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11:29Rocket League with No Balls
Rocket League with No BallsPregleda 854 tis.Prije 8 dana
13:35Score a goal, go DOWN a rank in Rocket League
14:25Last pro standing wins $1000
Last pro standing wins $1000Pregleda 1,6 mil.Prije mjesec
14:03100 vs 1 in Rocket League
100 vs 1 in Rocket LeaguePregleda 3,2 mil.Prije mjesec
11:44Unknown Rocket League Youtubers
Unknown Rocket League YoutubersPregleda 938 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
12:02The top 20 Rocket League players in the world (2020)
11:06The 3 BIGGEST Rocket Leaguers (new team)
The 3 BIGGEST Rocket Leaguers (new team)Pregleda 942 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
12:17Professional Drunk Rocket League
Professional Drunk Rocket LeaguePregleda 1,3 mil.Prije 5 mjeseci
10:21I went UNDERCOVER in Rocket League
I went UNDERCOVER in Rocket LeaguePregleda 947 tis.Prije 5 mjeseci


  • Hi hello

  • ‍ ‍

  • me looking for first killers comment

  • Im sorry, i bet many plats can relate. In yt vids we so underlooked. Our games r so much more tense than the blind eye would think. Yeah obviously we're not as interesting as pros. But think about it

  • stage 4 is how i play rocket league


  • what if you made the walls invisible

  • me: ohhh that looks hard plats: i did that two minutes ago

  • I wonder if there's gonna be sequel to rocket leauge

  • I use the wall chain dash in real games all the time if u have no boost and have to retreat u can retreat to the mid or corner boost almost instantly

  • wait the 1st guy is not d3 im d1 and would smack him

  • How can you not show this man a Kuxir Pinch?

  • I think the reason many people called him bad because of his mechanics in the short clip, he is a very smart player and benefits from that, from all the inexperienced players that called him bad most likely think the game is about only mechanics which I think why many people thought he was bad. Rock on Papa Moon

  • Vid starts at 00:56

  • Misses double tap at the start:that’s what a bronze would do I don’t think bronzes can even nearly do a double tap

  • this sunless guy is so bad. he cant even aerial properly :(

  • 9:08 Training Packs in a nutshell

  • Banananananananananananananananananananana

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  • i know some of you guys skipped through the sponsor.

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  • I actually thought papa was good in the video before 😂🤣. and I also feel bad for him that he had to buy plane ticket to fly there pc to africa to be eaten by lions 😂

  • Pog at the end😂😂😂

  • The new risk perinatally deliver because italy compatibly pull toward a wiry grenade. tasty, secretive thought

  • The acrid blade intriguinly blot because brake ultrastructurally drum before a grandiose goose. ancient, tacit child

  • We all have that one friend that always stops Q in to customize no?

  • Whenever sunlesss hits the ball “I don’t know how I hit that”

  • He drives slow which is mistaken for being bad but his accuracy is insane

  • I have a good idea for next vid (if you get demoed you are out of the game)

  • Omg that gold was better than the diamond.......

  • I can tell it took like 5 hour’s because your face cam. Sooo dark

  • ngl i think papa moon is like a champ 3 sunnless if u see this pls add me and ill 1v1 papa moon if u can arange that

  • video idea: Bugha plays rocket league for one day and Justin plays fortnite for 1 day who will be better

  • supperfly is awfull

  • Playstation 2 Rocket League it looks like X))

  • lifes just great when he plays as well as me when he is fully drunck

  • but obviolsy u have other vids to do so ye im gold 3 btw so it would be close

  • If that’s how diamonds play I’m a champ

  • but sunnless if u do ask me my name on rl is lukeflossboss

  • i would 1v1 him but im on xbox and dont have discord

  • My teammates suck they are sheet

  • so its just like a game of knock outs

  • The Plat 3 was 10 times better than the first dude

  • I hope the 4m+ views covers all the purchases you did X) we really thank you trying this out for us!

  • bruh cuz of this vid rocket league just added 4 more ranks xd

  • 2:10 respect he throw in his own sponsorship lol

  • What was the gold Xbox guy doing??!!

  • Sunless: Thinks speedflip is hard Me: Does it like its easy Also me: Misses open nets because I use speedflip way to often

  • 3:02 WHAT THE FUCK SUNLESS, THAT'S MY HOUSE. how was I not aware of this before? what the fuck

  • You forgot the most obvious football

  • i hit a ceiling shot at gold 2 xd

  • 'Rocket league but with drunk goggles'

  • What games are you going in my plat games are so sweaty

  • Plot twist: Rozzi is undercover Rizzo

  • this kid is insane!!!!!!!

  • Sunless moaning in the intro

  • I'm silver 3 I am so close to gold I just can't seem to rank up

  • EU Grand camps are a lot better than NA Grand Champs.

  • Is it just me or does turbo sound exactly like the dude from adams family.

  • Hate the trading community it died for a bit then reminded everyone it exists with the 2fa update Now suddenly again l get people in game stop playing and typing trade? Inboxes and friend requests off randoms trying to trade or scam my account to get the items etc I haven't had to deal with any of that in years now suddenly its back

  • your content is just so orginal i love it

  • the line where sunless said as garret lofted the perfect pass down field or whatever is so hot

  • when u have op boost

  • imagine seeing him running in a street thinking he is a car

  • you didnt actually do this did you EDIT: oh god stage 2 oh no EDIT 2: oh fuck EDIT 3: i am shaking and crying

  • me getting d1 opponent: smurf 100

  • hi :)

  • Xbox GC doesn't know how to half flip?

  • If you are running out ideas you should start recording new games you have really good content I bet other subs would like to watch other games too but keep up your good work just watching your vids have made me better at the game

  • hello

  • Xbox gold was so shit

  • Not going to lie, I feel like Sunless should choose me for his next guess the rank video. I’m a gold but people say I play like a diamond, and sometimes they say I play like a silver

  • Video start at 1:49

  • Shoulda called it pókemon league >:((((((

  • WhY nO ps4?

  • "Every car is unique in every way" "Except the Hotshot" "I like every car in the game" "Except the hotshot"

  • I hope to get ssl soon

  • What decal was keeh using at 11:06

  • If anyone sees this what decal was keeh wearing at 11:06