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5:31Chatting w/ VP @Joe Biden and Dr. Biden
Chatting w/ VP @Joe Biden and Dr. BidenPregleda 48 tis.Prije 11 dana
0:31Celebrating One Year of Promise!
Celebrating One Year of Promise!Pregleda 221 tis.Prije 18 dana
DANCE TO DONATE!Pregleda 245 tis.Prije 28 dana
5:5520th Anniversary of The Cell
20th Anniversary of The CellPregleda 300 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
2:43Behind the Scenes of World of Dance: The Semi-Finals
11:36Thank You #JLovers for the Birthday Love!
Thank You #JLovers for the Birthday Love!Pregleda 118 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
3:38Behind the Scenes of World of Dance: Fashion Edition
8:55Class of 2020: The Year That Changed Everything
Class of 2020: The Year That Changed EverythingPregleda 427 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
1:46Behind the Scenes of World of Dance: TikTok Edition
4:03On The 6 - 21st Anniversary Celebration
On The 6 - 21st Anniversary CelebrationPregleda 515 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
4:24What You Didn't See During WORLD OF DANCE
What You Didn't See During WORLD OF DANCEPregleda 203 tis.Prije 5 mjeseci
11:48Dance Party with Alex and Diddy!
Dance Party with Alex and Diddy!Pregleda 353 tis.Prije 6 mjeseci
2:22JLo's Best Dance Moves
JLo's Best Dance MovesPregleda 705 tis.Prije 6 mjeseci
0:59Thanks A Million | Official Trailer | Quibi
Thanks A Million | Official Trailer | QuibiPregleda 215 tis.Prije 7 mjeseci
3:01✨Celebrating Selena 🌹
✨Celebrating Selena 🌹Pregleda 482 tis.Prije 7 mjeseci
1:39Happy Valentine's Day 2020
Happy Valentine's Day 2020Pregleda 363 tis.Prije 8 mjeseci
2:34Moments Before My Halftime Performance
Moments Before My Halftime PerformancePregleda 3,1 mil.Prije 8 mjeseci
11:30A Look Back at 2019
A Look Back at 2019Pregleda 766 tis.Prije 10 mjeseci
10:39iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina Performance
iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina PerformancePregleda 373 tis.Prije 11 mjeseci
1:26My Projects | Hims & Hers
My Projects | Hims & HersPregleda 427 tis.Prije 10 mjeseci
1:51BTS | Saturday Night Live
BTS | Saturday Night LivePregleda 109 tis.Prije 10 mjeseci
0:31My New Fragrance: Promise!
My New Fragrance: Promise!Pregleda 242 tis.Prije godine
15:09Fashion Moments | The Versace Dress: Then & Now
17:05Hustlers | Making a Movie in 29 Days! | BTS Part 2
2:03Hustlers | Surprising an NYC Tour Bus!
Hustlers | Surprising an NYC Tour Bus!Pregleda 250 tis.Prije godine
16:53Hustlers | Toronto Film Festival Premiere 2019
0:56Hustlers | Official Trailer 2
Hustlers | Official Trailer 2Pregleda 491 tis.Prije godine
9:56It's My Party Tour Diary | Around The World!
6:24Another Birthday Surprise?!
Another Birthday Surprise?!Pregleda 346 tis.Prije godine
13:11A Day in My Life | My Birthday
A Day in My Life | My BirthdayPregleda 5 mil.Prije godine
9:13Hustlers | Q&A with Keke Palmer!
Hustlers | Q&A with Keke Palmer!Pregleda 511 tis.Prije godine
2:32Hustlers | Official Trailer 1
Hustlers | Official Trailer 1Pregleda 2,6 mil.Prije godine
16:51It's My Party Tour Diary Episode 4 | NYC Blackout
26:21It's My Party Tour Diary Episode 1 | It's Showtime!
12:02Fashion Moments | My CFDA Fashion Icon Award 2019
4:07Celebrating 20 Years! On The 6
Celebrating 20 Years! On The 6Pregleda 172 tis.Prije godine
4:12Making The It's My Party Tour: Two Weeks To Go
4:50Making The It's My Party Tour: Three Weeks To Go
6:48Fashion Moments | My MET Gala 2019
Fashion Moments | My MET Gala 2019Pregleda 9 mil.Prije godine
5:33I REACT to Monster-In-Law
I REACT to Monster-In-LawPregleda 720 tis.Prije godine
9:23Twin Talk: AMA with Emme and Max
Twin Talk: AMA with Emme and MaxPregleda 8 mil.Prije godine
9:06Fashion Moments | The Versace Dress
Fashion Moments | The Versace DressPregleda 1,7 mil.Prije godine
14:53Jennifer Lopez | Behind the Scenes of "Medicine"
1:15Jennifer Lopez | Welcome to my YouTube Channel!
0:36Limitless Official Music Video - Sneak Peek
Limitless Official Music Video - Sneak PeekPregleda 110 tis.Prije godine
4:59Learn To Be Limitless
Learn To Be LimitlessPregleda 241 tis.Prije godine
2:29Second Act - Official Trailer
Second Act - Official TrailerPregleda 219 tis.Prije godine
LIMITLESS - THE SECOND ACT ANTHEM - BTSPregleda 321 tis.Prije godine
1:08Jennifer Lopez - Second Act Limitless Sneak Peek
1:41Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama (Lyric Video)
Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama (Lyric Video)Pregleda 1,6 mil.Prije 4 godina
1:44Shades of Blue Coming to NBC in 2016
Shades of Blue Coming to NBC in 2016Pregleda 94 tis.Prije 5 godina
#JLOHALLOWEEN 2014Pregleda 107 tis.Prije 6 godina
19:01Hangout with J. Lo #JLoAKA
Hangout with J. Lo #JLoAKAPregleda 111 tis.Prije 6 godina
0:16Jennifer Lopez - Tens [Teaser] #JLoTens #JLoAKA
0:49Harry Connick Jr. Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLove
0:09Britney Spears Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLove
0:33Ryan Seacrest Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLove
0:34Kelly & Michael Congratulate J. Lo #JLoFirstLove
0:21Randy Jackson Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLove
0:24Keith Urban Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLove
Keith Urban Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLovePregleda 11 tis.Prije 6 godina
0:18Cameron Diaz Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLove
1:01Taylor Swift Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLove
0:19Mary J. Blige Congratulates J. Lo #JLoFirstLove
3:59JLo & DJ Mustard -- Girls [Official Audio]
JLo & DJ Mustard -- Girls [Official Audio]Pregleda 647 tis.Prije 6 godina
0:46Jennifer Lopez - Same Girl
Jennifer Lopez - Same GirlPregleda 2,3 mil.Prije 6 godina
#GetJenniferTherePregleda 139 tis.Prije 7 godina


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