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I tell scary stories, mostly true ones, and you get scared. And I guess some people like that

► If you have any personal horror stories that you want read please email it to [email protected] and include what kind of story it is.
For example, a stalker story, a camping story, etc

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27:20My 666 IQ Imposter Play Made the NEWS
My 666 IQ Imposter Play Made the NEWSPregleda 2,5 mil.Prije 8 dana
50:38CORPSE 666 IQ Best Among Us IMPOSTER Plays
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18:003 True SCARY And INTENSE Stranger Encounter Stories
13:383 True Scary Subscriber Submitted Horror Stories
17:584 TRUE Scary Stories That Will CREEP YOU OUT
4 TRUE Scary Stories That Will CREEP YOU OUTPregleda 1,4 mil.Prije 3 godina


  • It's my first time hearing his voice like...damn *tHaT vOIcE iS sOoO DeEepP*

  • He lowkey sounds like narrator

  • Among us is a dead game

  • Can you do a scary video about Japan

  • Yaaaaay, Kodak!

  • Could I get a shoutout please?

  • Love how he has 7.25 mil

  • Im watching this in 2021 and his voice is SO DIFFERENT. It is absolutely amazing

  • some folks have some decent storytelling skills, but are mostly full of [email protected] even if the dark web is a scary place, you don't need to be nasty with folks unless they're actually in your face. When that happens all bets are off. They've broken the rules of civilised etiquette. And you can deal with them as you see fit. absolute anonymity is always the best defence, because even screen names you choose can give insights into who a person is, before even conversing with such people. irl, i have been in close contact with some really heavy gangsters, over the years. And on one occasion I was offered a job as a 'hitman'. Which I politely declined, as I was following a new and altogether more healthy choice of lifestyle. Always understanding that EVERYONE has ulterior motives and that you truly can't trust anyone or anything a person says, even a married partner, is helpful. Also over the years i have become accustomed to micro body language and verbal cues and even silences and pauses in conversation which highlight something is going off. I also have nearly been murdered a few times, during my learning process. even a fool can appear wise, if they stay quiet long enough. I hope this is a help and a warning to folks, who are unhelpfully curious in the shadier sides of life. Quite a few people I know have spent a very long time in prison for their mistakes. I intend not to copy them but learn from their errors. But better still, you could learn from mine. Study hard, work honestly, and live quietly is the best advice I could give. And hopefully, you won't encounter folks who are truly dangerous.

  • Your voice is amazing keep it up corpse!

  • I know the game its fun

  • yeah

  • This first one. I’ve seen an animated version of it

  • For a second I thought the girl in the thumbnail was piki

  • Who is here because of courtreezy

  • When are you going to restock your merch

  • if your reading this lets face it your a simp (totally a joke)

  • Corpse is just so nice and cool and friendly and you can’t do anything but love him, I love you corpse 😌♥️ Corpse you deserve all the happiness and good vibes in the world, because you make so many people’s day better


  • Corpse: H i i i

  • Is he called Corpse because of his voice?

  • Wait so corpse read these stories? I never knew

  • No one: Me: corpse and sykunno have matching scarves 🥺🥺

  • I the sound affects it makes it 10 times creeper

  • guys i fell asleep with youtube on my tv and woke up to 1:27:33 that picture on my screen and it scared me so badly


  • Corpse. You add emotions to your words. Very professional but you are making these for almost 6 years. So I guess it's not surprising.

  • f ur stories

  • Lol went from watching a few among us vids to finding this. This is way cooler.

  • The voice.....

  • I miss these videos...

  • I got to be the imposter after soooo many days and I got disconnected for the first time ever in among us and I was LIKE WTHHHH

  • hes 19 now hes turning 24o>_<o i wanna cry

  • This guy should start streaming or like, make music or something. People would love to watch and listen to his voice

  • I miss your narrations. You are better than some of the narrators out there.

  • fun fact this video was posted on my birthday

  • Love the videos man keep it up 🔥🔥🔥

  • CORPSE is a GOD!! LMAO

  • :)

  • :)))

  • Nice voice corpse

  • Hope he starts uploading more of this content again, really miss this type of stuff.

  • I really thought I would had to listen to that voice again. I love you corpse, but this is the one video I can't take

  • 24:06 omg brooke really sounded like tina here

  • This is so funny .. man .. your amazing :)

  • CorpseHusband in 2016: TRUE CREEPY POKEMON GO STORIES me in 2021, listening to this while playing the dead game Pokemon Go and catching a bidoof: oh yes

  • 7:23 killed me with a smile

  • I dont know why people simp over corpse because of his voice yes its cool but he's just human and the reason he has the voice must really hurt. But i love the storys ( no hate )

  • Never trust Jay

  • i just realized corspe = kurama dubbed voice actor

  • Corpse why you not playing with Dream??

  • The dazzling father successfully grin because quit fourthly glow into a ashamed curve. yellow, absurd hexagon

  • *huffs* so u broke ur voice at 5

  • Are you Levi from Inquisitor Master ? Please answer

  • So he’s the guy that I used to listen to in the car while my mom went shopping... I remember you!

  • CORPSE and sykuwu supermacy

  • The terrific nest problematically weigh because drill probably blush beneath a tasteful sushi. abaft, lavish bookcase

  • I know among us already

  • Tina her chair got haunted at one point in the vid lmao, loved this though!

  • He's a hitman now. He took out there best Hitman and showed the skills he has in finding, hiding, and assassination; so it would make sense if he was recruited as one into the organization he challenged.

  • Were the fuck are the authoritys like Jesus Christ

  • I see you're still making videos on this game unfortunately. :-/

  • He has such a west coast accent & I fucking love it

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  • i miss when he used to read these <3

  • "Corpse called me a bitch" "Well stop being such a bitch!" Modern problems require modern solutions.

  • No one Me: Stares at sykkuno Corpse: *Kills him* Me: *Has a crisis* (Edit who’s bingos?)

  • :)

  • Corpse husband I drew art of you by me :B