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2:37NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | March 3, 2021
7:13🌟 2018 #NBAAllStar Weekend in LA! 🌟
🌟 2018 #NBAAllStar Weekend in LA! 🌟Pregleda 37 tis.Prije 2 dana
2:13NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | March 2, 2021
4:52:41Suns @ Lakers | NBA on TNT Live Scoreboard
2:26NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | March 1, 2021
2:20Carmelo LIGHTS IT UP In Home W! 👌
Carmelo LIGHTS IT UP In Home W! 👌Pregleda 65 tis.Prije dan
4:00Harden MAKES HISTORY In Road Victory!
Harden MAKES HISTORY In Road Victory!Pregleda 158 tis.Prije dan
15:52Top PLAYS Of The Week | Week 10
Top PLAYS Of The Week | Week 10Pregleda 123 tis.Prije dan
15:44TOP DUNKS From The Week! | Week 10
TOP DUNKS From The Week! | Week 10Pregleda 36 tis.Prije dan
2:26:21Warriors @ Lakers | NBA on ESPN Live Scoreboard
2:15:11Clippers @ Bucks | NBA on ABC Live Scoreboard


  • Hornets Announcer best announcer in the game, he makes other announcers sound boring asf

  • If we're being completely honest, if you dropped Kevin Durant in place of LeBron, along with AD, this team would be unstoppable. You'd have two superstars that are not necessarily ball-dominant with a solid group of role players. Fuck that superteam shit. LeBron sucks the energy out of teams or haven't you people realized that yet?? KD adapts to other players alot better than my son of step does. 🤷

  • How come Draymond is now one of the best passers

  • Is no one going to talk about the fact that when LeBron seen he just hog the ball and none of his teammates get the balls with Anthony Davis

  • Bruh, Hornets fans must be wyllin!

  • Dame>Curry

  • This score stats fans! Don't know the veteran dudley presence. Pls know how to understand the basketball game.

  • Bro...this man is a beast...😳

  • 11:37

  • I thought for sure that Embiid’s block of Rudy Gobert’s dunk would be on here 🤷‍♂️

  • Congrats Blazers.

  • 3 defenders allowing layups in the early game. INSANE. 3.5 secs left. NOW THEY THOUGHT OF FOULING. 🙃

  • I actually really liked this all star weekend it was lit

  • Já joga muito e vai crescer muito mais.

  • Hard fought physical game, on both sides with the 76ers coming out on top!

  • U can 👀 the difference. between this year N Last Year's Lakers team no 2X peat sorry

  • The best is: warriors have a time out, decide not to use it...

  • Wtf happened to the old tradition when the home team wears the white jersey and the away team wears the color jersey. Now it’s either reverse or both teams are wearing these wacky abnormally colored jerseys.

  • Harden's style reminds me of Step from Above the Rim

  • Yo I just Google Stephanie ready..... And I'm ready to use 2 🧤 for safety..... On that 🍑.... She look good y'all.... Her comments are weak sauce.... But she can get it

  • "safety" stephanie 👐🏀🗑️

  • Lmao they cheated they litterly cheated

  • alternative title: russell westbrook blocked compilation

  • Melo is balling. If you give Melo starters minutes he would average at least 25 ppg.

  • Dame time should be no 1. Game winna

  • 麦迪打球是真干净!很多球员灌篮架肘 麦迪不但不驾着 索性垂直放下来 😂

  • Is this Kuroko in the real world?

  • Both teams was sloppy asf first half, damn! And the read was ridiculous.

  • Haha curry blocked the dunk

  • The Rocket has zero PG, John Wall don't move the ball; Victor Oladipo got more assist.

  • Rockets gotta get some defenders if they wanna win more games. I wanna see them at least be an 8 seed team.

  • The same coaches and teams that wouldn't give Melo a job are now sending double teams to him every time he touches that ball....

  • Why does dennis have a mustard on his hair?

  • Kyrie and Harden are probably the best back court in the league as of now

  • If you all want to know who is a better player: Dame was guarding Steph, but Steph can’t guard him late in the game.....Let that sink in.

  • God loves you guys!

  • Been a fan since the joe Johnson days and finally seeing the nets looking good is an accomplishment enough

  • PJ Tucker sucks

  • They won’t win games since they don’t play defence. Overrated team.

  • I can't help but notice Steph looking like a legend 2k playmaking shot creator tho

  • What if it was at Houston 😂

  • Mute mute mute……….aaahhh much better!

  • Good comeback game Atlanta Hawks and tough loss Orlando Magic!

  • Shout out to the #ClutchGod Dame D.O.L.L.A and all RIP CITY.

  • Draymond shooting form is ugly as hell

  • Conley is now 0-3 on clutch moments.

  • Why some Raptors players gets a Covid suspension??

  • This has to be GOTY

  • I fell asleep while watching this. Thanks Stephanie

  • 1.9k comments and not one mentioning how great this game was. Watching two great point guards making hard shots, specially Dame with his clutch last 2 long range 3. One of my favorite matches this year

  • If lebron was there yall would have won fight me

  • Curry going to pass ray allen to be the best shooter of all time

  • Rip city

  • MELO!🔥🙏

  • Where is Alfonzo McKinney's putback slam off of a missed FT?

  • Captain america MVP!

  • good play by the laker . no lebron no ad

  • This commentary was ear torture

  • Lit 🔥🔥

  • Sounds like her mic was set up in a bathroom

  • At this point, they've gotta be trolling us.

  • Mitchell is a Wade and Vince Carter fusion

  • Oh that's wonderful, absolutely wonderful how good is he👌👌👏👏

  • Matthews and kcp they're not playing well this season. That's the problem of Lakers

  • It’s good that the nets stars take breaks during the season to stay healthy because when playoff time comes around OMG 😳 😱 they are going to KILL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dame Time 👌👌👌

  • Embid MVP 2021

  • Proud of that travel?

  • As soon as Stephanie introduces me to herself, I press mute and watch the whole video in silence.

  • A sorry loss by the Warriors to Damian team..

  • That warriors game was tight from the get goooo

  • Literally watched till the end just to hear 2 hands for safety

  • 6:41 Travel

  • Not to be a hater, but half of those steals weren’t created by him.. not sure why or how he got credited