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Hey, I'm Milad! Welcome to my HRdown channel which is a collection of segments from my life. I hope you enjoy your stay :)


3:02not enough meat
not enough meatPregleda 24 tis.
0:21The Best Sauce at Subway #shorts
The Best Sauce at Subway #shortsPregleda 34 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:21The Cursed Sandwich Image #shorts
The Cursed Sandwich Image #shortsPregleda 177 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:25Tips For Working At Subway Pt. 1 #shorts
0:24Filling A Water Cup With Soda #shorts
Filling A Water Cup With Soda #shortsPregleda 383 tis.Prije 22 sati
2:54can i speak to the manager
can i speak to the managerPregleda 555 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:20Subway Secret Menu: Flatizza #shorts
Subway Secret Menu: Flatizza #shortsPregleda 434 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:30Tony Hawk Told Me To Make His Sub
Tony Hawk Told Me To Make His SubPregleda 1,2 mil.Prije 22 sati
0:26Making Tony Hawk’s Sub #shorts
Making Tony Hawk’s Sub #shortsPregleda 479 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:23“Why Aren’t You Verified?” #shorts
“Why Aren’t You Verified?” #shortsPregleda 598 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:22My Favorite Ice Cream Creation #shorts
My Favorite Ice Cream Creation #shortsPregleda 463 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:27Can You Put Chips On Your Sub? #shorts
Can You Put Chips On Your Sub? #shortsPregleda 976 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:17Repaying The Favor To My Brother #shorts
Repaying The Favor To My Brother #shortsPregleda 396 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:24I Can’t Win #shorts
I Can’t Win #shortsPregleda 835 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:25Thank You For 3M on Tiktok 🥳 #shorts
Thank You For 3M on Tiktok 🥳 #shortsPregleda 323 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:28Ice Cream Subway Sandwich #shorts
Ice Cream Subway Sandwich #shortsPregleda 657 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:21Throwing Ice Cream To My Brother #shorts
Throwing Ice Cream To My Brother #shortsPregleda 741 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:30How To Make The Perfect Sandwich #shorts
How To Make The Perfect Sandwich #shortsPregleda 863 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:26“Did You Quit???” #shorts
“Did You Quit???” #shortsPregleda 536 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:18Playing Catch with Ice Cream @Dylan Lemay #shorts
2:57giving $1,000 away to customers
giving $1,000 away to customersPregleda 455 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:22Bill #shorts
Bill #shortsPregleda 546 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:27“Why Don’t You Quit Subway” #shorts
“Why Don’t You Quit Subway” #shortsPregleda 965 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:26People Upset Over A Dollar #shorts
People Upset Over A Dollar #shortsPregleda 932 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:28Did He Just Say My Name? #shorts
Did He Just Say My Name? #shortsPregleda 862 tis.Prije 22 sati
0:25The Owner’s Son #shorts
The Owner’s Son #shortsPregleda 687 tis.Prije 22 sati
2:44lemme get uh
lemme get uhPregleda 834 tis.Prije 22 sati


  • Milad: "Hello you beautiful, beautiful human beings" Oh you make my day man, you really do

  • Coldstone ice-cream and lettuce what a combo

  • I haven’t even met this guy, but for some reason it feels like were true friends.


  • Can we have a subway tour

  • They’re probably trying to rip you off

  • Yooo I alwys get tripe meat and they never charge me extra my samich is alwYs line 10.80 gotta love your local subway

  • I am hungry


  • No but no offence the drinks are too expensive 3 dollars just fora mediums drink dam

  • Prog pog mog

  • Big brain sandwich shop workers know when you're low on bread and trying to rush the process, you make sure the water is super hot before putting it in the proofer

  • Milad what about touching pork and then vegetables... this is not cool for muslims, jews and vegan even for everybody but maybe you don t care of this in the US.

  • Can we have a subway store

  • You did pretty good, ngl.

  • When i see you taking the salami i ame like so much

  • 1:07 brick 🧱😉

  • Is a business. You can make it at home too!

  • I get the BMT and it's plenty of meat

  • I only found This channel through shorts. I’m in the UK. Class channel. Keep up the good work brother

  • i swear in every video of yours you put like so much meat i could never complain here in germany they put much less meat and i think thats fine as well... yeah they could just get double meat too

  • Can we have a sub tour

  • I eat my pizza starting at the crust ☺️☺️

  • What was that first sub at the beginning? Dang that was fresh!

  • Thank you for calling us beautiful

  • I remember when at the end of my school and I go to another grade I get to go to subway's but I only like the pizza (I wanna know how it would taste if I turned the pizza into the sandwich as a subway)

  • You sup

  • 2 vids in like a few hours keep up the good work Milad!

  • lmao, im tired of these ppl in the comments going like "milad wont pin this" and "legend has it milad will pin this" and other stuff like that. come on thats a new low what do you expect subs? Clout? or you just want a pin, what are you getting out of it? yea i mean likes but what are likes gonna do make you feel better? and these ppl going first there are at least 20 ppl who are first. being first doesnt make you any different from the rest of his fans, you dont need to be first to be loyal

  • I wonder if I will ever get pinned

  • Karen walks into the store and asks to speak to joe ‘Whose joe’ Joe manager

  • Shoe reveal

  • me: I looked at Milad's dms on: <~ Im criying, poor exgirlfriend: "I hope it changes" Even in my breakup I didn't feel so bad Like if you love Milad

  • What No Meat At Subway?

  • Nah your the Pablo Picasso of sandwich art

  • Funnily enough I eat my pizza starting from the crust

  • Can you make me a sandwich?

  • He isn’t lying I put that on my wawa sandwich

  • Milad: You want turkey? Customer: Yes. Milad: what next? Customer: TURKEY

  • mailad meat those sandwiches

  • That cucumber throw 😂

  • who is he why is this on my tl

  • I love your videos (1) I actually enjoyed a lot of working at my Starbucks. Sure, food service/retail is hell but there's also a lot of things I never really got from a more professional career. (2) 100% with those experiences and glad you're sharing them with people.

  • Alternate title: “confessing my subway sins...”

  • He won't unpin the pinned comment then pin mine lol

  • i went to subway the other day and the lady made it, i wanted a subway melt with extra bacon and extra cheese and the man that rung me up asked me what it was, he didnt know so i didnt have to say extra cheese or bacon but i still told him becsuse its the right thing to do. and he didnt even charge me for it

  • Comment

  • I would eat that whole thing

  • Jesus loves you guys and he’s comings soon so repent before it too late. In order to repent say these words “God I am a sinner and I need forgiveness I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins I’m willing to turn in from sin I know invite Jesus Christ to come into my heart as my one and only savior Amen”. after you say these words spread the gospel all around the world

  • Has 20 slices of meat i neeeeeeeeeeeeed MEAT!!!!!!!

  • That sandwich was delicious tho

  • This is actually also my favorite sandwich

  • Hope she chocked on that cookie

  • I’ll have to try that on my next subway sandwich

  • That’s straight factsss. I literally never ate a sub without southwest. It’s delicious 😍.

  • If you pin me I'll subscribe

  • thats what she said :|

  • 17 mins in and we already broke 5 likes, damn... i thought it was not doable 😂

  • Hey Milad , I was born in the same day as you , September 30th 😀 .

  • yoo you're verified on youtube congrats. Tiktok needs to take notes


  • idk why but i wann go to a sub way in poland rn becous im polish ;w;

  • His parents watching like 👀👀lol

  • Milad: “Not enough meat” Vegans: Ewwwww

  • Greatest idea

  • Yay early pog champ

  • Salads... What is this blasphemy?!?!

  • Where do y'all get your meat and stuff?

  • Order a wrap you automatically get double meat for the same price. Or get a a BMT if you want the bread and extra meat. The BMT has almost as much meat as regular double meat subs.

  • I feel like I know so much about subway sandwiches now cuz I’m watching these everyday

  • Theres a subway hiring near me and milad has inspired me to go make subs. Just put in the app, thank you milad

  • Who the hell eats a salad with tuna and American cheese slices🤮🤮

  • But did you still give them a free cookie?

  • me: I looked at Milad's dms on: <~ Im criying, poor exgirlfriend: "I hope it changes" Even in my breakup I didn't feel so bad Like if you love Milad

    • @XKingz ofc

    • 26 likes in 2 mins and the link is a scam. Good try mate

    • Why has my wifi provider blocked the link 🤔

  • But 7 olives....

  • I want to come to your Subway Shop but where is your Subway shop

  • Sometimes I eat pizza starting with the crust....

  • One question, what did you need the water for at the beginning?


  • This sauce always goes in my sub 👁👄👁