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19:09Top 10 Youngest First-Time Masters 1000 Winners!
5:37Top 20 FASTEST Winners ⚡️ | Miami 2021
6:32Funny Tennis Moments \u0026 Fails! | March 2021


  • Carlos Alcatraz, right haha

  • Ставил на Фрицца( / Пиарю, свой контэнт,а почему бы и нет?)\ - Подписывайся!

  • Sonego grunts so late, feels like his opponent's grunting

  • "Carlos ALCATRAZ"???

  • I hate Sonego's grunt ffs

  • Once god was losing a match,then he turned on Djokovic mode and won the match

  • Battle of the double last names

  • where is Nadal !?!

  • Something different from Sonego's grunting... Yesterday's comment: Don't delete the post-match handshake... Today: Post-match footage lasts longer than highlights. Just kidding though, congrats to the Tennis-TV moderators who often take suggestions for editing from the community. 🙏😍

  • Sonego is watchable only on mute.

  • Le successeur de Nadal !!!

  • the only player to beat djokovic, nadal and federer in the same tournament

  • Super annoying. No need to say what, everyone knows what I am talking about.

  • What happened there in Paris 1990🤔🤔

  • davidovich kokina screaming like he won the cup

  • 8:07 is one of a kind. Don’t think I ever seen that technique before

  • Spain reigns

  • Donaldson was super annoying.

  • Federer is G-O-A-T >> Greatest Of Artistic Tennis. Others may break Fed's record, but will never be as artful. Ever.

  • Damn, why does Sonego sound like he’s shooting a load on almost every shot? It just seems way overdone and is really irritating.

  • THAT CHAT with nadal has taken munar clay game above..

  • Sonego is an absolute joke. How have the ATP/chair umpire/referees not intervened yet? A blatant cheater.

  • Screaming grunting fest on the 1st Semi quiet as a mouse on the 2nd SF...

  • Recuerdo la felicidad y la unidad que traía en la familia ver los partidos del chino en la época gloriosa del tennis para Chile, lastimosamente en ese tiempo la farándula estaba en auge y estoy convencida de que eso dañó mucho su carrera, además de las típicas lesiones. Pudo hacer el tonto sin que todo el mundo tuviese que enterarse, pero no fue el caso. Este tipo se sacó la cresta de chico y necesitaba wear, y si no sabía wear era porque empezó a trabajar desde muy chico, el problema es que todo el mundo lo supo y ahí están todos los periodistas faranduleros que ahora se las dan de progre al peo. Mis respetos al chino, gracias por unir a la familia y sobre todo gracias por esos domingos en que no fuimos a la fu*cking church por verte jugar.

  • If not the best, it tops my list of the highlights of the ATP Cup! Should have made it longer.

  • Love the church bells

  • munar has a good solution. he uses high ball to get alcaraz off balance. pretty smart .

  • Sonego's wailing is fucking absurd. Get a grip, man.

  • that phantom challenge would've broken kyrgios mentally. crazy they gave it and the control nadal goat had

  • Kyrgios was winning, but the crowd was a shit

  • Nadal, novak, and roger are all tied number one best all time, but nadal is undeniably best ever on clay

  • 05:05 "Now the release can come." Now? Dude was bustin' nuts all match. Hahahaha!

  • Why are all these camera angles so terrible lately? This one is so bad that you can't even see one of the players when they get far enough back behind the baseline.

  • Lopez starting to get some grey in his beard.

  • The Karate Kid

  • Sonego´s grunt is so annoying.

  • So good to hear commentary from Jason Goodall again. Wonder why he didn't do big tournaments anymore

  • 8:20 the Tsonga celebration lol

  • Sonego is the type of player that thinks he's good with all the grunts and fist pumps, but is actually so consistently trash with no real weapon in his game, and is so boring to watch.

  • I can hear Sonego grunting from here

  • Grunting at contact when hitting the ball is one thing. Grunting after youve hit the ball and it lands in your oppoenents court is CHEATING!!

  • Alright got to feel proud of Fritz,far away from home and surface court,hard to see US players going far in tournaments these days goddammit.

  • Sonego's grunting comes AFTER he hits his shots, which makes it even more annoying!

  • Alcatraz like the commentator said 😂 is a good player but he's having the same problem that Rublev had and Aliassime still having,balance of agressiveness,and people need to stop saying that he's the next Nadal or the kid will take it to his head and his career that barely started will be over.

  • I like Sonego’s tennis but cannot stand his grunting...

  • Lorenzo Sonego is easily my least favorite player on tour

  • Definitely the worst camera angle I have ever seen in my life!!! 😔

  • Menudo tercer set entre Ramos y Carreño

  • I will steel all think from Boris Becker,.... 🥰

  • I wonder what drone they used to film this... lols.

  • 1:48 this ball only stayed in because of the wind change from Sonego's grunting.

  • Four Spaniards in the semifinals! I bet on Munar.

  • Gggg