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6:40Guess The Team | LEC Pop Quiz | 2021 Spring
6:41:352021 LEC Spring - Week 6 Day  2
2021 LEC Spring - Week 6 Day 2Pregleda 578 tis.Prije dan
6:59:062021 LEC Spring - Week 6 Day  1
2021 LEC Spring - Week 6 Day 1Pregleda 605 tis.Prije dan
11:01Duke | EUphoria Highlight | 2021 LEC Spring
Duke | EUphoria Highlight | 2021 LEC SpringPregleda 3,3 tis.Prije 8 dana
3:38FNC vs G2: REVENGE!
FNC vs G2: REVENGE!Pregleda 285 tis.Prije 8 dana
1:57Broadcast Highlights | 2021 LEC Spring W5 D2
2:09Broadcast Highlights | 2021 LEC Spring W5 D1


  • the flame is real! xD

  • Odoamne, domnule Pascu esti exemplul perfect de talent si brains. GJ man, bafta multa in LEC si MSI!

  • I need more of this please

  • 3:31 why did i laugh so much kjsajksjkaskjajks i love this zanzarah guy

  • 5:20 why Hans Sama speaks like Super Mario?

  • Hans Sama is the best XDD

  • Funny to see how hard it seems for some players, haha. Guess not everyone is like me who looks at gamepedia for all rosters where the flags are already displayed so you remember it quite easily.

  • This is the first time I didn’t see bwibo on the top of the scoreboard

  • Rekkles smooth af doe 😅

  • loved it was really funny made me smile and giggle a lot please do more like this :)

  • great work

  • OH jankos u will be going to na soon.

  • Duck needs some help in geography :D

  • the golden guardians guess is like 80% correct tho lol

  • It is insane how players don't know their own community. Also Nukeduck probably skipped all geography classes

  • Armut only got the teams with Turkish players correct😂😂😂

  • I m not even going to watch the vid i couldn't care less abt Rogue vs Mad when we literally have Rogue vs G2 fighting for spot 1 xd

  • Damn Rekkles Odoamne on fire wp

  • Ulan armut tam armutsun ha


  • These are great, thank you LEC content team <3

  • Their reactions to Golden Guardians are priceless

  • Okey nice prank lec, now give me the real Match of the week

  • I love Hans sama accent, idk why

  • Should have included TSM, NA team with no NA players Top - Korean Jgl - Chinese Mid - German Adc - Australian Supp - Taiwan Coach - Danish

  • That was fun! I paused at the beginning of each one and got them all correct!!

  • 4:18 hmm

  • This proves that I am spending too much time watching professional LoL. I knew all the answers right away... :(

  • I thought blue was belgian Sadge

  • They think this is difficult, in football we do this with 11 flags which can stand for any team and they can represent players in rotation.

  • Hans sama " french in the botlane?" THATS LITERALLY YOU HANS!

  • Ok but how smart is rekkles

  • This may be match of a the week, but G2 vs rouge is match of the split!!!

  • Armuta bak mad gidince closeri unutmus ! Kekw

  • So Carzzy got a point for guessing SK como was Fnatic? Hahahah 4:17 6:20

  • This Rekkles guy. Whatever he does he is smurfing

  • These videos are really fun to watch, please keep them coming.

  • Nukeduck <3

  • can ünlü oldun kardeşşşşşş :D

  • not a good idea to add lcs as well, just too many teams for anyone to guess

  • First time bwipo is not on the top

  • I wanted flyquest to be here just to see if they knew josedeodo. If something is wrong correct me,learning english by myself.

  • "Oh man theres a lot of americans, What is this? This is like for sure bottom team" - Said Zanzarah from Astralis

  • Newbie troleando a todos

  • We want more


  • Nukeduck Korean (actually Turkish), British (actullay Australian) Promisq "Chinese" (actually Turkish again) Astralis players....

  • thats for sure a bottom team xd

  • Rekkles is smurff

  • Please, do more of these videos, i really like them. Like if you agree with me.

  • 3:05 X fucking D Good one Odo

  • 2:10 Here you see a rare occasion of Bwipo making a mistake.

  • Rekkles is the new bwipo at that game

  • Bwipo not at the top = false pop quiz

  • Gilius 5:25 😂

  • There are many turkish players abroad just realized

  • Armut doesn't know his old teammate...

  • Wait for once it's not Bwipo big braining lol

  • Nukeduck is there?

    • These videos are recorded weeks in advance I believe so Nukeduck is still there

  • Rekkles Odoamne whooh damn 6 for 6

  • Rekkles why are u so good man

  • I made 6 pts, jıst like you Rekkles <3

  • “oh so many americans in one team They for sure have to be the last on standings” Golden guardians currently placed the last with 2-10 💀💀

  • This is great!

  • Rekkles you legend

  • Rekkels beast

  • Odo the 5 head

  • Rekkles aced this banger quiz ⚡

  • am i the only one who tought that hanssama is korean or some asian?

  • the chinese jungler lmao

  • Odo 5 head as always, still underrated xD

  • zanzarah is a hero in this season LEC <3

  • So Bwipo Reign of Terror has come to an end finally

  • I love English people trying to say Marcin Jankos XD

  • Rekkles and Odoamne are hard smurfing

  • Zanzarah is a real one All LEC right and all LCS wrong

  • does rekkles even hesitate ?

  • Guess the team more like watch LEC players struggle to remember LCS names

  • rekkles is cheating for sure

  • 4:50 best scene