Dylan Is In Trouble

Dylan Is In Trouble Dylan Is In Trouble

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28:51Why Did We Forget About DIVERGENT So Fast?
10:14Looking Back at My Worst Videos
Looking Back at My Worst VideosPregleda 389 tis.Prije 8 dana
RE-WATCHING HARRY POTTER Marathon!Pregleda 1,9 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
19:52Guessing Movie Review Scores Based on ONLY the Trailers
22:17Grown Man Watches *THE LITTLE MERMAID*
Grown Man Watches *THE LITTLE MERMAID*Pregleda 796 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
23:34Watching *PARANORMAL ACTIVITY* and Freaking Out
Watching *PARANORMAL ACTIVITY* and Freaking OutPregleda 685 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
28:09*RED RIDING HOOD* is just a worse Twilight
*RED RIDING HOOD* is just a worse TwilightPregleda 825 tis.Prije 6 mjeseci
4:04God of High School Livestream Highlights
God of High School Livestream HighlightsPregleda 103 tis.Prije 6 mjeseci
37:26*THE KISSING BOOTH 2* is a MASTERPIECE of cinema
*THE KISSING BOOTH 2* is a MASTERPIECE of cinemaPregleda 1,3 mil.Prije 7 mjeseci
25:42*THE ROOMMATE* is the WORST horror movie I've EVER seen
45:23The Last of Us 2 - Gameplay Highlights (full game)
35:53*Jennifer's Body* is INSANE (and fun)
*Jennifer's Body* is INSANE (and fun)Pregleda 1,1 mil.Prije 8 mjeseci
22:56The Hunger Games: How To Build a Franchise
The Hunger Games: How To Build a FranchisePregleda 659 tis.Prije 8 mjeseci
11:32Miley Cyrus posted about me...
Miley Cyrus posted about me...Pregleda 362 tis.Prije 9 mjeseci
22:50Fallen: The Failed Successor to Twilight
Fallen: The Failed Successor to TwilightPregleda 1,2 mil.Prije 9 mjeseci
19:16Is *CATS* Really That Bad??
Is *CATS* Really That Bad??Pregleda 748 tis.Prije 9 mjeseci
13:38Too Hot To Handle: GOOD TRASH??
Too Hot To Handle: GOOD TRASH??Pregleda 854 tis.Prije 10 mjeseci


  • Shut up! can't siblings love each other so much that they are soul mates? It's out of your mind

  • 0:51 Oh so you mean? Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf and most YA TV adapted novels?

  • Fun Fact: The movie is 3 hours and 14 minutes because that's the amount of time the Titanic actually took to sink

  • The best Cinderella movie is Ever After and no one can change my mind... you should watch it... this isn't a recommendation, just friendly conversation

  • Algorithm boosted this one

  • funniest guy i have ever watch on youtube

  • dylan is an inspiration for strong women in the making 😂😂

  • Please please please react to Train to Busan- it’s actually really well made that has realistic reactions from fear. Without a doubt one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. WAY better than World War Z it hits you right in the feels because you really get attached to some of them.

  • Twice as long? More like 5 times as long...

  • Love this movie trilogy. Hate they didn't come back with the 4th movie

  • The movie is called Bird Box in reference to the fact that when you want a bird to sleep, you cover its cage with a blanket so it cant see the outside light. Just how they cover their windows with stuff to hide the outside...

  • I kinda understand Rachel tho, even though she’s your friend boundaries should be put up and your priorities change in a relationship. But that’s just my opinion. I also just fucking hate Elle cause she’s a dumbass (I mean I am too but like her character never makes any kind of sense)

  • do mamma mia

  • as an Italian person, i would love to feel offended by this stereotype bc it's very messed up but it's actually very very true..... so i'm just sad.

  • The ludicrous kayak amazingly smash because sword philly jail as a colossal gateway. exciting exclusive, hospitable grasshopper

  • Because it sucks. The end

  • I watch the series for the third time the other day. I honestly loved it. It’s unique in its own way and I’m glad it didn’t go by the book word for word because then I would have guessed what was coming next

  • Article title: Rose Dylan: DiAnE

  • I think Dylan should watch the Arabic version of this show. There’s actual violence 😂 people hit actors left and right. Such a good time 😂😂

  • 15:15 They shoud just make them a lesbian couple :)

  • he keeps calling rhinos hippos and i hate it 😭!!

  • Ayo Hunger games is so much better than this but even if the last few movies were not the best. People still talk about and love hunger games so... also Suzanne Collins wrote a new book so people still love hunger games.

  • She's so gone is my favourite song from the movie

  • f***k it his prince now .........and thats how monarchy was invented kids

  • You weren't the only one needing to catch up watching this seasons finale

  • not the meme at 1:54

  • Personal opinion: I think that you should watch the entire serie or you will not understand, besides, is an amazing serie

  • Seen her with the try guys on a video trying Indian restaurants

  • Dylan is so cute

  • The mellow brandy periodically form because den considerably kill vice a jittery radish. combative, pushy square


  • he didn't leave at the end..... he died

  • I read ALL of the books in middle school. I LOVED the first two, the third one was meh, and the fourth was such a clusterfuck that I just threw my hands up and said "okay, you do you boo". Rereading it now I know I would absolutelt hate it lmao

  • I loved the books but the movies are something else

  • nobody: dylan: i WEnt TO a COllEGe thAt iS nOw cLoSed Down!1!1!

  • yes to dan humphrey being the best character and only reason why i watched it and yes to the OC the best 🙌🏼

  • Please react to the movie Moxie! It’s super new on Netflix

  • Please react to the movie Moxie! It’s super new on Netflix

  • Please react to the movie Moxie! It’s super new on Netflix

  • Please react to the movie Moxie! It’s super new on Netflix

  • Tinky Winky is so ghetto😂😂 he put a half eaten pancake in his purse?😂😂

  • Dylan: gets robbed Also Dylan: starts roasting the robber

  • pls the speech joke

  • Watching this in my “Ian somersalt” blanket

  • Dude what's with the tie on you forehead at the end of there?

  • Jooo I’m soo scared 22:20 fuck fuck fuck fuck

  • I can´t decide whether it was Divergent or the Maze Runner that marked the beginning of the end of the YA Dystopia craze.


  • 🤔 oh yeah because... *Winter Break* 😂😂😂😂

  • The first movie was okay. The second and third, I just can’t...........

  • 1:34 In this pandemic it might work tho 😂

  • 18:12😂😂😂😂

  • People are hating so much on divergent lately but I genuinely enjoyed so much the books, and I loved, LOVED the first movie

  • Wait the movie actually came out !? lol


  • A COUPLE DOES NOT NEED TO HAVE SEX. FK i hated the end of this film

  • You should comment "The Princess and the Frog" from Disney, its just one of the best 2D Disney movie and its sooo underrated

  • Dylan- i know everything No you don't😵😵😵

  • The revival and re falling in love sounds an awful lot like the seven deadly sins

  • "I'm not that tall, I'm 6'4''" At this point you're just flexing

  • As much as I don’t like Molly, Hardin has no right to treat her like that. Even if Molly and their friends dared him to do that to Tessa, he happily agreed to do it. And why’s he acting like he’d never want to touch her when he literally screwed her in the first movie lol

  • Ive read the books! They're okay, dont deserve all the hate they get. Although they're not great haha. The film is abysmal.

  • I love how Dylan says he has a pain in the right side of his chest, then says it's his heart lol

  • 29:22 "but, but, BUTT" I CANT

  • You should do one of these about Vampire Academy! I love the books (the spinoff series is better imo though) and the first movie didn't do great, they tried to make the second one to be released as a VOD through a kickstarter campaign but it didn't go anywhere. I think the movie they made is fun but was too superficial to grab anyones attention, and it was marketed too much as "mean girls, but with vampires" when that's not what the books are at all. I have hope for a tv series but after seeing what happened to the mortal instruments with shadowhunters I'm not too optimistic.

  • Dylan, it was on Netflix. *sigh* silly billy

  • The first joke alone got me, well then I guess my childhood dreams of nailing "I gotta go my own way" will be forfilled

  • It is sooooooo frustrating to watch this bc we(tvdfandom) know everything which he is saying wrong like i wanna explain u everything

  • I didn't watch this movie because the trailer freaked me out with all of its jump scares. So that's on them luv


  • I realise that I must never have watched Spy Kids 1... what the hell

  • 26:38 Dylan: the series lacked one of the most vital elements that you can have in a story. and that is- me, who watched to many of his commentaries: SPANKING

  • I'm new to this channel, and I gotta say, Dylan's ongoing love for Cam Gigandet is my favourite subplot so far.

  • yo, Jason Momoa as Jacob Black... Edward wouldn't have no chance

  • not you said dramione would be better than ramione no no no no

  • It always has be you was a quote from twillight

  • You talk way too much during a movie, I could never stand watching one with you😂😂

    • You're so young and it shows, I can just tell you never played D&D


  • Is that Rebekah Mikaelson ?

  • i mean only watching the first and last episode... Ok but u missed Tyler being a werewolf and so many other thungs by skipping to the end. SO MANY CHARACTERS