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What I use:
I draw my pictures on Paint Tools Sai and I edit it all in Adobe Premiere. (Really? You don't use any animation software??) (Yeah, I know it's ''''not real animation''''')
I have a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24
a Smudge Guard Glove.
I record on a Shure sm7b,
I have an Scarlett 2i 4 Audio interface
and this thing called a 'Cloudlifter.'

If these items are out of your price range then this is what I use(d) (The cheaper stuff)
-My first tablet was a Bamboo Create for ~$100. Really good tablet 5/7.
I know alot of people like the intuos's
-A good Microphone that a lot of people use is a Blue Yeti (keep in mind where you record is important.)


9:47My Decaying Mind in Quarantine
My Decaying Mind in QuarantinePregleda 17 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
2:46Cartoon Comic Collections (Vol. 1)
Cartoon Comic Collections (Vol. 1)Pregleda 9 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
8:31Conventions (I miss them)
Conventions (I miss them)Pregleda 14 mil.Prije 4 mjeseci
8:10Getting Lost at Camp Geronimo
Getting Lost at Camp GeronimoPregleda 23 mil.Prije 6 mjeseci
8:48Conspiracy Theories and Crazy People
Conspiracy Theories and Crazy PeoplePregleda 24 mil.Prije 7 mjeseci
8:09Junk Food
Junk FoodPregleda 44 mil.Prije 9 mjeseci
10:30The Netflix Series That Was Also Scary for Adult James
9:31Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich
Sooubway 4: The Final SandwichPregleda 39 mil.Prije godine
8:45Scams That Should be Illegal
Scams That Should be IllegalPregleda 43 mil.Prije godine
8:48Movie Sequels
Movie SequelsPregleda 31 mil.Prije godine
8:32Talking to Strangers
Talking to StrangersPregleda 34 mil.Prije godine
9:26The Spiders and the Bees
The Spiders and the BeesPregleda 68 mil.Prije godine
9:4710 Million Sprinkle Special
10 Million Sprinkle SpecialPregleda 17 mil.Prije godine
HobbiesPregleda 36 mil.Prije godine
4:05Christmas Carols
Christmas CarolsPregleda 21 mil.Prije godine
9:20Our Cats :3
Our Cats :3Pregleda 58 mil.Prije godine
6:54Monsters You Didn't Know Were Under Your Bed
Monsters You Didn't Know Were Under Your BedPregleda 24 mil.Prije 2 godina
10:10Tabletop Games
Tabletop GamesPregleda 66 mil.Prije 2 godina
9:32Wrong Numbers
Wrong NumbersPregleda 71 mil.Prije 2 godina
4:01Life is Fun - Ft. Boyinaband (Official Music Video)
4:54A Book I Made as an Adult
A Book I Made as an AdultPregleda 10 mil.Prije 2 godina
10:38Growing up Without Cable
Growing up Without CablePregleda 56 mil.Prije 2 godina
8:50Strangers Trying to Sell You Stuff
Strangers Trying to Sell You StuffPregleda 49 mil.Prije 2 godina
8:15My Mom's Cruel and Unusual Punishments
My Mom's Cruel and Unusual PunishmentsPregleda 39 mil.Prije 2 godina
9:05Buying Clothes
Buying ClothesPregleda 68 mil.Prije 2 godina
8:43My Horibal Speling
My Horibal SpelingPregleda 63 mil.Prije 2 godina
5:33Christmas Contemplations
Christmas ContemplationsPregleda 22 mil.Prije 2 godina
8:57Movies I Thought Were Weird
Movies I Thought Were WeirdPregleda 53 mil.Prije 2 godina
12:14Redrawing Art we made as Kids w/JaidenAnimations
8:23Academy Anecdotes (School Stories)
Academy Anecdotes (School Stories)Pregleda 40 mil.Prije 3 godina
9:04Reading More Fables (I swear I'm not a furry)
Reading More Fables (I swear I'm not a furry)Pregleda 25 mil.Prije 3 godina
8:22My Random Thoughts (James Edition)
My Random Thoughts (James Edition)Pregleda 41 mil.Prije 3 godina
7:51My Cardboard Boat Racing Experience
My Cardboard Boat Racing ExperiencePregleda 36 mil.Prije 3 godina
9:23Getting Recognized part 2
Getting Recognized part 2Pregleda 46 mil.Prije 3 godina
8:20My Poetry Teacher
My Poetry TeacherPregleda 53 mil.Prije 3 godina
6:083 Million Sprinkles on a Cake Just About
3 Million Sprinkles on a Cake Just AboutPregleda 10 mil.Prije 3 godina
23:09The Movie That Was Too Scary for Baby James
The Movie That Was Too Scary for Baby JamesPregleda 49 mil.Prije 3 godina
6:44My Teachers
My TeachersPregleda 54 mil.Prije 3 godina
7:44Harry the Moth
Harry the MothPregleda 46 mil.Prije 3 godina
7:17Starting Conversations
Starting ConversationsPregleda 34 mil.Prije 3 godina
6:47Getting Recognized
Getting RecognizedPregleda 39 mil.Prije 3 godina
12:00Drawing New Pokemon Types w/Jaiden Animations
Drawing New Pokemon Types w/Jaiden AnimationsPregleda 17 mil.Prije 3 godina
7:35Peeing Yourself
Peeing YourselfPregleda 34 mil.Prije 3 godina
9:07a Q and A
a Q and APregleda 15 mil.Prije 3 godina
8:29Sooubway Part 3
Sooubway Part 3Pregleda 70 mil.Prije 3 godina
6:53Chaperoning 7th Graders
Chaperoning 7th GradersPregleda 42 mil.Prije 3 godina
8:39Times I Plagiarized
Times I PlagiarizedPregleda 45 mil.Prije 3 godina
8:09Our Hamsters
Our HamstersPregleda 61 mil.Prije 4 godina
6:35My Traumatizing Haunted House Experience
My Traumatizing Haunted House ExperiencePregleda 40 mil.Prije 4 godina
7:21Adventures in Cub Scouts
Adventures in Cub ScoutsPregleda 50 mil.Prije 4 godina
11:39Drawing Pokémon From Memory w/ Jaiden Animations
8:15My Thoughts on the Science Fair (I didn't like it)
5:50Top 10 Things That Keep Me Awake at Night
Top 10 Things That Keep Me Awake at NightPregleda 62 mil.Prije 4 godina
7:13My Thoughts on Job Interviews
My Thoughts on Job InterviewsPregleda 45 mil.Prije 4 godina
4:46The Indestructable Piñata
The Indestructable PiñataPregleda 25 mil.Prije 4 godina
7:15My Thoughts on Roommates
My Thoughts on RoommatesPregleda 77 mil.Prije 4 godina
3:18I got to meet CaptainSparklez (Vidcon)
I got to meet CaptainSparklez (Vidcon)Pregleda 8 mil.Prije 4 godina
7:16700,000 Sprinkles on a Cake (yes really)
700,000 Sprinkles on a Cake (yes really)Pregleda 17 mil.Prije 4 godina
5:35Garfild Comic Explained
Garfild Comic ExplainedPregleda 11 mil.Prije 4 godina
6:07The First Comic I EVER Made
The First Comic I EVER MadePregleda 12 mil.Prije 4 godina
6:20Laser Tag
Laser TagPregleda 57 mil.Prije 4 godina
9:01My Thoughts on Sports
My Thoughts on SportsPregleda 42 mil.Prije 4 godina
7:07Annoying Customers
Annoying CustomersPregleda 80 mil.Prije 4 godina
7:25Work Stories (sooubway)
Work Stories (sooubway)Pregleda 68 mil.Prije 4 godina
4:34I Read Fanfiction About Me
I Read Fanfiction About MePregleda 15 mil.Prije 4 godina
7:48Why Pi is Awesome (Vi Hart Rebuttal)
Why Pi is Awesome (Vi Hart Rebuttal)Pregleda 13 mil.Prije 4 godina
9:38My Thoughts on ASMR
My Thoughts on ASMRPregleda 32 mil.Prije 4 godina
6:33Reacting to my old art
Reacting to my old artPregleda 23 mil.Prije 4 godina
1:31Pi Equals 4 Explained
Pi Equals 4 ExplainedPregleda 6 mil.Prije 4 godina
6:40Reading Fables
Reading FablesPregleda 19 mil.Prije 5 godina
3:54Tales of Donating Blood
Tales of Donating BloodPregleda 33 mil.Prije 5 godina
2:51How To Get The Most Candy While Trick-or-Treating
3:28Physical Education
Physical EducationPregleda 36 mil.Prije 5 godina
1:38How to Live Forever Only Using 5 Hour Energy
How to Live Forever Only Using 5 Hour EnergyPregleda 24 mil.Prije 5 godina
4:25Boy Were They Wrong
Boy Were They WrongPregleda 34 mil.Prije 5 godina
4:39Pros And Cons of Living in Arizona
Pros And Cons of Living in ArizonaPregleda 16 mil.Prije 5 godina
3:50Picasso And Modern Art Museums
Picasso And Modern Art MuseumsPregleda 9 mil.Prije 5 godina
1:14*Major* Injuries I had as a Kid: Day 17
*Major* Injuries I had as a Kid: Day 17Pregleda 35 mil.Prije 5 godina
1:20My Collection: Day 16
My Collection: Day 16Pregleda 9 mil.Prije 5 godina
1:14Movie Theater Seats: Day 15
Movie Theater Seats: Day 15Pregleda 16 mil.Prije 5 godina
1:04Stupid Riddles: Day 14
Stupid Riddles: Day 14Pregleda 5 mil.Prije 5 godina
1:22How we Named Our Cat: Day 13
How we Named Our Cat: Day 13Pregleda 7 mil.Prije 5 godina
3:34Old Audio Files: Day 12
Old Audio Files: Day 12Pregleda 4,2 mil.Prije 5 godina
1:08Twin Life: Day 10
Twin Life: Day 10Pregleda 13 mil.Prije 5 godina
0:59Names For Your Kids: Day 9
Names For Your Kids: Day 9Pregleda 5 mil.Prije 5 godina
0:59My Favorite Reptile: Day 7
My Favorite Reptile: Day 7Pregleda 4,8 mil.Prije 5 godina
1:02Message to Microwaves: Day 6
Message to Microwaves: Day 6Pregleda 5 mil.Prije 5 godina
1:08Bashas' is the BEST: Day 5
Bashas' is the BEST: Day 5Pregleda 6 mil.Prije 5 godina
1:07When Will We Tweet EVERYTHING possible: Day 4
When Will We Tweet EVERYTHING possible: Day 4Pregleda 3,5 mil.Prije 5 godina
1:38How Many Tweets Can There Be? Day 3
How Many Tweets Can There Be? Day 3Pregleda 5 mil.Prije 5 godina


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  • Hey can you also make a video about how do you animate because I also have a youtube channel, 23 videos and I found out your channel while scrolling youtube , I watched many videos and I was like: OMG his videos are Really Really Really Really Really Really good I should start animating also but, I dont know how to animate so can you please make a video about that😋😋

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