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Thanks for checking out the channel! My name's Cam and this tennis channel is your best source for all news about the ATP \u0026 WTA Tour. We do live stream reactions of tennis matches throughout the year, including all four Grand Slams (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open) and watch the best tennis players in the world including Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Simona Halep and Naomi Osaka!


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  • 🏆. I Remember 2007 montreal final against roger it was a mind boggling performance I knew he would have a lot of success in tennis 🎾 i fell in love in that match . Then watching him lose in the us open final 2007 against roger which it was the last and only loss in a grand slam final against roger I knees he would be a real contender knowing that by the end of 2010 roger had already 16 grand slams Rafa 9 under his belt and he only had 1 . It seemed miles away from catching them, but I still believe that little by little he would become better and better , he knew the road to success is thru commitment and work harder . Now after 14 years since that match it's absolutely scintillating and astonishing what he's achieved . A real role model a warrior for our sport! Congrats nole you deserve this and much more ! Thanks for inspiring us to believe that our dreams can come true!!

  • Plis Rafa take this title for golden masters plisss!!! Only Miami,Shanghái and París for golden. Vamosss Rafaaaaaaaaaaa

  • The press tried to paint Federer as the god of tennis like they did Pele (football)....but to their disappointment Rafa and Novak have their own ideas and plans likey 😋😋

  • The real GOAT. More records to be broken this year.

  • Roger is back

  • Madison is dangerous.

  • 👕 311 KING MERCH ➤

  • The Covid Rules have skewed the rankings. For example, players like Kenin, who lost in the 2nd round of the Australian Open, would have lost a huge number of points under the regular rules. This year, she got to keep her points (from winning the year before) with no penalty for her early loss. You have many players who are ranked too high and others who should be ranked higher. Halep, Kenin, Svitolina, Pliskova, Andreescu, Bertens, Bencic, Konta, Martic, and Riske are ranked too high. Osaka should be at #1. Others who should be ranked higher are; Sabalenka, Kvitova, Brady, Azarenka, Swiatek, Muguruza, and Muchova. Last week, Sabalenka had to play Muguruza in the 2nd round which was ridiculous. It was a great 3 set match. By the way, without the horrible windy conditions in the final, it would have been much closer IMO. Osaka played great in the Australian Open, yet Muguruza came within a hair of beating her. Swiatek, Muguruza and Sabalenka are three of the hottest and best players on the tour, yet they are in the same quarter of the draw.......again, ridiculous. You have players like Svitolina and Pliskova with easier draws because of this farcical ranking system that has kept weaker players near the top.

  • Kvitova was so sharp against Muguruza in last weeks final. I'll bet Petra will win two tournaments back to back.

  • 👏👏😀 Congrats to Đoković !! 🎾

  • Novak is rewriting the tennis history!! Sadly there are people that somehow, thinks that tennis is just about slams and pull out the " Federer and Nadal has 20 slams, Nadal has Olympic gold medal" card to not acknowledge what Nole is doing. Why can't people just acknowledge all 3 of them are great? They all have their own personality, they all are great in their own way, so why dont we all just appreciate what all of them have done to the tennis world?

  • Roger Federer had 12+ grand slams when Novak Đoković had only one :)

  • Is there any doubt anymore who is the GOAT???? Not for me! Federer and Nadal can only dream of this, their fans too! Yes im a Serb and Novak Djokovic fan but shame on all of you who are saying bad words for Novak, that is pure jealousy and hatred! Those are kind of people who first dont like themselves and than everyone other... Congratulation to NOVAK DJOKOVIC greatest player of tennis ever...

  • I don’t acknowledge him breaking Federer’s weeks at #1 being that there was no tennis for about 52 weeks. He didn’t have to defend his title for any events that happened in 2020 after AO so there’s no saying what could’ve happened. It’s like Simona Halep holding her Wimbledon title for two years because she didn’t have to defend it in 2020. We don’t even know how tennis will be handled for 2021 since so many areas are struggling to keep their numbers down or in order. The vaccines are not available everywhere and it’s a process. This is BOGUS and should NOT be added since we all know tennis was on a major hiatus last year!!

    • @Guru K LOL! Looking forward to how things go if more players come to these tournaments. I miss seeing Andy and Delpo playing. Hoping that Stan is able to play more too. I appreciate the competition on both the ATP/WTA sides. I would like to see RF win two more Wimbledon’s before he retires and I know that the older he gets and the more he is coming back from injuries that is less likely to happen. I will still put it out there in the universe. I hope that Serena wins 3 more GS’s, Stan and Andy wins 5 more each and Delpo gets 3 more. Note those numbers are all based on minimum lol.

    • @iamdalibor Novak made the decision to hit that ball in anger that ended up hitting the line person. That is the rule and he has to deal with that. If any player did that, they deal with the rules. I don’t see anything unfair about that. What I will say is the woman seemed to overplay how hard it hit her and that’s only my opinion. I was not the person who got hit so I don’t know if it was truly a natural response. Rafa chose not to go to the US Open for his health purposes which I found strange since he went to AO where they allowed the crowd to be there though it was limited. Granted the country was shutdown but that doesn’t make the virus go away. People ended up testing positive in route to the tournament and a hotel worker tested positive where in NYC not one worker tested positive at the hotels or any players team test positive in route (please correct me if I’m wrong). Yet so many players chose not to come to the US Open and it impacted the game. One will never know.

    • @PlantĒne Charlene at no point I gave you my opinion, why do you keep insisting I did. Like I said before if you want to disprove anything I said, you can do so, but you haven't, so why do you continue arguing?

    • @Sergio Sarmiento listen because I see I have to say this in a way I have not already. I DONT CARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE ARE FACTS! I say to you I don’t acknowledge it PERIOD! Really don’t know why you felt you were going to school me on “your definition of facts!” What the ATP decides is a choice based on how they see it. It could’ve easily gone a different way. Would that make the current decision untrue? See what you fail to realize is that what a room of people that make decisions for whatever reason they feel works for them doesn’t make it a fact per se, what it makes is a decision based on their thoughts and that’s it. I don’t give a flying tootle fruity if they said they would count the entire year. It doesn’t negate from the FACT that we don’t know if he would’ve remained #1 in 2020 if COVID never happened. Period and that’s a FACT!! Working with what is doesn’t make for what we don’t know. No one will ever know the answer to what didn’t happen. Now with that being said, let’s move on because I’m over this convo. If you choose to speak on it further FACT is I will choose whether or not it’s worth my time. Please let it go. Remember, you chose to respond to my post when you could’ve kept your opinion to yourself. I didn’t ask you anything so I’ll end this response with that!

    • @PlantĒne Charlene agreed.. rafa and rogergott freebies.. lucky bastards !!! 🤣

  • I pick Rublev too

  • Respect

  • Yes. To all.

  • People love to think think that only the Slams are deciding the best. But it's a lot easier to win a couple of slams then to became and sustain the number one spot over the years. Because in order to do that you have to win the most tournaments (incl. Slams) anyway.

  • Great. Nole is absolutely fantastic. Of course he had all the weeks of 2020 relatively free cos of the plandemic but hey no one was going to take that number 1 anyway

    • @Max its true

    • @Max Ok but this record now he has, 311 weeks and counting... I think it’s almost impossible for Federer to even dream of getting it back and Rafa is so many weeks behind the 311 that we can say already now that Nole will be unsurpassed in this category during at least the next 10 years. Who knows if someone will break it but that will not be Rafa or Roger but some boy that now has maybe 5 or 6 years and will become a champ withing 10 or 15 next so we’re talking 2030-35 and then he must start to dominate during 10 years and achieve 312 weeks at nr.1 position so we’re talking he can achieve that around the year 2040!!!! Conclusion: Nole will be a legendary record holder for at least 20 more years. Quite astonishing to say the least.

    • Actually he got robbed a good couple weeks because of the pandemic, weeks during the suspension did NOT count, and there's every reason to think he would have kept that No. 1 spot with the way he was playing.

    • @Alex 0ut-Of-Magic no problem

    • @Sergio Sarmiento ok I didn’t the counting was stopped for a certain time. Thank you for the info

  • Federer is the greatest whether they break or not because of his style and elegance

    • Ohh 😮 ahhh yes... he can excel at being a fashionista designer, he so very stylish and do you see his little twinkle toes floating on air like a ballerina... He will always be “the great Roger Federer” for just that two very reasons... When Novak smashes all his records, that’s the pitiful reason why some will never admit to Novak as the true Goat! pathetic excuses!

    • In your dreams

    • Ha haaaaa !! Nice joke.

  • A sad day for tennis

  • The guy has been so overshadowed by the media and the fans compared to Fedal that what this information means is not that intuitive to grasp yet: Novak Djokovic has been the best tennis player in the world for the longest time in history. He has now dominated longer than anyone before ever has. This record alone guarantees him at least the shared GOAT spot (which definitely won't be shared if he overtakes Fedal in GS titles)

    • @Pavle Nikacevic what is ELO ratings

    • @Pavle Nikacevic Exactly when it's actually one of the most objective measure you can find out there, yet it's almost never even mentioned in debates about who's the best player...

    • @Max yeah, unfortunately a lot of people have no idea what the Elo rating is

    • It most definitely does especially combined with his winning record against both Nadal and Federer, golden masters and most underrated and not talked about enough even by Djokovic fans IMO, the fact that he has the highest ELO rating ever achieved.

  • Novak rewriting the history book- we are just about to say that he is the greatest of all time.

  • Grand slams decides Goat

    • ?? So your tennis calendar only consist 4 tournament?

    • Thats why next gen cant wins GS yet, u must be the best and u must win seven times in two weeks in hardest competition, thats why GS is main thing to count, cus its toughest thing to do in tennis.

    • @mitrovic slobodan ,I do not agree. It is when you count all together.

    • Agree, this is a great achivement, but when show goes to end, number of GS's will be a main thing, but since im rooting for Novak im not conserted about that, its just a mather of time.

    • Really?

  • The real question is whoever gets the most grand slams. It will probably be Novak or Rafa because I can see Rafa winning more Rolland Garros and djoko winning more ao’s

  • 400+ By the time he retires!

    • Catch me if you can 😁😁😁

  • Djokovic2021 and federer 2015 when both were in the age 33 after the australian open Grandslam titles=18/17 Weeks at no.1= 310/302 Atp finals= 5/6 Big titles = 59/47 TOP 10 wins= 218/197 Career Grandslam 1st seedings= 25/23 Titles= 82/83 Gandslam matches wins= 303/281

    • So basically Djokovic outpaces him in every single one of those stats, aside from ATP final titles count and is only one behind in overall titles count! Lol So even all those useless ATP250, 500 titles that he won couldn’t hold Djokovic off from nearly catching up with him, when they are both at the same age...curious to see how things will look 5-6 years from now! Lol If Djokovic stays healthy and in top shape as well as assuming he will still be playing long enough to reach Federer’s current age it’ll make all the Federer’s current stats look silly! Lmao

  • Fed Fans, don't be upset! Fed can still be number one if he is fit

    • Ofcorse i have, so dont be a biased taliban, just enjoy in best 3 off all time, im rooting for Novak, but when times come, i know i will mis Nadal and even Fed, this was a awesome journey for all thrue tennis fans.

    • @mitrovic slobodan you have a point

    • Roger aiming the Wimby, thats hes only chance to do some before retirement, and only logic goal, anything else is irelevant for him.

    • @Francisco Esteves but who knows, if he is not fit he may also have to drop down to playing challenger level events. So you never know.

    • @Francisco Esteves well let's see. If he wins Qatar, that is a sign of big things to come.

  • Djokovic second era stardet since wimbl2018. Djokovic won from the last 10 grandslams tournament = 6 grandslams and he was since wimbl2018=88 weeks at no.1 again..... When federer era started wimbledon 2003, roger won from the next 10 grandslams tournament from wimbl2003 until us open 2005 = 6 grandslams titles and was 84 weeksat no1 in that time. Now everybody should remember federer greatness after the us open 2005 title... AND EVERBODY should now understand how big is novak archievement since wimbledon 2018...i mean even his 1 era from 2011-16 was amazing and now novak create a second era.

  • Rafa Nadal: "Umballeebabble.." :-)

  • Nole legend

  • So unfortunate :c

  • Coric did not make the Rotterdam final, but he is in good form.

  • Kvitova is gonna win

  • Federer is gonna win

  • You can never pick a winner from women's Tennis. Top players are not consistent at all.

  • Iga swiatek

  • I don't see what can motivate Rublev on that one. I think he'll keep his strength for Dubaï and Miami.

  • I hope it's not too serious and we'll see Andreesu soon. She may need to reduce the tournaments this year.

  • Pegula

  • Perhaps Federer is taking it slow, doesn't want to play too many tournaments - or not ready to play the bigger ones. Doha will be telling.

  • Someone (from the top ten like anyone else ) always pulls out. It will not be a surprise.

  • In the running: kvitova, saba, switek. I would say mugu too but shes playing very well but shes not closing it out. Final....Kviitova and Switek.

    • Kvitova, Sabalenka, Swiatek and Muguruza are 4 of the hottest and best players on the tour right now. Mugu and Kvitova would have been much closer had they not played in a wind storm. Sabalenka, Swiatek and Muguruza should not be in the same quarter of the draw. This is ridiculous, while weaker players have it much easier.

  • I pick Federer to win but he could lose too seeing he hasn’t played a tour match in more than a year

  • Vika or iga for the win 💛

  • Keys will make it out of the top quarter of the draw. She just killed Bencic and she’s beaten Svitolina too

  • Probably why they did it. Don't think they care about anyone else.

  • federer is back and he is winning

  • Iga. She won tournament in Adelaide just a week ago and she had time to rest and charge her batteries.

    • I like her however, she needs to put the ball in play.

  • Rublev The winner.

  • The Dark Lord Is Back

  • In India which channel will broad cast???

  • Tsitsipas is playing?

    • No Tsisipast playing in open 13 in Marseille for this week.

  • well.. another title for Rublev

  • Talk less

  • You are useless guy

  • Iga vs Garbine 👌 i wish to See this💪

  • hope thiem wins

  • Rublev or Thiem

  • King Federer 🤴 will win this tournament

  • still Muguruza is hungry !! 🤗

  • Rublev federer final, and it’s almost 50/50, but i reckon fed can topple rublev

  • I think rublev going to win

  • wait coric made the rotterdam final, its fucsovics

    • Yeh I think Cam meant to say Semi Final. :)

  • If Rublev wins Rotterdam today, doha, dubai and then Miami he eill get atleast number 4 i think

    • you think he is gonna win doha, dubai and miami?

    • Don't think he has stamina for that