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  • Узб терма жамосидан яхши уйнар экан

  • EL Tel ❤

  • 1:05 marcus:mmh tsfnsmn

  • عشق منی بهترین بودی بهترین

  • a ljubava delaet tak aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

  • For real though, some of these assists were literally served on a golden platter. M.O. basically had to tap it in lol

  • what is that black thing on them shirt

  • hrdown.info/block/video/j59ljtxtd9l5bNE pikachu drawing

  • Lol did they really choose american over everything else wat even 🤣🤣

  • 10 goals scored in friendlies...

  • Chillwell is mad hot though

  • Y’alright neymar ye sunny innit

  • The Argentina goal doesn’t even make the top 10?! You need a Snickers.

  • My babies doing awesome in prem rynna🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • ini pemain kalau gak rentan cedera bakal jadi striker paling mematikan sepanjang sejarah sepak bola.. Speed kenceng, dribiling oke, penyelesaiannya TOP

  • Pope popeye

  • Where Owen 2002 goal to brazil? 🤔

  • is VAR is not available clear handball by maguire should be given penalty to Poland !!!!

  • This kid is just great

  • what was ths score when he perfomed that scorpion kick. i believed colombia had lead at least 4 nill

  • Gerrard & Beckham passing were so accurate

  • 2:45 🤣🤣🤣 "Yo alright neymar yeah sunny innit"

  • At least we lost 3-0 to the team that won the World Cup, right? Right?

  • Does Sancho normally talk like a drunkard

  • Not even close to his top ten! Disappointed with lack of research

  • Next mission impossible: Maradona top 10 goals without the goal to England.

  • No to the super league

  • Adidas England kits? They looked awful

  • Rip football

  • No point in playing a game if you can't have fun with it!