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  • Best shooter ever!

  • Literally paint beast

  • Everybody knows Jordan the Goat

  • 18 black , 5 whites including the coach. Where is the equality ?

  • I’m surprised Mike Conley performed well

  • Here early? =====>

  • He needs to get some magic city wings he’s in a bad mood

  • 🐐

  • James Harden just left the video comments thread.


  • Everybody knows Jordan the Goat

  • Fun fact: Steph Curry & Kwame Brown have made a combined 2,665 three-pointers.

  • 2nd greatest PG of all time

  • Give a lot of credit to Mike for putting up a fight against the greatest shooter ever

  • You disrespect your elders ... he’s younger than me 😂😂

  • Who’s watching this rn?

  • Started off flaming his style 😂😂

  • Ez dubs for curry, but Conley did well as well🤘🏽🤘🏽🔥🔥🏀🏀

  • Greatest shooter ever..

  • Curry = GOAT

  • Sam is a backup qb. Jets passing attack somewhat decent in a couple games with Flaco at the helm. That tells me all I need to know.

  • He will be great in the NBA, if someone does not break him into?

  • Mike Conley really challenged him and it made that more exciting.

  • Sugar ray Robinson will always be goat. He could fight any style, inside, going forward, going back & didnt affect his offense or D . Equal power and ability in both hands. With best resume.

  • Who really thought Steph wasn’t gonna win😂

  • 2ez

  • he got his shot from his Pops

  • I love how Howard Cosell is informing the TV viewing audience that "we are having a scene as you can see and it's hard to tell whether it's clowing or for real between the 2 fighters" as the top 2 heavyweights in boxing are wrestling around on the ground 😂. NOBODY could sell a fight or get into the opponents head like Ali. Joe was dead serious. Ali was at least half way messing around.

  • Chris smoove can’t even beet this man

  • God forbid we say 90s 00s basketball was better lol

  • This didn’t age well

  • Hahahaha did he say trubisky is a better an than Ben? Lol 😂 he will never be

  • I mean . Who else

  • Steph out there bullshitting lol light work

  • What a douche

  • Curry is the greatest shooter ever...

  • Look at curry man

  • This is worse than Fergie


  • Zach Wilson is NOT no pat mahomes

  • So the stars cant play but Doc can still coach? Doc think he is slick

  • What kings? Y'all have some melanin and that makes you a king. From jump you make black ppl think they are owed

  • What?! No Jokic?!?! ...this game is rigged

  • curry a different breed...

  • Untucked Curry is a cheat code

  • That reporter is hella toxic. Major respect for Harden handling it professionally.

  • Reggie Miller 2.0 man! He’s just filthy! He did make like 100 and something in 5 minute video like a few months ago! There is no discussion, Steph is the best shooter to ever touch a ball!

  • barely

  • It just looks different when Steph does It

  • daddy curry

  • Spain really got some elite level players. Best european country in basketball for sure

  • DC and Joe's so called commentary was completely biased and sounded more like a bad comedy skit.

  • We all knew curry was finna win Mike tho you where on 🔥MY GOD respect to you

  • I mean the net didn't even budge on half of them

  • Look at Curry man so many 3's

  • props to mike Conley tho!

  • Yes it is...

  • Payasos los dos

  • So inspirational.

  • 0:00​ Mike Conley puts up 28 in the first round. 1:20​ Steph Curry answers with 31. 3:09​ Conley takes the lead with 27 in the final round. 4:40​ Steph beats Conley on the last shot.

  • It was a fix he sacrifices his friend for fame and fortune

  • You guys should protest if it was forced.

  • The only loser who always go on TV

  • That's it Stephen curry is the greatest shooter in our generation and on the planet

  • The undisputed GOAT. Everywhere he goes he wins.

  • flight is pissing his pants rn

  • His only clutch shot he’s ever made. Congrats curry

  • No

  • So inspirational

  • Did yall honestly expect anything different😎

  • This contest should the named the Stephen Curry contest and the 3 point line should be named the Stephen Curry line. Also the actual 3point contest trophy

    • @Edward King yep

    • Not the contest but the actual 3point contest trophy

  • Mike Conley really showing up today!

  • Look at Curry man so inspirational

  • Louis Riddick is not the best at evaluating talent. He said the Giants would be crazy to pass on Simmons last year. Well they passed on him and when the Cardinals took him he wasn't that great. I don't even think he started for them. Not impressed with Riddick's picks.

  • Steph Curry baby!!!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥

  • Man, Stephen Curry is such a thief 🤦🏿‍♂️😂

    • I bet curry didn’t even tried

    • Mike and donavon were holding each other like “plz miss plz miss”

  • Goat shooter

  • I mean mans didnt miss a single 3 for 5 min earlier this year

  • Early