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3:41HS FOOTBALL:  Rainier Beach vs.  Garfield
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1:59HS FOOTBALL:  O'Dea vs  Eastside Catholic
3:16HS FOOTBALL:  Steilacoom vs  White River
2:06HS Football:  Seattle Prep vs. Ballard
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  • I owe 14,000 in overpayment after I got qualified and spent the money. Death to whoever was in charge of this decision.

  • Socialism has arrived! Capital gains tax is an income tax. No incentive to make money. This climate change state is a joke. What have they done to address the “1949 Green Run” 🤮

  • Socialism has arrived! No incentive to Make money or be innovative. This climate change state is a joke. What have they done to address the “1949 Green Run” 🤮

  • Socialism has arrived! This climate change state is a joke. What have they done to address the “1949 Green Run” 🤮

  • Socialism has arrived! This climate change state is a joke. What have they done to address the “1949 Green Run” 🤮

  • Error: they have diffirent voicies

  • No.

  • I always remember Danny faking that bass, and it makes me smile.

  • They should be scooped up, lined up, and dropped into a hole. They serve no purpose in society.

  • The only way to truly be safe is close them forever.

  • 😔

  • Im here because of tiktok

  • Lets just switch to renewable natural gas its almost zero pollutant. And it’s cheaper

  • Here we go 🤦🏽‍♂️ turning into California 2.0

  • Go plant based, natural medicines...see cancer fly away.

  • Only King County? Smh....

  • We, should, wait,till, everyone should get the shot

  • Skating culture seems like the last group of folks who would bash a person for protecting their skull. Anyone who doubts it just search “I love helmets” on HRdown and watch the first result.

  • Ban vehicles, they are killing people just like guns do

  • Inslee shut the fu k up

  • Danny is quite modest - says he had family, etc., but he did not get to have a pleasant family upbringing.

  • I just wanted you to hold me down and whisper sweet nothings in my ear

  • Addiction is a disease nod a crime to be thrown in jail pay 1,000s of dollars loose ur job or car or kids ect..they need help rehab after care they do not need to become felons on top of everything else

  • Sad someone was crazy driving crazy today while I wa as driving today glad they didn't hit cause it was so close

  • Anyone have a floor plan for these

  • PLEASE keep wearing your masks PLEASE ..............let's wait till mid June or at least the end of May before opening everythin ....

  • And the Pier Collapse

  • 2:25 “It doesn’t mean we have to arrest them, but there does need to be some kind of booking process....” Actually, booking people without arrest is a violation of due process under the Constitution. If you’re going to detain and fingerprint somebody that means a Miranda, and if you think you can just go around locking people up willy-nilly you’ve got another think coming.

  • People are driving insane and stupid these days and way over the speed limit.if you are a safe driver trying to comply with the traffic laws and obey the speed limit,these stupid idiots say you're a slow drivers and don't see it as being a safe driver.

  • Just a couple more months before enough people are vaccinated, or open now and kill more people. We know what the Rs want. It's what they've wanted the whole pandemic.

  • The bible book - a compendium of folk tales and fables.! Tales recounted orally for generations by primitive tribes from the stone ages This is the Old Testament The new Testes is hearsay since these gospels were written by the faithful and not by objective historians of that particular time There are no gods!

  • Arrest these uneducated and irresponsibly criminal anti-vax fools - for Endangerment! for incitement to Culpable Homicide! Conspiracy to commit a crime!! Accessory to Mass Murder!!!

  • Open up safely

  • Back to work the state!😎🤙

  • So sad 😞

  • so I live right down the street here in Spokane from a Superspreader event currently happening at the local school bus depot. At least 80+ personnel have it so far, 30-40 of them drivers and attendants, with at least one death within the last week. All this started when schools started back into session about 3 weeks ago. Just saying if you want to open up, dont play stupid or cowboy about it and take the precautions seriously cause you can be dead in a week over this, plain and simple

    • If you die in spring 2021 from this, it REALLY sucks. Just work through this for another two or three months and vaccination coverage is high enough to open up safely without UNNECESSARILY risking your life.

  • Just open the state, people can still wear masks if they want and people at risk can continue to hole up. It seems simple as f

    • @skaetur1 shop owner will change their mind after a few more armed robberies with unidentifiable masked up suspects.

    • Shop owner says: no mask no entry. Republican dumbass is offended and makes a scene.

  • It's very scary the way many people drive out there. I've got a message for the safe driver like me: Stay off the road if you have no business to be out there on the road.

    • I don't live my life in fear and paranoia.....

  • WA is lost, time for Conservatives to leave for better horizons. Let BLM, Illegals and POC run the state, ha ha.

    • @Hawks Fan not really

    • @kzx13 This state is beautiful because of the people you like to call liberal lunatics.

    • I would rather kick liberal lunatics out of this beautiful state

    • Kick rocks then. Bye felicia

  • That's a big ass bird 🕊️🕊️🕊️

  • 11:08 What does he mean when he says "We're going to shutdown"? Is that atc code for something? Edit: corrected timestamp

  • Text the rich Democrats!!!! The rich can move, the poor can't

    • What shall we say in the text?😹

  • Since you didn't give the panhandler on the corner any money the government's going to take it from you and give it to them!!🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • texas texas texas

  • There are Republicans in Washington state? 🙊

  • Thieves!!!

  • We don't need more revenue? Isn't the state in debt as well, or did he conveniently forget about that as soon as it didn't help one of his talking points? That means that even in times of practicing fiscal responsibility, there's a duty to pay down that debt and find the money to do so where it can be gotten, that's it, full stop.

    • Thank you for pointing that out. People just don't get it, we are obligated to send as much money to the state as we possibly can. This tax, along with the new proposed gas tax still won't be enough, even with the money raked in from taxing weed we still need to up our taxing responsibility by another 15-20%. Hopefully the traditional income tax coming in the next 10 years will help them even more. Dont like taxes? Then MOVE!

  • Political correctness is another form of racism that uses seemingly inoffensive words... White Privilege is a racist ideology that only racist people embrace.

  • How fast you flying? Ummm, I'm flying about minimal wage :( This guy is a Legend

  • So if you take public transportation, your commute is going to take even longer... better get a bicycle and get faster!

  • It was $750k, and now it’s $250k... for couples. Which means $125k for individuals. And that threshold is just going to get lower and lower.

  • This tax is BS 😡

  • Dam man this was on my recommendation no clue who this is but rip. He didn’t want to hurt anyone sounded like a cool guy to play COD with.

  • How about telling us the truth that there are people are dying of the vaccines

  • Why didn't they ask the hospitals? She broke her ankle on that fall and not hard to pick out her boyfriend in a metallic blue jersey

  • wea needs to be dissolved. the union has too much power in the state politics.

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  • This is terrible for Canadian property owners there. They haven't been able to go check on their homes and properties for 1 year.

  • Why such a small screen though?

  • All that fat tissue must have protected her vitals.

  • I live in mukilteo and I’m a Christian, but I’m proud that this city is opening up a most so others can worship.

  • Omg I can’t believe how small his hands are. It was shocking and distracted me I didn’t hear what he said. 😳

  • I had the privilege of having dinner with the captain of the abe Lincoln carrier . you don't know how big this machine is until you have to use the latrine or what ever the Navy calls the toilet.

  • He should’ve said, “ALLAH AK BAR” before nose diving

  • How about killing all the sea lions in ballard?...Im sure the orcas would appreciate that.

  • I cant believe you'd put ads over this, you're gross

  • I literally refuse to step back on my biard til i get a new helmet

  • Hi! Do you still have to wear a mask while having sex with a stranger in Seattle? Just trying to plan things and do my part! Thanks! 🙏

  • I hope this guy found whatever happiness he was looking for in the last minutes of his life.. RIP

  • Hi! Do you still have to wear a mask while having sex with a stranger in Seattle? Just trying to plan things and do my part! Thanks! 🙏

  • This video should be on porn hub so everyone can enjoy it.

  • Going slow isn’t illegal. Dude who shot at you is nut job.

  • If they make a movie about him Chris Pratt has to play him

  • Welcome home safely to all our loved family sailors!! Thank you.

  • R.I.P sky king

  • "I just want you to whisper sweet nothings into my ear."

  • She’s not a doctor hahaha.

  • Democrats are lovely.

  • Oh you mean the Summer of love ❤️ is coming to an end?🤣