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WE WON BOTH OF DAVID DOBRIK'S TESLAS!!Pregleda 770 tis.Prije dan
10:27THE NIGHT SHIFT: i'm in a sticky situation...
8:31THE NIGHT SHIFT: i walked in on them...
THE NIGHT SHIFT: i walked in on them...Pregleda 2,4 mil.Prije mjesec
9:33THE NIGHT SHIFT: our strange aspen threeway
10:22THE NIGHT SHIFT: teaching lana how to golf
THE NIGHT SHIFT: teaching lana how to golfPregleda 2,6 mil.Prije mjesec
9:15THE NIGHT SHIFT: how bad is the mr. beast burger?
8:33THE NIGHT SHIFT: being lana rhoades simp for 24 hours
10:31THE NIGHT SHIFT: why logan paul quit youtube forever
10:12THE NIGHT SHIFT: we did it in the desert
THE NIGHT SHIFT: we did it in the desertPregleda 3,8 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
9:03THE NIGHT SHIFT: addressing the beef
THE NIGHT SHIFT: addressing the beefPregleda 2,2 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
7:31we broke up
we broke upPregleda 4,8 mil.Prije 4 mjeseci
9:05THE NIGHT SHIFT: she donut like my friends
THE NIGHT SHIFT: she donut like my friendsPregleda 2,2 mil.Prije 4 mjeseci
8:02THE NIGHT SHIFT: lana and logan got beef
THE NIGHT SHIFT: lana and logan got beefPregleda 2,5 mil.Prije 4 mjeseci
8:39THE NIGHT SHIFT: addressing the rumors...
THE NIGHT SHIFT: addressing the rumors...Pregleda 3 mil.Prije 5 mjeseci
8:47THE NIGHT SHIFT: we tried the best pizza in america...
9:50THE NIGHT SHIFT: home alone with stepsis
THE NIGHT SHIFT: home alone with stepsisPregleda 3 mil.Prije 5 mjeseci
8:33THE NIGHT SHIFT: lana's $50,000 birthday vacation
8:04THE NIGHT SHIFT: angry chef prank on logan paul
8:21THE NIGHT SHIFT: tana vs. lana hot dog championships
10:03THE NIGHT SHIFT: jeff wittek stole my girl (sad)
THE NIGHT SHIFT: jeff wittek stole my girl (sad)Pregleda 3,6 mil.Prije 6 mjeseci
10:19THE NIGHT SHIFT: bryce hall confronts bradley martyn
11:37THE NIGHT SHIFT: couples bathtub q+a
THE NIGHT SHIFT: couples bathtub q+aPregleda 3,5 mil.Prije 7 mjeseci
10:45THE NIGHT SHIFT: we tried chicago deep dish pizza
10:18THE NIGHT SHIFT: red hot vegas vacation
THE NIGHT SHIFT: red hot vegas vacationPregleda 4,5 mil.Prije 8 mjeseci
10:07THE NIGHT SHIFT: back to school with teanna and riley


  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Is ayla with kian?

  • 0:39 banks is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • 👀

  • The rich getting richer Now I know what that meant

  • As a Recovering addict myself,I’m 39 and a farther ov a 2 year old his mom turned to drugs and I’m haveing todo it myself,u give me so much inspiration to keep clean and robe a better person and farther everyday.I also have a channel on HRdown it helps me escape and not think about useing.keep kicking ass bro

  • Ayyyyylaaaaaa!!!

  • We come for lana,Coz she was the soul of every vlog. #no_offence

  • 4:20 minutes like david

  • Love this. Thank you Mike.

  • I feel like the fights never going to happen

  • best intro ever

  • The guy with the ego really had to let everyone know that he was giving it to his mom. That’s nice but that’s the first thing you say?

  • Ended it abruptly right on 4:20. Huge dub

  • That's it for this vlog guys see you in the next one bye bye

  • This channel is goated

  • The righteous starter emphatically injure because trombone conversantly desert pro a important handball. vagabond, raspy weapon

  • Some gta v casino spin for a car 😂

  • Love watching Logan and Banks together

  • We’re here for you Mike

  • Wowwww no more night shift....

  • Stop copying David dobriks vlog style, just be yourself.

  • This video was crazy 😂😂😂

  • 𝘄𝘁𝗳 𝘄𝗮𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁

  • Finally, the first David Dobrik vlog in 86 years

  • " if you've never had chick-fil-a then you're missing out " me who lives in Guernsey

  • Is David hiding?

  • This guy is so annoying I just don’t get it he acts like he knows everything he interrupts everyone over speaks like 🤮

    • Then why watch his videos you idiot. This Guy is a legend

  • Is he still dating Lana?

  • Only the real ones will recognize this: “boom bop bada bop boom pow” -> 3:20

  • So Happy Banks Is Back LETS GO!!!!!!

  • keep your democratic ass in LA bro

  • Bro you and banks are the greatest DUO we didnt know we needed, you have me dying!!

  • Fake David dobrik wasn't there

    • Didn't you realize it was clickbait?

  • Mike should look up George Motz and his burger show and books.



  • two of my favorite eskimo bros!

  • Do fouseyss youtube crib tour now!!! Loll

  • this was definitely my favorite vlog so far

  • no way taav won 🤣🤣🤣

  • I love how banks just doesn’t give a fuck 🤣😂🤣😂

  • That didn’t even feel like 11 minutes. Mike knows how to make great content, peace.

  • The sign look nice. And het your self a proper car,one u fit in... Like an Audi Q5 BMW X6 or something

  • Ummm...so no outro?

  • Is it just me or did anyone see mold on Ayla's bun? 8:15

  • How is he editing the video that we're watching 😳😳😳

  • The fact my boys have gotten away with home robbery n shi from a mf paddle boat😭😭😭😂

  • Mike is a yes man 2 to 2 younger men

  • The first 1:08 of this video gave me flashbacks to 2018! xD

  • Welp this channel sucks now

  • Influencers they call themselves...... What a bunch of losers😒😒

    • Rich losers u meant? 😂😂😂

  • Mike clearly knows nothing about man made lakes and filtration

  • Vlog #69. Niceeeeee

  • There is a REALLY GOOD burger place in Paryville, Mo it is call maryjanes and they have all kinds of burger to choose from I think it is better than shake shack I think u should try it some time

  • dam i just left pr

  • dam i just left pr

  • Just not as good with no Lana Rhodes

  • What a coincidence how Mike says he does really well with the crowd and a year later he has a whole relationship with Lana that’s cool

  • No Lana No Thanks

  • Ironic he made it david Dobrik time

  • Hey Mike, you should try any of the burgers at newts in Rochester MN.

  • This was an amazing video

  • Banks is a natural at youtube thumbnails 😂😂

  • Yo we missed ayla

  • is mike the new david?

  • Memories from Logan 2017 vlogs. Those vlogs were magical

  • rip mikes channel

  • Why they actin like 1/36 is super improbable?


  • legendary bluechew ad lol

  • Wow 2 people who are more than well pff won teslas!! Wow congrats

  • LMAO ima start using that portfolio line thanks Logan

  • that was the worst ending of a video ive ever seen...and just for everyone saying "nice nod to david with the 4:20"... if anybody actually watches his vlogs there almost 90 of them are 4:21

  • I can feel this Vlog haha i feel it in my jellies!! les goooo

  • What's the case or accesorie that Logan have in their phone?

  • That's not a mullet girl logan is going bald

  • I was actually confused when the intro sound came on lol.

  • It would be nice if that app actually worked

  • Ending is too abrupt. I want my money back. Not gonna pay for this smh