue drowned out bybthe score. A case in point is when Neil went to case the Freeport and the guy was explaining the sexurity features which was drowned out by the score. However if you observe the charater Neil is not really listening to him but was really 'casing the joint' as it were. It makes sense that hes half listening. Even if you cant hear all of it, it works because thats nit the most important thing, all the shots establush Neil noticing and concentrating on the important features of the building.

  • Please review Hello Ghost (2010)

  • oof

  • this might hold up better than Ted

  • I kinda liked it ngl

  • What's the background music?

  • It has dinosaurs in it.

  • This movie was so good

  • When drama fails, comedy happens.

  • I just watched this movie and it's gotta be the worst of the franchise for me

  • I'm mixed on Wonder Woman 1984. Good, not great.

  • This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It is the most perfect Noir movie I've ever seen. When I try to describe it to people to watch, it always comes out flat. It's almost like a fantasy from the minds of the people in the movie, but it feels so authentic and believable. It's fucking brilliant.

  • Another attempt at a love triangle with people in it who suck at speaking. Chris ya kill me.

  • Godzilla is to strong

  • Does anyone else get REALLY irritated when a streaming movie looks really interesting, and has an English title, but it’s a foreign language film? Don’t get me wrong. I love certain foreign films. The German original “Funny Games” was devastatingly scary. I believe it was from Spain, the movie “Tesis” was an edge of your seat thriller. “Run, Lola, Run”, and “Martyrs”, and “Train to Busan”.

  • This movie again did the bare minimum with the people scenes which just felt like filler between the epic fights! Why is it so hard to write interesting characters and story within a big budget epic?!!!

  • The Lost World is worth it only for Jeff Goldblum’s half-assed “Sarah!” or as he says it, “Sar-UH!”

  • This is why I appreciate your reviews. Always very honest and objective opinions. Other reviewers like Grace Randolph from Beyond the Trailer raved about this movie but atleast you point out the stupid dialogue, bad script and boring scenes with people in between the epic fights!

  • So, You're essentially saying that they chose a bad premise?

  • "fun and light hearted" are not things I expected to be attributed to Shin Godzilla.

  • Just watched it again after Snyder’s justice league, and it’s so much better than I remember from when I first saw it. Ahead of its time for sure.

  • It sucked. Period.

  • One of a kind movie. Absolute perfection.

  • That prologue was amazing. I wish that had been the whole movie.

  • Trash

  • The film itself seems almost like a feminist propaganda film, as it makes all the female characters act like males with no reason to justify why they act like that. This is also a reason why Dani replaced John Connor, just to promote an ideology and nothing more. Tim Miller basically admitted this, saying "If you're at all enlightened, she'll play like gangbusters. If you're a closet misogynist, she'll scare the fuck out of you, because she's tough and strong but very feminine. We did not trade certain gender traits for others; she's just very strong, and that frightens some dudes... I don't give a fuck."

  • Never watched the exorcist II is such a bullshit statement. Of course, you watched it! Whether you hate it or not, undermines your own judgment

  • question for that Jehova's witness guy: Do you believe it was Jehova who made the man gay? Asking for a friend...

  • 10. Zero Dark Thirty 9. Killing them Softly 8. Looper 7. Argo 6. The Dark Knight Rises 5. The Cabin in the Woods 4. Django Unchained 3. The Avengers 2. Skyfall 1. Moonrise Kingdom HM Silver Linings Playbook The Impossible Trouble with the Curve 21 Jump Street

  • that kid shouldn't be with them in most of the scenes. in real life, it's too dangerous but hey, we all want to watch kong fights godzilla

  • ,

  • When you get the chance, check out and review the PRIMAL series by Genndy Tartakovsky on either HBO MAX or Adult Swim. Best animated show I've seen in years!

  • I thought the movie was great. Not the best, but worth watching. When you get the chance Chris, check out and review PRIMAL series by Genndy Tartakovsky on either HBO MAX or Adult Swim. Best animated show I've seen in years!

  • Beautiful boring film.

  • This movie was pure cocane

  • Matrix reloaded was good , I disagree with this reviewer

  • That shirt!!

  • I remember when the film was dropped fresh out in Korea. I saw this in a theater. A bunch of women inside the theater were moaning, trying to hold the screams. Some let them self go and screamed though, which made me jumpy several times. It is an incredible movie. If anyone likes this, then check out "The Chase," another Korean horror movie based on some actual Korean serial killers' crimes combined with fictions and dark comedy. Also, you might wanna see "the Memories of Murder." These 3 movies would be your all time favorite horror/suspense/thriller flix.

  • If you can safely go see this in movie theaters, do it. There’s a short that plays before the movie and it’s beautiful.

  • I skipped the whole movie until the end 😂

  • I have to disagree with Chris on this one I always like Alien 3 didn't even know David Fincher made it nothing about the criticism of it

  • His reaction was more entertaining I have heard so many bad things about this movie that I dont blame chris for feeling that way anyone would feel that way

  • 4 hours live action version of the super friends. I want to see the justice league. Where the hell is the green lantern?

  • that godzilla gamecube game behind you was the best game me nd my cousins had

  • Lucas made the prequel trilogy years earlier and you are surprised about how this movie turned out?

  • That is why I watch you Chris, No matter how much you want to say that it is slightly good. It is not. I love your honesty. I still stand by in saying that I liked Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, but that is another topic.

  • I'm happy to see Adam is getting to direct some pretty high price tag movies. I love 'You're Next' and 'The Guest'.