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10:44Level 1 To 100 Ways To TROLL In Minecraft
11:18Hidden Minecraft Easter Eggs Only Mojang Knows About
14:14Can This New Minecraft Idea Make Me Millions? | E15
10:46Sneaking Into A Business And Secretly Upgrading It!
42:10The 46 GREATEST Among Us TikTok Hacks Of All Time
11:53100 BANNED Items Minecraft Needs To Allow
100 BANNED Items Minecraft Needs To AllowPregleda 643 tis.Prije 7 dana
11:08Building Minecraft Farms The Way Mojang Intended
12:55I Made A $500,000 Business In Minecraft! | E13
11:45Using Redstone The Way Mojang Intended It
Using Redstone The Way Mojang Intended ItPregleda 958 tis.Prije mjesec


  • 2:10

  • Typo iPad for the cobble gent or they were on bedrock in iPad

  • Why is his axe called zaddy

  • He also plays on bedrock cause he or she was on ioad

  • 2:18 there wasnt a card swipe task and if u had it everyone would of had it so.

  • Hey the MRHQ hack that push you out of the ship actually worked on my first try

  • The bow was suppose to have flames

  • no lie but iam 8yrs old its my dream to reach success in youtube and i learn to keep following my dreams and i think im gonna follow my dreams and i really cry in your story Loverfella and you are my top one favorite youtuber and i wanna be like you and everyone should follow their dreams don't beilieve you are gonna fail beilieve that you gonna succed in life because if you have haters don't be upset its part of being a youtuber and the say H-aving A-nger T-owards E-veryone R-eching S-success beilieve in yourself and work hard for it And i just wanna say if you want it work hard for it

  • Dreamnotfound have been summoned

  • so good

  • You should make Minecraft houses with modded furniture

  • Super secret works you have to be in some world

  • Uh oh The thumbnail

  • wtf i saw this video on a ad

    • Yeah apparently a lot of people have :o idk why

  • Do this command on java /give your name minecraft:player_head(SkullOwner:dream)

  • 3:29 i have that toy


  • The hug thingy i had in like 2015 and tried it didnt work

  • Why did he use fire aspect on a bow it would not work he does not know many important things about Minecraft there is a flame enchantment

  • Him in thumbnail: Shows fantastic base, with loads of details Also him: Builds a basic base, that looks semi alright

  • well you can move netherite blocks and they're almost unbreakable

  • Your fend called isaac and I'm called isaac lol

  • you needed the flame enchant for the bow

  • The 3d mode he did way before I ever saw this some how my brother managed to change the settings or do something and got that mode stuck for a month it was horrible

  • You did not kill your dog

  • 7:02 Pumpkin of binding

  • I have that book

  • What if I got pinned📌

  • I saw the med bay scan hack

  • I already knew all of this before I even watched HRdown videos

  • the last easter egg only works for consle

  • I saw the third (?) last

  • It sed hugs not hug

  • Boi I tell you when that time ur vid is until the end you will be like 🥴🥴🥴🤕🤕

  • The RPG

  • This content is so family friendly! He even censored an entire gun Great now censor the rest of the gun so it's not CANNON

  • Which one java or bedrock? And I don't know how I can get those minecraft thing

  • the flying machine works for me

  • I will always break the block 😎😎😎

  • i wanna join this server

  • The shucker is very valubale so if a person is breaking into your base he wikk steak the shucker coz it’s super expensive n stuff so he will mine it steal it and he will find your secret base with all of your stuff like best armor

  • you should have used your water to place a block under the never ending block so all the sand and gravel doesnt keep falling, also put a hole near your never ending block and then hit mobs off

  • There are actually things that kill dogs for meat and I really hate it because I loves dogs and horses

  • I miss the ark content😞

  • OwO

  • O i can do that boat parkor

  • Trust me im the unluckiest and luckiest mcpe player alive spawned in a mooshroom biome it sucked cant find wood so i cant get cobble hardest world i have forgot the seed tho sorry

  • Bruh are you watching dream smp

  • Boo

  • Farlands Nether Farlands Next thing you know someone will find the farlands in the end

  • This is just me or i see a sign in 6:37 "merry shall we have play explore"

  • That's not the way that a villager keep their arms Why cant they see that

  • You So stong after you hav gon thru So muts💖 SOO sad that your girl died😢

  • In the thumbnail its a sticky piston

  • He was watching dantdm I love him

  • We need more bedrock!!

  • The water like the inf exp lovefella did it wrong he supposed to mine two block down and put a soul sand and yea

  • I think the pro builders won the voting was unfair i dont know how the planet wasnt just perfect

  • The map works

  • Omg I remember meatballs

  • Which shader?

  • When u said ben could kill 3 people i thought he would do /kill you

  • Love this shader!!!

  • How to troll a friend First Get a friend

  • spitball pickaxe

  • lot of bleeps

  • you know the yellow thing at the bottom of your screen mine once said: read more books

  • // Determine Entrance if(options.enterOn == 'timer') { setTimeout(init, options.delayTime); } else if(options.enterOn == 'click') { _this.bind('click', function(e) { e.preventDefault(); if(!locked) { init(); } }) } else if(options.enterOn == 'konami-code'){ var kkeys = [], konami = "38,38,40,40,37,39,37,39,66,65"; $(window).bind("keydown.raptorz", function(e){ kkeys.push( e.keyCode ); if ( kkeys.toString().indexOf( konami ) >= 0 ) { init(); $(window).unbind('keydown.raptorz'); } }, true);

  • 9:22 the grid from the tron legacy.

  • Pls make one for me!

  • u need flame on a bow

  • that one seed was nowhere close to every biome, there are 40+ biomes, also aboveground mineshafts are very common in mesas, also that thing with the rivers dividing the areas, your idea for that game is called factions. also those giant savanna mountains are a biome.

  • 😭😭😭