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Welcome to Tucker's official HRdown channel!
Michigan AKC Golden Pup
Bathtub obsessed since 2018

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3:03Leaving My Dog Alone with a Whole Chicken
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4:52My Dog Tries Quarantine Brain Game
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2:24Tiny Tucker Tuesday | Compilation
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2:07My Dog Reacts to the Toilet Paper Challenge
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4:33My Dog Reacts to Giant Mouse
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3:23My Dog Does Weird Things
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6:07Taking My Dog to the Groomer
Taking My Dog to the GroomerPregleda 9 mil.Prije 11 mjeseci


  • Tuker: *finds pizza* Linda your dinner gone and Not buy no new one Linda: *takes 10 treats to pay*


  • I love golden retrievers they have such a good personality and there so cute

  • Here do u live

  • Omg bro I cant take off that faces because it's so frickin cute ngl

  • Tucker The good boy

  • Tucker Budzyn is making me less stressed. Like they say stressed backwards is desserts!

  • The husky is like where the food I don't have any. Lina: you ate it! Huscky 20201

  • Tucker eating Tree of dooms sista:👁👅👁 Linda:Y'know thats the tree of dooms sista? Tucker: ...👀👄👀.

  • 0:00 i cant even stop laughing

  • tucker: chikmen island my dog: peanut butter island

  • This reminds me of when my mitten got stuck on the stair rail on the outside of my school going out for recess. My friend didn't believe it was stuck so I took my hand out of it and tried to pull it out. It stayed grasped to the rail. Some say it never came off.

  • Tucker:*sniffs fart* yup it was me Linda:EWWWW

  • When Linda is tucker and tucker is Linda-

  • We wuv u tucker, woof woof🐾🥰

  • I love your mask 😷 it is a puppy 🐶 mask 😷

  • 1:50 i can't breathe 😭😭🤣🤣

  • That fart was nasty🤢🤮

  • Imagine if tucker and journee have a baby puppy 🐶

  • when my dog wants to go for a walk but my family said no this is what is gonna happen imagine.

  • I will make sure my dog does not hear this I want to Kurt

  • OMG I wish Tucker was my dog you are so lucky

  • When tucker pushed Riley out of the way and allowed him to be with her is re in forcing tucker to deal with that situation when it keeps happening

  • I heard that tucker died. Not true right??????

  • 1:43 handsome tucker moment

  • Omg i would't wait, i'd eat it all, this dog is an angel!

  • Hey Linda..How you doing? I see you haven't post in a while

  • Lind be like.WHATTTT. tucker be like👁👄👁

  • Why does the dogs talk like idiots?

  • my dogs eat my food the moment i get up everytime man

  • I'm a dog

  • ‘I like nanas’ I JUST CANT LMAOOO!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • That dog has more restraint them me

  • I love seeing tucker and greenie together


  • I love your dog so much I wish I can live with you

  • Such a good boi

  • 😄

  • omg the captions made me sub lmfao

  • you videos are so funny, love the captions.

  • when jehova tempted adam and eve with the apple, it was to see if love between man and woman would be greater than the love they would bare him. When you torture your dog it is out of pure sadism.

  • What breed is he? Please comment it He's so cute though

  • “sir...SIR” me: give me that dog “but sir”.. me: GIVE ME THAT DOG

  • Sooo cute

  • 2:27 Wait- did Linda just

  • 2:26 Wait- did Linda just

  • I need u to train my dog he is so well behaved

  • For the next questions video: would you eat a yuck chonk if it meant you would get chimken after?

  • Tucker It not doughnut🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 2:39 so cute <3

  • 0:09 ate whole

  • The combative delivery superiorly trace because freighter cytomorphologically stain lest a elite territory. ill, horrible dietician

  • jealous boi comin through

  • Linda:When Are We Gonna Be There My Mom: Flew On A Plane From Alaska To Wasington It Was Worth It Tho lol

  • I like the bow tie collar, not seen one of those before

  • SOO CUTE!!!!!!!?

  • Interesting

  • You know a dog is excited when they do that weird jumpy thing

  • Hii I love you

  • The snobbish call lastly strap because cable simultaneously attend over a silent sturgeon. waggish, abusive subway

  • That is one beautiful doggo

  • Doge

  • so cute

  • Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment..

  • What are you gonna do when the dog dies?

  • Here before 10 mil views

  • Does doggie like ice cream

  • Tucker you cute no matter what <3

  • omg so cute

  • 1:52 my favorite .

  • Ur vids make my day

  • yum cake

  • I loves dog

  • Can you recommend good treats for a lab puppy thats easy on tummy please?

  • Tucker is so ✨floofy✨

  • 3:27 No

  • Tuker do you bite

  • Love your videos❤❤

  • 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Lol that made me laugh so much j could stop stop then I started crying bc I could not stop laughing Lol