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0:22Magnum P.I. 3x11 Promo "The Lies We Tell" (HD)
0:31Marvel's WandaVision (Disney+) "Finale" Promo HD
0:16Grown-ish 3x16 Promo "All in Love Is Fair" (HD)
1:55Good Girls Season 4 First Look Preview (HD)
0:30Snowfall 4x04 Promo "Expansion" (HD)
Snowfall 4x04 Promo "Expansion" (HD)Pregleda 40 tis.Prije 2 dana
0:22S.W.A.T. 4x11 Promo "Positive Thinking" (HD)
0:17Chicago PD 8x08 Promo "Protect and Serve" (HD)
0:16Chicago Fire 9x08 Promo "Escape Route" (HD)
Chicago Fire 9x08 Promo "Escape Route" (HD)Pregleda 129 tis.Prije 2 dana
0:31The Flash Season 7 "Heart" Promo (HD)
The Flash Season 7 "Heart" Promo (HD)Pregleda 255 tis.Prije 2 dana
1:01Grown-ish 3x15 Sneak Peek #2 "Over My Head" (HD)
0:21FBI: Most Wanted 2x08 Promo "Vanished" (HD)
0:22FBI 3x08 Promo "Walk the Line" (HD)
FBI 3x08 Promo "Walk the Line" (HD)Pregleda 24 tis.Prije 2 dana
0:47Prodigal Son 2x08 Promo (HD)
Prodigal Son 2x08 Promo (HD)Pregleda 36 tis.Prije 2 dana


  • Well, if it's any consolation, someone who knew everything is finally going to speak.

  • I feel so bad for Ethan lol😭

  • 🙃ok, sh!t! Now i gotta watch it!

  • His son a bitch

  • Y’all gotta chill, the bat-suit is literally not bad. Be grateful it doesn’t have nipples

  • haaaaaa!

  • Luthor thinks superman is evil. Luthor sends his ship on self destruct into an urban area to distract superman. Superman saves 1000s from the exploding ship. But somehow Superman is evil and Luthor is good.

  • As a therapist i feel personally😂😒😥pretty accurate though... 😅

  • yo this season just been juicy left and right

  • So, it's like Psych except they hate each other and blow things up. Cool.

  • You can thank Zack Snyder for all that visual effects inspiration .

  • Need to vote, riley or desi?

  • Maybe Red is Liz real Father he cares about her to much Hes not a fake I Dont Believe its True

  • Come on guys it's your turn!!!

  • Why bring him back if they are not going to keep him around? That's just straight up mean

  • I love each and every character. Alan Tudyk, in particular, is so good at his role that I'm not entirely convinced that he isn't actually an alien.

  • so i'm assuming this show will have to keep making up reasons or plotline to weaken superman or else things would get stale quickly?

  • Jordan needs a super slap that sends him flying to Krypton, your dad is literally Superman stop complaining

  • Jordan pissing me off!!! Like bruh your father is Superman tf you complaining for???

  • Nick is so ugly...

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss!!!!!

  • She hurts dembe and I go deal with Liz myself

  • No había otro actor

  • Jonathan's actor is named Jordan... I found that funny 😜😜

  • Dumbest reaction ever. Politically correct is filling TV with a bunch of emo whiny bitches

  • Ethan is a good boy but c'mon we want to see Thomas and Higgins!!😔

  • 😍 BRIO 😍

  • Yes!!! Season 3!!! I can't wait to watch this!!!,

  • She is smarter than Reddington, She is smarter than the FBI, She can fool any man (especially if they go by the name of Aram or Donald) by some smart low key words, she can manipulate and control totally stranger women to give their life for her, She always thinks 2 steps ahead so you'll always miss her just when she escapes. and she did all that over a period of 1 season. from an average FBI detective to a Messiah and a mastermind. Please stop this fiasco, no one cares about this stupid character anymore. just kill her or get rid of her in another way.

  • Man that man is fine

  • Jordan is like a whining Frodo

  • I always get severe anxiety during the argument scenes between the boys and Clark/Lois. Not because of the amazing acting and chemistry between the actors, but the fact that if I talked to my parents that way, they'd kick the shit outta me...😂 😂 😂

    • So true I would have a huge slap mark across my cheek....

  • Bucky Cap > Falcon cap.

  • Harold: " seven years ago she was kind enthusiastic decent under your tutelage She became someone I fail to recognize " Red: no I think you do ... even not want to ... you and I both may not like what it looks like but we both recognize it for what is ... her destiny

  • Necesito que me traduzcan jajaja :(

  • If melanie is out,i am OUT too... please don't kill her 😢 she is the one who carries the entire show on her back

  • Where can I watch this???

  • Oh i love this show

  • 2021 zombie apocalypse .

  • Those ears 👂 though. Lol

  • Supermans kids a fking duchebag?

  • I do like you can definitely see the workout gains from Grant Gustin in this promo 0:09 (way broader shoulders and just more bulk in general). also in the scene with Cecile you can kind of see it as well.

  • wait so are the different lightning colors we saw when Flash got his powers back going to actually play a role 0:06 ?

  • There is no ducks without Joshua Jackson and Emilio.

  • Run Barry RUN!

  • Cisco voltou porraa

  • This is a good show , watch it before you judge, might not be like the original but it's not as bad as you guys presume it to be. It's modern be open to change.

  • So you tell me they going to break up?

  • „We looked damn good.“ Yesss, You sure did!

  • Where is megan?

  • On some angles, Jordan Elsass (Jonathan) looks like Robert Pattinson. Maybe it’s his hair, mannerism or acting. 🤔

  • this is way better than Supergirl's Feminist BS and endless loopholes

  • Yeah man!! Sam and Bucky teaming up, DAMN GOOD!!

  • Stabler le stabilisateur 😌

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Man they are literally running out of ideas. Dembe getting kidnapped is a regular theme all these seasons. Everybody has to be kidnapped to know the truth Ilya koslov , Dom , Even Red got kidnapped in Paris yet unable to find truth man man 😂😂 What a mockery this show is turning out to be. First we used to criticize Boon's acting now that she is in hindsight we are criticizing this shit storyline. Keen ain't that bad but she is suffering for this horrible script a role which was never suited to her limited set of acting skills , would have worked out if both Red and her were together like in early days. Writers space is getting stinky. With all the mess going around in this show don't know where's show is heading. A die hard fan not anymore.

  • I can’t believe people don’t want more dean. His redemption has been one of my favourite things about this show his character is hilarious and interesting. More dean!

  • Dang, can't wait. I've been into this particular Law & Order (svu) for YEARS, since the very beginning. 🤗

  • Does anyone know when or if it will be shown in the uk on tv

  • i'm always up for Earp Sister time... i need it too!

  • This guy is a avenger? His real name Clarence

    • hahah, Poppa Doc is now Captain America!


  • And people say season 1 is slow.

  • Doc and Wynonna have never been so far apart and its breaking my heart. Missed seeing Jeremy in the last episode. Hopefully he pops up soon. Makes no sense that he would miss Waverley and Nicoles engagement party without a reason.

  • Can’t wait been waiting for a whole year for this.

  • Oh my look at Lex! I see how well Latinos and Asians are represented in Superhero shows/movies. Affirmative action is alive and well in Hollywood. They Cannot complain, at all.

  • If Joshua Jackson doesn’t show up what’s the point

  • I noticed that they kinda copy some of the scenes from Superman returns n man of steel too Kool 😎😎😎😎

  • Look at lex !! I see how well Latinos and Asians are represented in Superhero shows/movies. Affirmative action is alive and well in Hollywood. They Cannot complain, at all.

  • I hope the writers can come up with a way for me to stop loathing Jordan, because man, does that character suck.

    • He needs to show respect for his father.

  • Rio is something else 😫

  • They'll end up being best friends. Steve would be so proud of them both

  • Ah yes the good cop & bad cop duos

  • Shits going down!!! Yesss!!!


  • I have no idea why they picked an ugly woman as Lois.

  • That's how you promote a show 👏

  • 1:38 Eu sou o comentário brasileiro que procuras

  • Gohan is really angry at goku.

  • Plz don’t carry this CW drama any further. This show is surprisingly very intriguing. Don’t push our buttons tho