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I drink and I say things. I'm here to deliver reviews, breakdowns and analysis on modern entertainment media. Expect a healthy dose of sarcasm, biting criticism and low-functioning alcoholism.

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9:29Enola Holmes - Fanciful, Forgettable Fluff
10:57Logan - The Perfect X-Men Movie
Logan - The Perfect X-Men MoviePregleda 426 tis.Prije 8 dana
8:09Cruella - Everything Wrong With Disney
Cruella - Everything Wrong With DisneyPregleda 813 tis.Prije 8 dana
4:47The Girl Who Wouldn't Back Down
16:13Why The Hobbit Sucks
Why The Hobbit SucksPregleda 707 tis.
13:05Production Hell - Superman Lives
Production Hell - Superman LivesPregleda 498 tis.Prije mjesec
7:54Godzilla vs Kong Trailer - Hilarious Insanity
10:38Batwoman Season 2 Episode 1 - Hilariously Awful
14:36What Happened To Our Villains?
What Happened To Our Villains?Pregleda 983 tis.Prije mjesec
9:59The Drinker Recommends... The Expanse
The Drinker Recommends... The ExpansePregleda 396 tis.Prije mjesec
7:51War At Lucasfilm - One Side MUST Win
War At Lucasfilm - One Side MUST WinPregleda 776 tis.Prije mjesec
9:09The 13th Doctor - A Legacy Of Failure
The 13th Doctor - A Legacy Of FailurePregleda 873 tis.Prije mjesec
7:59The Drinker Reviews 2020
The Drinker Reviews 2020Pregleda 362 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
21:04Wonder Woman 1984 - A Ridiculous Disaster
Wonder Woman 1984 - A Ridiculous DisasterPregleda 2,3 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
18:30The Mandalorian Season 2 - Fun But Formulaic
The Mandalorian Season 2 - Fun But FormulaicPregleda 376 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
11:52Drinker's Christmas Crackers - It's a Wonderful Life
7:35How To Be The Bestest Journalism Ever
How To Be The Bestest Journalism EverPregleda 533 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
11:48Drinker's Christmas Crackers - Die Hard
Drinker's Christmas Crackers - Die HardPregleda 298 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
7:20Why Do We Need Heroes?
Why Do We Need Heroes?Pregleda 811 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
10:47The Lighthouse - Glorious Insanity
The Lighthouse - Glorious InsanityPregleda 335 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
16:40The Dark Knight Rises - Flawed And Frustrating
The Dark Knight Rises - Flawed And FrustratingPregleda 537 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
6:19Looks Like Wonder Woman 1984 Is Going To Flop
Looks Like Wonder Woman 1984 Is Going To FlopPregleda 628 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
12:51The Drinker Recommends... Fight Club
The Drinker Recommends... Fight ClubPregleda 352 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
10:13Annihilation - It's Dumber Than You Think
Annihilation - It's Dumber Than You ThinkPregleda 687 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
8:59Star Trek Discovery - The Gift That Keeps On Giving
20:28The Drinker Fixes... Finn
The Drinker Fixes... FinnPregleda 576 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
11:16Horrifyingly Average - The Haunting of Bly Manor
Horrifyingly Average - The Haunting of Bly ManorPregleda 227 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci


  • You're brilliant! They NEED to redo episodes 7, 8 and 9 with you in the director's chair.

  • They had Henry Cavill signed to play Sherlock Holmes, the most famous detective in fiction besides Batman, and yet the focus of the film was on the titular character of a fanfiction novel series. Amazing.

  • Anyone can be Batgirl if they have the suit. No martial art training required

  • Damn it Henry what are you doing here?!

  • "Creepy Weirdo Guy?" DUDE! That is Karl Fookin' Tanner! The Legend of Gin Alley! Drinking wine from the skull of Jeor Fookin' Mormont!

  • Hey guys! Did you know Ellie is gay? Yea! In a world of chaos and anarchy where humanity is struggling to hold on by their fingernails, the one ray of shining hope we have left is that one of the characters is gay! We're so lucky.....

  • A year later, I think most of us can agree that KF has done a fair job with what he's had

  • Disney be like "Welcome to zootopia, where anyone can be anything." Tyrion: 🤮

  • This movie was actually really good but you have a real propensity for making any movie look like shit, Drinker

  • Honestly her sexist older vrother was the most likable character in the film *sees book* "Ugh, feminism" Based.

  • All of your gay boy shows are over. Time to turn the propaganda tube off and developed a personality by reading books.

  • Moffat must be rollin’ in his grave, and dude’s still living

  • This film goes to show that woke people aren’t good at anything

  • This episode has the most aggressive "Go Away Now" I've ever heard

  • Yep, one of the worst movies I ever saw. I have heard that the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has filed suit. I hope they win their case against the author of this series and the producers of the movie.

  • This guy's description of the overblown SFX and pointless filler in the Hobbit is actually a good description of how Jackson ruined the original brilliant LotR books. Go back and watch it, 50% invented by Jacko and his crew, on a massive special effects ego trip. A total mis interpretation/mis understanding of JRRs intentions, he hated violence, not revelled in it!

  • She has more plastic surgery than Michael Jackson. I'll stick with Wanda

  • The answer to this nonsense is to buckle down and have some discipline and STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS. Stop making Disney movies the insta blockbusters that they always are. Stop buying their bullshit ideology. When the corporate boards realize that backing this toxic ideology is costing them money they will reverse course, I guarantee it. How many of you are willing to simply walk away from Hollywood for a year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years if necessary? Or forever, if they simply won't stop producing and spreading this toxic ideology? I promise you your kids can live without Disney. You can live without Disney. There are plenty of great things you can do without them. They (the Critical Race Theory, Identity Politics, SJW crowd) intend to destroy you and your society and your culture. And they aren't going to replace it with anything but chaos and anarchy. Fight them. Or enjoy the hell you will live in.

  • I'm Bond... JANE... BOND...

  • SJW's want to destroy the society that has taken 2600 years to build. Beside the obvious problems with that... They also have no idea what they'd replace it with if they are successful. Which means we're GOING to fall into chaos and anarchy when they are done and get their way. Guess what comes with chaos and anarchy? Strong amoral men who don't give a fuck about you or your feelings are going to rape and kill their way across the world doing as much damage as they can do and there won't be any 911 you can call to stop them. This is why I call the whole critical race theory, SJW, BLM, Identity Politics movement - Civilization Ending Mind Virus. And they must be fought at every moment and they must be defeated.

  • get roasted!

  • Androgynous-Girl didn't come from the future. She came from the nearby college where she worked as a janitor. The sorority feminist-club decided that she is the saviour of woman-kind and bullied her into accepting.

  • I cancelled Netflix. I just....cannot support them anymore. Even though they’ve introduced another price hike, they’ve not been making good decisions when it comes to their content. As a result their “originals” feel uninteresting and boring and feel like they didn’t care about what they were writing as long as it catered to a certain agenda. Two shows that didn’t do this were Maniac and Russian Doll. Both don’t have any political agendas and as a result, they were both critically acclaimed by BOTH critics and audiences because they simply wrote something interesting without stepping on anyone else. That’s it. That’s all they did. To be honest, I was not excited for Enola Holmes from the trailer alone when it mentioned Tewksbury as “a useless boy”. And then I saw the movie and my doubts were confirmed. To its credit though, it does start off promising but falls apart at the seams when Enola runs away.

  • as you told before, cannot hit women in movies anymore, but kristan something punches Patrick Stewart and Captain Marvel punches an old lady, what is up with hitting old people, where are the activists?

  • Glenrothes never thought I’d hear that name again

  • Lando's fucking piloting days are over, eh? FUCK OFF, FILM!

  • I just waited for Jar-Jar Binks to show up with a good explaination how he fits in the movie.

  • Brilliant.and True 🙂👌

  • Churchill tried to go ashore in the first wave...

  • meh, it was pretty lackluster but its the kinda film I will show my daughter when I have one just so she can see an original female character thats good at something

  • LOL nice...I agree...I re-read the novels before going to the LTG and Hobbit...with the Hobbit throughout the movie I was thinking to myself...that's not right, that's not in the book...what the hel...yep you said it your video breakdowns btw.

  • The only remotely 'good' female centric modern film that I've seen recently, in my opinion, is the Tomb Raider movie with Alicia Vikander. Now, it wasn't a very good film but it was quite cool in its politics. For example, in one scene, a guy steals something form lara and jumps from a really huge height. Lara, instead doing the same thing, finds an alternate route to catch up with the thief. That is some writing. There are often a lot of times where Lara is shown to be vulnerable, weak, and emotional, something we don't often see a lot with these movies.

  • Kylo Ren was amazing for 2 minutes.

  • Drinker we need an analysis of the Without Remorse trailer and how the film is using none of its awesome source material.

  • He wasn't "trained to be a merciless killing machine", according to his own words he was "just a janitor" which makes it even worse...

  • Where did he learn to negotiate?

  • 1:08 strong and independent like in real life, let the cringe fest begin buuu huuu

  • Zedenya or whatever that hobgoblin’s name is, her agent must have some dirt on these film producers. I’ve literally never seen an actress as untalented and unattractive as her.

  • CD turns sarcasm in to an art form. With him it is ALWAYS the HIGHEST form of wit.

  • If you don't like disney we don't love you

  • Only way I'd watch this shit is through Critical Drinker glasses.

  • I haven't read all 5.8k comments but still haven't seen one attesting to the fact that MBB is cute'r than a bug's ear even if the show is craptastic on so many levels. 🐞

  • This is quickly becoming my favorite channel on HRdown.

  • Who didn't like it? I loved this movie.

  • Emilia Watson >>>> Ebola Holmes

  • Were you..were you... sober while making this?!?!

  • All black basketball team, all black tv show, all black movies... diversity. Mostly white soccer team, mostly white tv show, mostly white movies... racist.

  • Ellie was gay in the first game, but they rlly unnecessarily push it in the second one which doesn’t even matter because of the ending

  • Mark Strong. Did I see you? Are you in this movie? Dude, sir, why? If not, good.

  • It's cool and humanising when Joker does it but when it's Cruella, y'all suddenly get angry. Like shut tf up dudes lol

  • Everyone got a plan until Gina Carano punch them in the mouth

  • Kathleen palpatine playing both sides destroys george lucas films single handedly

  • This was pretty terrible along with the other Space crap he liked.

  • In my opinion, nearly all the criticisms you are making about the Hobbit are the same remarks I would have about the LOTR trilogy. LOTR was quite boring, lots of pointless scenes, and ridiculous over-the-top fight scenes that lacked any tension, meaningless characters and subplots that went nowhere. The main characters in LOTR were bumbling idiots that just stumbled into things in various scenes and became very annoying. Is it possible you are just a bit older when watching these movies (which I have never watched as a I disliked LOTR).

  • I am surprised you have yet to review cuties. Cannot believe that film even got approved

  • Dude... I am a new subscriber. This was beautiful. I lost faith in star wars after the first Disney movie. But after watching (and laughing my ass off) at you're critical drink thoughts, I dove into this. I genuinely appreciate you're fix. Thank you

  • season 4 and 5 is complete garbage

  • I mean, it's the✨ aesthetic ✨ thats matter right?

  • Did y'all know that ellie is gay

  • I didn’t finish watching the whole video, because this shit movie doesn’t interest me. But did I leave a like.

  • MBB is a worse actor than Godzilla.

  • Yea...just saw it. And it's true after all the praises, it was basically just another monster movie. And then with the alien at the end was rather unprofound. The alien doesn't know what they Hell it wants! I'm not kidding, that is the concept! You are left thinking "what was the point of that?".

  • Wait Henry cavill

  • You know its funny anytime I make this argument there are people who say something like "it's just a game man don't take it too seriously". I look back at them and ask if that's the case then why did they need to change it, because if its just a game there would be no need to add this bullshit into it. If it doesn't matter to you why did you bother to tell me that or moreover why did you continue listening to the conversation. They always have nothing to say after that

  • 11 in the thumbnail

  • Hard to think this video was made by the same legendary drinker we know and love today (early 2021) then again who hasn’t become a drunk since 2018..

  • I live across the street from that house in Budapest where that was filmed 😃 Unfortunately I moved here after they’d finished filming 😔

  • In the original it was the huns. The mongols do make more sense though. But a witch? Not to mention that the original "villain" if you can call it that, because conquering is part of history. This villain was cunning, mean and a strong leader figure. One you could fear that is.

  • Did the drinker just said that he sold over 2U$M in books? Who’s this guy?

  • 2:11 As a comic reader, they destroyed the character itself, well, I know superheroes change over the years, but this doesn't look like Miss Marvel at all. It's the same thing they did to Luke.

  • The plot is a migraine in movie form.

  • I am so glad because when I said to my friends that I get Harley Quinn vibes from this trailer they said "noo this is so original I love it". So glad I am not the only one

  • You just hate it because there's no creep shoots. No cleavage no butt no tight costum. No objectification of women. Nothing for coomer to jerk off. Look at what happened after she sportin shiny booba on jim camel. All hater turned simp and call her queen.

  • This channel started as a thoughtful, insightful look into storytelling and the nuances of telling a well rounded and balanced story. In the last six months or so it's devolved into yet another 'I'm complaining about things because that's what I'm expected to do now + overused memes' channel with a comment section that's just a mosh pit of angry insecurities. I realise you have to cater to your audience Drinker, but your channel is now almost a parody of what it once was.

  • Wakanda is the realization of Louis Farrakhan’s crazy racist conspiracy bullshit.

  • yes

  • Why can’t they just stick to the characters from the original comics. I feel like the characters’ race/ethnicity, gender etc shouldn’t be changed. This is my opinion anyhow. Feel free to call me “racist/sexist”

  • What are we supposed to make of all this...Go woke go broke. 🤮

  • "HRdown is a place for counter culture......for people who feel.....different." Brianna Lawrence, Theoretical Actor

  • Having worked in various African countries the fact that one is more technologically advanced with a wonderful helpful society is more unlikely than actual superhero's.