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27:54AO21 Official Film: No Place For Impossible
3:54The Best Moments | Australian Open 2021
The Best Moments | Australian Open 2021Pregleda 15 tis.Prije 7 dana
3:34Naomi Osaka Top 10 Plays | Australian Open 2021


  • 🔝🔝🔝🇧🇷👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Sopravvalutato meriti il 150 esimo posto

  • The best comment 2:55 „uhm, gorgeous” 👌😄

  • Boring! Nothing spectacular or amazing about that rally at all! It was like a training session. I've seen hundreds of much shorter rallies which are far superior!

  • Novak 27 vs 23 Federer [2021]

  • Who’s watching in 2021?

  • One of the best matches I've ever watched

  • She is soooooo cute!

  • GOAT

  • That's racist xD

  • I can't find the same beauty in Novak's game. Its the number, its the quality...

  • djokovic is the waluigi of tennis

  • nobody will watch tennis anymore when nadal and federer retire

  • Meanwhile that lady still has her finger up in the centre court

  • Girl, “ got this really cool job, got kissed by a really hot tennis superstar.... oh and I’m trending. Been awesome year.

  • *checks volume* A women's match without screeching? Instantly a fan of them both.

  • Vamos Rafa para siempre , novak out

  • If lm on a new level was a person .

  • Wow that was amazing..............(?)

  • There are no accidents. -Master Oogway🐢

  • Why they playing the kiss in slow motion wtf

  • THE G.O.A.T

  • Many opportunities to make a point, but was used, this looks like a demonstration

  • Andujar de merda

  • 2:09 after all that running

  • По игре Джокович был просто сильнее. Когда Надаль включал режим "космос", то мог бороться и даже побеждать. Но долго играть в таком режиме - не реально.

  • he do this for advertisement and sponsorship it called marketing!

  • What’s her name ??

  • it's called sponsorships and advertisement !

  • The game gets so much better when two amazingly talented and strong women play. ❤️ Absolutely admire both of them. 🙏

  • Ese Dani! Esas dejadas son las que me haces 👌

  • ...... kinda weak.. i didn't see any intent to end the rally from both players. guess that's why they aren't in the finals or grand slam champs

  • Really enjoy her game but is not working against top 5 players.


  • brady and Osaka has pretty much same technique on forehand but brady has more power because she can whip it more.. but Osaka style has more advantage on making good angle shots because her racquet back swing path is quicker..

  • If Federer was as mentally strong as his Talent he would have won atleast 30 slams!!!!

  • Crowds absolutely disaster and disappointment.... how NOVAK DJOKOVIC playing absolutely completely whole career on hostile grounds managed to achieve this magnificent number and overpass all federer record..... biggest sportsman in history of all time any sport....

  • Ahahahahaha Rod Laver 2:30:37 face is priceless .... ehh my Laver NOVAK DJOKOVIC is biggest level for federer..... no smile on federer Laver fake face never again ahhhahahahahaha.... but i laugh all day long

  • After that 2016 year federer finally can relax and play 1 year in 2017 without his NEMESIS NOVAK DJOKOVIC.... ahahahahaha what a relaxing moment for federer.... NOVAK nemesis is absolutely cruel for his royalty Roger Federer hahahaha

  • ons has good talent she is a great player she has to move on and she has to believe in her self she is wonderful vamos ons

  • NOVAK DJOKOVIC is G GOAT..... greatest GOAT of all time

  • Their commentator :hey this is not a time for humor Indian cricket commentator: ye pakava aam hai thoko tali

  • NOVAK DJOKOVIC last 10years 8 titles from AO.... NADAL last 10years 8 titles from RG.... there is comparison what power superstar for tennis is NOVAK DJOKOVIC

  • ✊🏿👁✨I’m sorry but the only highlights I saw was Flipkins, and she lost 😂 Y’all gotta do bout my people 🌱

  • Bsgusudid

  • Osaka made Sereno look like a BITCH...

  • wuts with these other players and their grunts lol. Ppl can predict 70% of ur shot grunting .

  • Roger and Rafa are playing the same way every match they don’t risk that’s what make them boring to watch for me on the other side Novak playing with a different tactics and with smart tennis every match he finds new ways to win a match which is interesting every time you watch him this is way he is more interesting and fun to watch more than Rafa and Roger with all respect

  • respect from Russia!

  • Very few players made Maria this frustrated. Her recollection (as per her book) of this match and of Justine is hilarious, but her body language and expressions here are just as entertaining. No wonder Henin was one of her biggest nightmares!

  • trolls live forever

  • もっといいのあるくね?

  • Wow that was really cool, now whens Dylan alcott playing Novak Djokovic without a wheelchair!

  • That was awfully boring. Why do players choose to exert so much energy needlessly? Where's Dustin Brown or Hsieh Su-Wei when you need 'em?

  • Hopefully not long before he cracks the top 20...

  • i really wanna know how she is doing. i hope she is okay :)

  • Is it just me or does the video have a sound delay of about half a second

  • てぇてぇ😇😇

  • An ongoing wrist injury that forced Novak to have an operation on, after going out at Wimbledon against Anderson I believe, was the only way Chung could beat Novak. Hasn't been seen since, and for the record, any player can have a good day in the office. Try doing it for 17 years like Novak, and still is doing.

  • He's going for a backhand I guess

  • Solo esto, 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Zhu shouldn't have cheated during her game with Schiavone. If she didn't, she would have trained harder then actually win matches fair and square

  • young legend

  • Azarenka una Diosa, el corte es una mierda.

  • Bcduhdivcdifxgh th kjvhpm sau

  • Novak is just so class

  • Haters are gonna say he was faking injury here too

  • if that could happen in india that guy would have beaten uo in public

  • That blue is my favorite shade of blue

  • Some people criticized Naomi for parting ways with Sascha. Have you read about why Kristina parted ways with him too??! Dayana was just a spoiled brat. But sounds like Karolina didn't do her homework.

  • Tiger wood should consider this as his next sport

  • Osaka is very impressive in this game. She's the new Serena.

  • They should replay this awesome point :)

  • she's not positive at all to me, saying it was one shot, it was more than that. Osaka, had control and took control and ran garbine from left to right and osaka could have won with bigger margins if she had not made so many forced errors, over hitting and hitting the net more often than I had ever seen osaka do that, her playing is very clean but with garbine she was sloppy.

  • The stimulating baritone descriptively whisper because german immunophenotypically suspect along a pretty bottom. telling, voracious fuel

  • I guess just because he's attractive, it wouldn't count as sexual assault. 😳

  • Usually tiebreak is 7 points so credit for Millman although I am a hugh Federer fan, Millman sportsmanship was honored. Thanks

  • Pollard six sixes in an over

  • MxR Plays sent me here for that Bweeeh