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The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.


3:12:54These Are My Enemies Now - H3 After Dark #20
1:27:53A Closer Look: Kenneth Copeland - H3 Podcast #232
1:57:37Trisha Was Bullied \u0026 It's Not OK - Frenemies #17
1:16:19Frenemies Is Under Attack - Frenemies #16
2:49:01The American Meltdown - H3 Podcast #230
The American Meltdown - H3 Podcast #230Pregleda 1 mil.Prije mjesec
2:05:05The Fate Of Frenemies With Dr. Drew - Frenemies #14
2:26:51H3 After Dark (Talking About The Trisha Thing) - #16
1:16:25Content Court: Jared Leto
Content Court: Jared LetoPregleda 663 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
1:37:39Trisha Was Kidnapped At Gunpoint - Frenemies #12


  • them dudes duked it out and handled it like men, hope they had a beer afterwards and squashed beef.

  • The Chanel boomerang was so offensive...

  • When does Trisha mention wishing Moses would be on the show? I'm almost done with it and I can't find it! Can someone time stamp it?

  • jesus watching either more, ethan you are very mean to trisha, grow some manners

  • I think Ian is the only good thing left about this podcast

  • In all seriousness - I could listen to Hila talk about fashion on her own. Like seriously talk and analyze fashion.

  • If Hila designed a purse you could take ALL MY MONEY !

  • Ethan. I love your podcast. I’m new here and totally addicted!!!! Especially addicted to after dark and frenimies

  • I feel bad because I feel like Ethan really is offended by a lot of the things Trisha does portraying the Jewish culture. Or her attempts of it anyways. And she won’t even understand it from his point of view and where he’s coming from. I know she has good intentions but she won’t even listen to him about it

  • Literally hilarious. Laughed out loud so many times!

  • The leather paper bag is designed for filming purpose. It's designed to keep the noise level down that a normal paper bag would havr make

  • AB’s snail 🥺🥺

  • I use three products

  • im sorry is no one going to talk about 36:33 :o

  • I woke up like this

  • wait but Trisha is right it is harder for women to lose weight than men. Women can gain weight every month for just being on our period. 11:58 it kinda actually really bothered me the way Ethan responded to that. no hate obvi

  • I “checked in” with my Asian buddy at work to see if he needed a break. He said, “I’ve done more in an hour than you’ll do all day”, so I let it go.

  • 20:00 - the prophecy was fulfilled in February of 2021

  • Imagine not needing $250k 🤣 Goals.

  • You should dye your hair

  • maybe i didn’t notice at all before the elaborate AI ian bit but since i’ve been paying more attention i’ve realized how dedicated to any bit ian is (like damn, even the gross food and funeral scene while he was sick w covid), even if it’s like a few little one liners. his type of sarcasm is my favorite and people like him are so important (and often underrated) in a comedy show that can sometimes get slow or gloomy. and i’ll say i wasn’t a consistent viewer until sometime last year so i’m still getting to know the crew’s personalities but there was a minute in this ep that made me feel like he needs more props for not just the bits he plans but his actual sense/ability of humor, 10/10

  • Yes double cheeseburger with no pickle extra cheese & fry's salty with diet coke apple pie 4 piece

  • I love this podcast but Ethan constantly throat gurgling was actually driving me insane this time

  • Caloric deficit....

  • Sad to see AB doesn’t even talk or chime in anymore to the point where where Dan speaks for AB.. hope he’s okay..

  • Ethan needs to use that car so he can write it off as a business expense!

  • Still got this and water weight

  • pettition to get ethan to watch greg douccete's video about him

  • welp.... this episode did not age well lol

  • Ethan doing sit ups and making noises had me so weak lmfao

  • Ian is such a king

  • why was this one the exact vibe of after dark? talk about something lol

  • I love butter noodles🤣

  • It is SO much easier for guys to lose weight. My husband can stop drinking pop and lose 15 pounds and I can completely cut out sugar, bread, etc and lose 5 😅

  • Moses holding the camera at the end is everything! So steady and he wasn't breathing into the mic like a sociopath! And had to watch them eat while not being able to! Appreciate cha!

  • Hila's laugh is so infectious

  • Ethan you need to relax. You should really try yoga!!!! Please. Nothing crazy just beginner type yoga. And go on a walk everyday for 30 min! ❤️

  • Scales can be off if they’re not completely level too

  • Trisha: "yeah but i knew i was being a bitch"..... trisha 2 mins later: "i didn't know any better!"

  • trisha looks soooo good in that pink outfit!!!!

  • It pains me how little they know about the Keto diet, its not just a meat diet or just junk food. You can still eat what normal people consider healthy, ie salads and etc. You just need to make sure you are limiting your carbs. You can also substitute bread items for Carbquick(allows you to make pizza bread, pancakes, waffles, biscuits and etc), or swap buns for lettuce and etc. You just need to still be smart on the diet, no diet is a just do it and forget it type of diet.

  • Losing weight takes a fair bit of time, like Zack said its fake news with the scale dont pay attention to it do your thang over time will see better results. Its one of the hardest things Ethan also inspired me to excerise more and it aint easy, why do you think the supplments and cheat codes are out there. Ethan is looking better and more thin keep it up. :) <3 papa Bless

  • Best podcast out there

  • this didn’t age well

  • Hula is planking with no shoes on that’s extra hard

  • The fashion segment is literally children showing their art projects to their proud parents. Im here for it.

  • jeez what is the need for all the fat jokes and comments on her weight, it clearly hurts her

  • Hi Ethan. TLDR: 1.set small silly sounding goals at first that u know u can keep.. 2.find healthy snacks you enjoy that wont devastate your food intake for for day if u need to binge 3. Physical activities that u enjoy that u can do everyday are key. I wanted to take a second and share some tips I've learned through losing 100+ pounds. I don't diet and I never went on any diet during my path. I chose to focus on my mental health as my 1st step and as my 2nd I started focusing on physical activities that I like to do. I found that I like walking with my 3yr old, so we go to the trails a lot for a hike. I also found that I really like hot yoga. I had to change my schedule to allow myself to have the time to make my health a priority. Also start with little steps and creating goals you can keep. I'm going to lose X amount of weight by this time is unrealistic because our bodies just don't work that way. Something like this week I'm going to park in the furthest parking spot at all the places I have to go is much more attainable because you have the controlin that situation. The next week can you park far away and take the stairs the whole week too? If that feels too big dial it back, feels to small add another step. For myself it was a mindset change because I got so devastated looking at the scale for years. I know that I emotionally eat when I'm stressed out...I still binge eat when I'm stressed but I started to recognize when I was doing it (bored and tired and were two constants) and I found snacks that better suit that time frame. Green beans are fave and a surprising okay treat was beef Jerky! It takes a long time to chew and can be fairly low cal. For myself oral fixations play a role so increasing gum chewing helped. Let me chew some gum before I get a snack and 80% of the time I forgot I was hungry because I wasn't hungry I was bored and stressed so my panic took over and eating is comforting. I also started doing half portions I would fill my plate then put half of it back because if I'm still hungry after I eat this half the other half is right there. I am safe and my food is right there if I'm still hungry after this and everything is okay. You need food, you need to be able to have a cookie and not feel guilty about it because it's not maintainable to keep a full diet forever. In order to lose weight and stay healthy it's an everyday thing and it's extremely easy to become overwhelmed by the thought of that. It also took a lot of acceptance of this is my body it looks what it looks like and that doesn't matter. Taking care of it is what matters, is this choice one that is helping my health or hurting? is there something else I can do right now that leans more towards helping? If this helps you or anyone reading feel free to reach out I'm always happy to help!

  • I love them so much pffff

  • Trisha has that balenciaga shirt

  • Ethan I can gurantee more than half of what you have on your body right now is fast fashion sooo

  • Just wanna say Trisha definitely won the skipping competition and therefore she won the competition overall!

  • I get your point as a creator of a brand and style but if it wasn’t for this james charles drama.. i wouldn’t have known about teddy fresh. And since that “drama” i stand for you guys and teddy fresh! Big fan!!!!!!!!!

  • Was Ethan trying to pronounce Charcuterie Board?? I swear to god I watched that like 5 times in a row just dying laughing.

  • I can relate to Trish on her eating disorder. Being that person who binges/ overeats. Then also being the person who goes through periods where you eat a 200 calorie chicken breast a day and cry over the 10 calories of oil you had to put in the pan. You just cycle through losing weight and gaining it again and stay fat. Or flip flop every day and at the end of the week the amount of calories you ate evens out to a normal amount of calories per day. So, why did I starve myself and only eat 500 calories on Tuesday? Why do I make myself suffer? Why can't I just eat a normal amount every day?

  • I admit this guys behavior in his pictures seem bizarre to say the least - I don’t know who he is and I have never heard of his name; but for a large man and when he wasn’t as heavy, his feet seem like they have a nice shape-I wouldn’t say they’re horrible but they’re O. K. - I’m not sure why this person seems to attract a lot of negativity. Just seems odd.

  • I got size 14 fashion nova jeans and they fit my size 1 friend. Riddle me that

  • there were definently no legos on that shoe

  • Trisha is wrong for what she said about Willow, I know she's defending Shane but she's wrong. Willow's photo was shared with her consent, Shane was being a creep and sexualizing a photo of her as a child, it's different.

  • p

  • You got the suv too that thing is crazy expensive

  • Watch meat canyons vid about David Dobrik. Sums it tf up. Trust.

  • That creeper vehicle while they’re eating lol

  • I really wish they would do their own research on politics before bashing trump he was such a great president if they would just look into it themselves instead of listening to the media like she literally has no idea what’s going on she’s just going with the trends that makes no sense how are you woke when you don’t even know the backstory of anything like a complete idiot both of you

  • The boogie king and boogie queen

  • You can’t just “move on with the podcast” after someone with BPD starts splitting... it doesn’t work like that Ethan. You can’t joke with them or expect them to get over it so quickly. Their adrenaline literally (scientifically) takes MUCH longer to clear from their body. You need to give someone with BPD space and time to come back to baseline after being triggered and splitting.

  • 1:25:35 dude someone farted lmao

  • I loved this whole thing, and I want some cooking videos with the two of them. When they were eating at the end, and Trish said someone pulled up next to them, Moses reassured her that it was okay right away. 🥺😍 I love that.

  • I love them SOSOSOSO much

  • They should make the teddy fresh shirt a collectors item. Like each release has a different phrase for the current times so people can collect different phrases

  • I knew ian was a fellow drainer

  • I FUCKING died for Ian's

  • 26:56 moment

  • Ethan Hila Dan Ian Zack AB: nice moves, proud of you, keep it up! Good luck Ethan!

  • Here we go... It's all Trump & his supporters fault! 🙄

  • Moses makes me really uncomfortable here it just doesn't sit right with me like... I wouldn't be able to be with a person after that it would make me so insecure

  • HEY ETHAN..... THE BOOMER-RANG THING.....yeah thats how “colonization” works..... it becomes normalized after years and years for ignoring indigenous voices who are tryin to protect the their cultural ways..

  • istg trisha's voice makes me want to kick her off of the earth.

  • Having the "fear" from a hangover + anxiety + breakup = watch this shizz everytime to just have 1 hour of feeling normal/human again 😂