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10:01Dolly Parton restored my faith in humanity by 0.4%
10:01Free Britney.
Free Britney.Pregleda 979 tis.Prije 7 dana
10:02The CEO of Cringe
The CEO of CringePregleda 621 tis.
10:01Lana Del Rey made me look dumb for defending her
10:01Final Boss Karen attacks literal child
Final Boss Karen attacks literal childPregleda 573 tis.Prije mjesec
#KPopStansAreOverPartyPregleda 1 mil.Prije 7 mjeseci
10:01tiktok challenges are back (and more illegal than ever)
10:01but WHY is tom hanks' actual son doing instagram comedy
10:01[copyright strikes in spanish]
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  • Also the fact her kids love pokemon and she went to the edge to do fun pokemon theme things with them is everything to me

  • *Britney: a literal adult with kids* Hollywood: still a fun funky teen

  • Love this queen more than myself

  • I'm in the arklatex and we were lucky enough to only lose water. As soon as we could, we volunteered with our biker group to help out truck drivers that were snowed in. We distributed food, water, and toiletries. We also advocated for them to local government officials. It was scary how they were just left out there without any warning and without any directions. The places they were at had no water and limited food. The places that they were supposed to be going to had no water, power, or food. So whenever the roads were finally safe, they still couldn't get their bare essentials. They were just forgotten about in the chaos.

  • Update: The DreamSMP fans got her banned on TikTok :)

  • *Pathetic Evil Trash Association* wait they are sorting trash lol bonus: XD PETA WE HAVE FUR THEN THAT MEANS IM FURRY LOL

  • girl: sorry i ripped ur drawing dude: no, you ripped my drawing girl: wanna s**? dude: oh ok

  • I remember I used to watch Onision in middle school. I feel off watching him for a while, and when I went to check up on what videos he was making, I saw that he did a video where he just,,, basically made fun of autistic people. Needless to say, I didn't watch him anymore. Should've stopped sooner, honestly.

  • He looks so good in the cat headphones wtf are they talking aboutt-

  • The movie wasn't even about Music. It was about Zu. Music and Ebo were just props for Zu's character development.

  • Me patiently waiting on your perspective/video on the Seth and David Dobrik situation.


  • Immature

  • sia: i prefer to call them special abilities me, an autistic person: *just call me a slur already*

  • I actually feel bad for Maddie. Starting so early on such a toxic show dancing moms is. Since very young age she's been treated horribly by adults and pretty much groomed. Sia talking about how she can't do anything without her? Or Maddie herself saying at one point she was spending more time with Sia than with her family? Horrible. She was about 14 when she got almost forcibly put into this film even though she was worried about it.

  • that little wink at the end of the video is everything🥺🥺🥺

  • dolly parton singlehandedly saved the world and you can’t convince me otherwise.

  • I lost a friendship over one of my friends saying the n-word

    • Such a negative history

    • It made me extremely uncomfortable

  • Hey queen! Girl, you have done it again. Constantly raising the bar for us all, and doing it flawlessly. I'd say I’m surprised, but I know who you are. I’ve seen it up close and personal. Girl you make me so proud, and I love you.

  • Please do a video on Jojo’s sad story...

  • What the....

  • I've seen somewhere the best comment regarding this situation - it seems like they both have enjoyed this fantasy of her being Spanish 😅 Regardless of this situation being slightly hilarious but also sad in the same time (imagine faking your identity to fulfill your husband's sexual fantasy) I find it problematic on many levels. First of as an immigrant in an English speaking nation, having an accent is not fun, it's not something you can turn on and off depending on situation to sound more 'interesting', I've been laugh at for my pronunciation, not taken seriously, people hung up on me in a professional setting because they couldn't make an effort to understand what I'm saying, my immigrant parents have been constantly denied any good job opportunities despite having qualifications and higher education simply based on not being able to speak 'perfect' English having revert to taking lowest paid jobs and being treated as a scum of the society. And that's only the perspective of being a white immigrant in other white nation, I don't know the experience of others but I can only imagine it must be even less fun when you are non-white. Secondly, obviously cultural appropriation, just because you like some culture doesn't mean you can claim it as your own and on top of it - misrepresent it. She literally cherry picked random aspects of Spanish culture, probably even the most stereotypical ones, such as flamenco, bulls, Spanish football jersey and Mallorca (super popular holiday spot), and based her identity on them, she didn't even do a proper research about the country which is much more than this. If I wanted to be an 'advocate' for culture which isn't mine at least, I'd property educate and immerse myself in it. Thirdly, there's this whole race and ethnicity mess. Why would she say she's a white woman as it'd make everything right? Spanish people are typically white Europeans. They may have some influences from other races in their blood due to conquests etc but generally they are white. So saying she's white clears up nothing because people would already know she's white if she really came from Spain 🤷 but it seems like she wanted to simultaneously be considered as a Latina woman where they can be of any race as long as they come from Latin America. I struggle to understand what's the point of it, if she wanted to be considered Spanish and actually had good background knowledge about the country, she wouldn't need to make that statement. I don't want to sound in a disrespectful way to non-white women who were born in Spain, actually grew up in the culture and identify with it but yes, Spain is predominantly white and there is nothing about Hillary that would indicate any racial ambiguity that she would need to specifically address so I don't understand her point. I also completely don't understand the need to being something else ethnically or racially to be interesting - imagine Spanish people are not considered exotic in Spain, Latin Americans are not exotic in their respective places of origin and so on. Can we stop treating people who are not white Americans as some fantasy creatures from distant exotic lands whose only interesting personality trait is being foreign with different accent or having different skin tone. White Americans are not default human beings, earth is full of different people and faking your identity to be more 'interesting' to other 'default' people while still fully enjoying benefits of being one of them is far from ok.

  • I think you REALLY are the one person I relate with on the internet that I don’t personally know.

  • Can't wait for a "Tourette's Challenge" 😘 let's see if they can spread even more misinformation and make even more insensitive jokes about my syndrome ✨

  • Glad this kind of media got backlash and that the backlash blew up. More people will see and learn. Idk how can people mess up this much. And i can't believe people really think they can represent the group of people without talking to any of them or including them in the project....

  • Got a raid ad! What a coincidence

  • I also bought tickets to that Trump rally and didn't go haha, glad I helped

  • Bruh, I need you to destroy the Vlog Squad please.

  • Parents posting videos of their autistic kids having meltdowns should be illegal imo

  • Now THIS is something worth spending my Sunday's on.

  • Is it bad that I have autism and I actually loved the movie

  • Kellyanne way needs to be put in jail. Claudia has been reaching out for help for way too long and the powers that be still have not helped her. Kellyanne posted a pornographic photo of her own daughter for revenge and that's after Claudia tried to get herself help over the last year. Thank you for doing this. She is not allowed and is scared to post anything about her abusive situation now but please keep talking about it oh, she has asked that anyone and everyone bring light to this situation. Check out the documentary at @JusticeforClaudiaConway.

  • anyone else waiting for d'angelo's video on sia abusing maggie?

  • and then her n word video came out 😀

  • why did thatveganteacher have to make this about animals.

  • “If you’re not vegan, you’re going to hell” Me: *pulls out beef hamburger* hope there’s good food down there.

  • We Farm. Growing one ear of Corn, kills 2k animals. Eating one cow, kills one.

  • not saying sia deserves it... but she deserves it.

  • D’Angelo: says facts Cole: oOh ImMa BlOcK yOU 4 sAyInG fAcTs

  • I never actually saw the text of the disclaimer about restraint before now, but wow. If she thought the problem was with the general concept of restraint, she wasn't listening - restraint isn't good, but it does have some appropriate uses; prone restraint in particular was the problem, because it's *deadly*.

  • We love Dolly Parton

  • Coming from an autistic person: I don't think Maddie not being autistic is the biggest problem by any stretch of the imagination. The problem is the entire premise and execution of the story.

  • Anyone here after the 6th kid news?

  • ah yes, representation: making a movie about how absolutely feaking dumb autistic people are. autistic people are just as normal as anyone else

  • “im edgy, not racist.” just screams racist white energy

    • @roddy PROF.E.T. Literally is just a word. And the n-word is a derogatory slur.. But go off

    • @h h it’s funny how upset you get over it so there’s that. It’s also funny how you can’t get through a sentence without the word literally. Thanks for making me laugh sis 🙌🏽🙏🏽

    • @roddy PROF.E.T. he literally said the n-word multiple times.. there is literally nothing funny about that

    • Comedy isn’t for you then

  • what are you guys on about lol with the grooming maddie thing. wasn't sia trying to protect maddie from predators?

  • Who else thought it was really weird to hear the step mother tell how she met him when he was 4 and that he was so sweet? I've never thought about that he used to be a little kid. I mean, everyone used to be little, but in cases like this you tend to imagine that the person just popped up the way they are today...

  • The mustache thooo

  • I’m so confused at this point. Society have beauty standards that are basically impossible to achieve, and when someone does not fit the beauty standard, people go and shame that person. But, when someone want to improve their body image, people also shame them? People are able to change their body image if they’re not happy with how they look. Whether the person is going on a diet, consuming more foods, or getting plastic surgeries, there is no reason as to why people should shame that person for wanting to change. You don’t have to like your body and you are not forbidden to have insecurities. If you want to change the way you look to be more confident in yourself, pop off. Everyone have the freedom to change their physical image. It’s not illegal. Just because someone is spreading body positivity doesnt mean they are forbidden to change their image. Body positivity is here to normalize every body images, shapes and sizes. Body positivity is not here to stop people from changing their physical image. Yes, you should love your body but that doesn’t mean you are unable to change the way you look. Overall, if you are going to enforce this “perfect image” on someone then be mad when that person want to change the way they look, I honestly dont understand what you point is. P.S. there are more reasons as to why someone want to change their body image other than wanting to look a certain way.

  • I love that Pancho is in D'Angelo's comment section

  • Sia: I love autistic people, they should be allowed to Express themselves Autistic people: Express how this movie is offensive and not accessible Sia: grrr

  • Can I just say that the main problem most autistic people have with this movie is not that they cast a neurotypical actress. Like, obviously an autistic actress would have been better but the bigger issue is the portrayal of autism. She makes restraining the kid a good thing! Wtf! And the way the acting was done (which I dont blame Maddie for although it's a shame she was so uneducated). It didn't really show Music struggling or succeeding, it just showed Zoos problems caused by Music and how Music taught Zoo more about herself. And that thing Maddie said about how she didn't realise all autistic people are different? Like all people are different, and autistic people are just people. Did she think all autistic people were the same?

  • Maddie is off dance moms, no?

  • At first, I wanted to shut this video off, but I decided to stick it out, and I really think this person is trolling the ever loving snot out of everyone. I don't think for a minute that she actually believes anything she's said, I think she is parodying people - the one that cemented it or me was the "vote" one, where she's running around asking everyone who she should vote for. I'm telling you, she's a massive troll - and you all are falling for it.

  • Damn I didn’t know every day was Sunday this week 😤

  • She really wanna be mel🙄💅

  • Why would anyone want want to put money into making a documentary about onion man

  • I'm sitting here eating my vegan chicken and man is this woman problematic. Been vegan 5 years and I can 100% say this woman does not represent us. She is so extreme and antagonistic.

  • She may be Canadian but she from Quebec so it doesn’t count

  • Vegans like her are so annoying because I can’t physically be vegan even if I wanted to because of my dietary restrictions

  • CoNsIdEr ThE sOuRcE

  • I'm an old lady, and I'm gonna say that I need to meet your parent cuz, your a G.

  • Bruh the anti-semitism I can’t.

  • even if she gets to be free and i really hope she does, nothing or no one can ever repay the amount of torment that she had went through for so many years.....trauma is really awful and the grieving that follows-- it's really a difficult process to recover.

  • I think youre misinterpreting his actual belief on the God topic. He believes that everyone is god and that god is everyone since we are made in his image; A lot of people have the same belief

  • I don’t encourage the use of DMT but it can lead you to enlightenment if used respectfully and correctly. I think wut he’s trying to interpret from his one too many experiences with this substance is that we are all a part of the universe therefore we make up the universe therefore we are all the universe but yeah he’s gone a little over board💀

  • This teacher is quite clearly a narcissist.

  • Loved this video! I would really appreciate your deep dive in this and a longer video breaking this down!

  • shes a cishet white christian woman telling minorities that their opression is equal to eating meat im so fucking tired

  • i also live in texas and it was bad the last time i saw it snow that much was 9 years ago

  • Ive had this happen but im a scared pushover so when the person asked to see my phone because they thought it was theirs, i opened it and showed them my text threads😂 and they didn't even apologize 😲 This girl is a idiot. Its like shes seen all the tv tropes where someone tackles the robber or mugger and is the hero🙄 but forgot to make sure they actually robbed her The hotel could of resolved this in two seconds by calling the girls phone and seeing this teens phone didn't ring, shes so dumb