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2:01Dennis Bergkamp | FIFA World Cup Goals
3:01:51FIFAe Club World Cup 2021™ | Zone 2 Finals | Asia
1:57FIFA Museum celebrates five-year anniversary
31:47Living Football | FIFA Fussball-Magazin | Folge 2


  • Imagine Morata in place of Son 😂😂..he surely would have missed it

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  • Jajjajja buleria buleria AJJAJAJJAJAJA

  • Messi’s goal is overrated to this day

  • He's not just revered in Argentina, I've seen HRdown videos of people in India, China, Russia, Italy crying for him, building altars, mourning his death like they knew him personally. I even read a state in India , Kerala declared 2 official mourning days for his death. It's very touching. The man was LOVED everywhere, he crossed all kinds of geopolitical barriers, humble genius! Argentina loved him, but his death is a loss for the entire world.

  • 1:34 Neymar Skill

  • Aquí muslera ya demostraba que no estaba atajando muy bien, las pelotas que se le escapaban eran insólitas, deberían haberlo sacado para el próximo partido, ojo no digo que muslera no haya sido un grande pero ya no es un joven y el golero creo yo que es la posición donde más se notan los años

  • Will never forget that Forlan goal insane Ghana deserved the win they had done everything right since the first game

  • 香川まじでいい。セレッソ出身の選手はテクい奴多いね

  • Brazil and the players took a lot of money to lose. See how they play ..and you will know it

  • That's a great moment when you see the true level of the French.

  • Suarez cheats.

  • Haha this dislikes came from Brazil Fans.

  • 2021 reliving these 2010 FIFAWC highlights.

  • Pekerman en ese mundial se murió de hambre con la nevera llena... a mi me gusta mucho Don José Pekerman como técnico, soy Colombiano y a nosotros nos ayudó mucho... pero en ese mundial a Messi lo sentó y solo le dio unos minutos, lo mismo hizo con aimar y con Tévez

  • David Luiz so confused when Germany scored the first goal

  • Gracias Diego por haber hecho esa obra de arte en mi tierra ❤️🇲🇽🐐

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  • 0:01 main di GOA

  • And most of the goals are against Argentina 🇦🇷 Leo Messi ❣️

  • Que bien que ganaron las Koreanas no me gustan las Brasileñas parecen hombres.

  • man i was 9 years old when i saw this world cup it was my first.

  • Una cagada los argentinos, pateando penales

  • Aún nadie no sabe por qué el árbitro dío traheta amarilla a Matuidi

  • Dante knew the Germans, they said

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  • I wonder why New Zealand didn't get there. It would have been for sure a much tougher opponent.

  • Hmmm Ghana sports all this talents are lost now

  • 0 pressing by the forwards

  • No la pelaron machin esa vez

  • Taking one for the country

  • 1:56 boy those fans are unimpressed 😂

  • Love from lebanon

  • 1:40 First time I've ever seen a penalty like that, for a back pass

  • Netherlands commentary on bergkamp goal : nederland, nederland gaat in halve finale of ik heb opeens zo gevoelig in halve finale gekomen met de ballbezit voor, frank de boer, frank de boer speelt de bal heel goed naar dennis bergkamp, dennis bergkamp met the bal on. DENNIS BERGKAMP × 4 OuOOoh

  • No importa cuantas veces veas esto mexico siempre pasando verguenza en las copas del mundo

  • Huh...makes me so proud... To win such a giant as Argentina And ... Lost from France in a finale I am Croat...and my country have bearly 4 milion of living souls We newer have colony...ore forigne lands under control Few guys playing football... I am so happy and thenkfull And feal biger then China 🌞😊🔝🍀🎉👍⛱🎶

  • 0:20 my beautiful country flag 🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿

  • This is how one gets humbled.

  • yay congratulations and my 8 year old daughter is a huge fan of alex morgan you are the best

  • hey i don't see USA on this list what happen

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  • Ive never seen a team this bad at this stage of a world cup, that defense is just tragic

  • 1:00 such harsh foul! RED CARD FOR FC.K SAKE! and they scored off of that disgrace. nice work VAR ....

  • 1:51 Saudi Arabia, 1, Egypt 2

  • Brazil: Samba soccer Germany: *Omae wa mou shindeiru*

  • Gervinho goal is unforgettable 🔥🔥

  • 💌💌💌💌💌❤❤❤❤

  • Épicoooooo!!! 🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾

  • 1:46 egypt goal?


  • Bek-bek chile agak tolol juga mainnya

  • Jajajajajajjajjjajjajajajjajja saludos desde Peru

  • I love Mertens celbreation .The way he was walking trough the audience

  • Mbazo was a pure cow😏💔

  • imagine celebrating on the 11th goal. ffs

  • Love it to watch it over and over again, I'm Croatian living in Germany, Croatia lost the opening game to Brazil cause of the referees and this game was all Croatian wanted to see, Brazil losing in their own country as high as possible 😂😁😁😁🇩🇪🇭🇷🇭🇷

  • Mandzukic has become the first player in history to score for both teams in the World Cup final

  • Back in those days when Vuvuzelas were the biggest Problem. 😂

  • Yearhs!

  • Siuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 2021

  • uianaldu

  • One of the saddest moments in history of football

  • Reseup y