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3:22Doja Cat - Streets (Party Favor Remix (Audio))
3:28Doja Cat - Streets (Lazerbeak Remix (Audio))
2:16Doja Cat - Streets (DJ Sliink Remix (Audio))
2:57Doja Cat - Streets (Ape Drums Remix (Audio))
4:16Doja Cat - Streets (Disclosure Remix (Audio))
4:34Doja Cat - Streets (Official Video)
Doja Cat - Streets (Official Video)Pregleda 49 mil.Prije mjesec
4:07Doja Cat - Say So (MTV EMA 2020)
Doja Cat - Say So (MTV EMA 2020)Pregleda 4,8 mil.Prije 4 mjeseci
4:47Doja Cat - Freak (Audio)
Doja Cat - Freak (Audio)Pregleda 22 mil.Prije 8 mjeseci
4:15Doja Cat - The Tale of Becoming Doja Cat | Vevo LIFT
2:45Doja Cat - Like That (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane
3:58Doja Cat - Say So (Live Performance) | Vevo LIFT
Doja Cat - Say So (Live Performance) | Vevo LIFTPregleda 12 mil.Prije 11 mjeseci
3:28Doja Cat - Say So ft. Nicki Minaj
Doja Cat - Say So ft. Nicki MinajPregleda 30 mil.Prije 11 mjeseci
3:23Doja Cat - Say So (Snakehips Remix (Audio))
Doja Cat - Say So (Snakehips Remix (Audio))Pregleda 545 tis.Prije godine
2:55Doja Cat - Say So (Friend Within Remix (Audio))
3:56Doja Cat - Say So (Official Video)
Doja Cat - Say So (Official Video)Pregleda 294 mil.Prije godine
3:48Doja Cat - Streets (Audio)
Doja Cat - Streets (Audio)Pregleda 95 mil.Prije godine
3:59Doja Cat - Say So (Audio)
Doja Cat - Say So (Audio)Pregleda 113 mil.Prije godine
4:04Doja Cat - Talk Dirty (Audio)
Doja Cat - Talk Dirty (Audio)Pregleda 3,6 mil.Prije godine
3:02Doja Cat - Cyber Sex (Official Video)
Doja Cat - Cyber Sex (Official Video)Pregleda 25 mil.Prije godine
2:44Doja Cat - Like That (Audio) ft. Gucci Mane
3:25Doja Cat - Better Than Me (Audio)
Doja Cat - Better Than Me (Audio)Pregleda 3,4 mil.Prije godine
3:18Doja Cat - Won't Bite (Audio) ft. Smino
Doja Cat - Won't Bite (Audio) ft. SminoPregleda 11 mil.Prije godine
3:30Doja Cat - Addiction (Audio)
Doja Cat - Addiction (Audio)Pregleda 3,6 mil.Prije godine
2:41Doja Cat - Shine (Audio)
Doja Cat - Shine (Audio)Pregleda 2,5 mil.Prije godine
3:34Doja Cat - Rules (Official Video)
Doja Cat - Rules (Official Video)Pregleda 98 mil.Prije godine
3:37Doja Cat - Bottom Bitch (Official Video)
Doja Cat - Bottom Bitch (Official Video)Pregleda 28 mil.Prije godine


  • Okay I may be a little drunk, someone please tell me the name of the Brittany spears video the astronaut reminds me of

  • *Fresh Twerking*

  • Sza looks like the mother of earth

  • Damn... She's so good she makes me wanna give her the benefit of the doubt. Here's hoping she grows as a person past ignorance and all that crap so I can go back to enjoying her music without guilt

  • ._.

  • Am I the only one who thinks she's saying Gummy Dummy :'( It was my favorite line til I googled the lyrics.


  • The actual lyrics are deep yet seductive ; and the melody is so enchanting but in a darker way ; i just love this song so much


  • Eso daja... los hombres asiáticos son nuestra fantasía vivientes

  • -“E-arth or something.” -“I think the e is definitely silent...” -“Arth?” -“Ert?”

  • Adorooo♥️🇧🇷

  • Trash trash music sound the same it sound like something I would hear kohls get better bro honestly who tf even does this

  • I love Asians because I'm Asian 2 lol

  • Nasa says there's some aliens on mars that starts twerking after they hear this

  • Came for more of Say So, and was not disappointed. But that end was cringe ,to be honest.. seriously, unnecessary

  • Why sza n doja look like 2 lobe of pituitary gland😭

  • doja cat eu te amo vc eh minha rainha vc eh perfeita vc eh tudo pra mim mds

  • "All on my tongue, I want it." I'm stuck in that part. 🤩

  • haven’t even heard the song since now

  • Queria morar nesse vídeo

  • pink world🌸

  • masterpiece

  • You see this? *twerking* I cant control it

  • been rewatching ong



  • I love this Libra and Scorpio vibes..

  • What a long wait for this masterpieceeeeeee 😍😩💓💓💓💓💓

  • I always knew SZA and Doja Cat was out of this world

  • “In bed twerking”

  • Starlight x twerking

  • Gente do céu que homem lindo

  • this song its a whole vibe how can ppl not like it

  • My girl never miss

  • Filipino twerking

  • This is sooo hard! And so real.

  • trash

  • Got DAYUM he fwoine!

  • *euphorically twerking*

  • Loveeeeeee

  • This reminds me of something, but I like it.

  • Doja can’t make a bad song

  • He’s so cute.

  • Lesbian realization twerking

  • I want to Doja in her cat!

  • What is up with those comments that have links to them? It's so weird. Are they why youtube has been turning off comment sections??

  • This is fire no joke , no cap on God periodddd😘😘🥰🥰😆

  • Queen

  • I only came for Alex, but the song is not bad hahaha

  • Doja isnt 100% blk but said nigga ??

    • -👨‍💻

    • Don’t attack me I love her I’m just saying thts not ok

  • sexy twerking

  • *outofthisworld twerking*

  • im in love with alex landi so vad😭

  • admiring the guy twerking

  • This guy is life and heaven I just love the music video , all the beautiful skin colours , multipal races , diversity and beauty .. uh ! I like them all

  • That’s dude from greys anatomy isn’t it?

  • We love a rapper that can sing

  • Yes Asian heart throb!

  • This looks like a game to be played

  • Illuminati kittens! MEOW.

  • 😍

  • imagine doja calling her fans ‘kitten’ that will be so great

  • Two artist taking forever to bring out those unreleased songs haha!

  • New Doja. New album! I’m into it. Anything with SZA automatically gets a listen from me, too! This collab is what 2021 wanted!

  • This Asian guy is from greys anatomy I remember him

  • Let’s get physical.

  • The slowed version is gonna be such a vibe🥰


  • One of of those astronauts. Uniform and all. Yes. Thank you. 👁👄👁

  • why is everyone twerking 🤔

  • Alternative title for this video: Worst Astronaut in History

  • *pansexual twerking*

  • If the truth helped it would of helped already. Thanks for your time and inspiration..I don't understand many things on their level...

  • Why everybody twerking ???

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA NO PUEDo dejar de escuchar esta canción.

  • Top😽😽😽😽😽

  • Finally Interstellar deleted scenes...

  • i'm attracted to literally every single person in this m/v

  • Contortion twerk make it work