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8:47HIGHLIGHTS | Conor Benn vs. Samuel Vargas
0:14Boxer BURPS in the Middle of a Fight
Boxer BURPS in the Middle of a FightPregleda 201 tis.Prije dan
10:16HIGHLIGHTS | Murodjon Akhmadaliev vs. Ryosuke Iwasa
11:14HIGHLIGHTS | Shakhram Giyasov vs. Patricio Moreno
10:40HIGHLIGHTS | Israil Madrimov vs. Emmany Kalobomo
1:10:33FULL FIGHT | Daniel Roman vs. Murodjon Akhmadaliev
13:39FULL FIGHT | Shakhram Giyasov vs. Wiston Campos
28:27FULL CARD HIGHLIGHTS | Povetkin vs. Whyte 2
FULL CARD HIGHLIGHTS | Povetkin vs. Whyte 2Pregleda 165 tis.Prije 14 dana
9:57HIGHLIGHTS | Campbell Hatton vs. Jesus Ruiz
HIGHLIGHTS | Campbell Hatton vs. Jesus RuizPregleda 153 tis.Prije 14 dana
9:22HIGHLIGHTS | Alexander Povetkin vs. Dillian Whyte 2
5:17A Tactical Breakdown: Povetkin vs. Whyte 2
A Tactical Breakdown: Povetkin vs. Whyte 2Pregleda 14 tis.Prije 14 dana
9:53HIGHLIGHTS | Vergil Ortiz Jr. vs. Maurice Hooker
10:14HIGHLIGHTS | Anabel Ortiz vs. Seniesa Estrada
11:36HIGHLIGHTS | Marcelino Lopez vs. Jairo Lopez
9:03FULL FIGHT | Tristan Kalkreuth vs. Dustin Long


  • Listening to Cris and Martinez is like listening to Sponge Bob and Patric, Buttheads , Pun intended ...

  • I think if vargas wanted to continue fighting, he should of taken a knee and after the count he could come back stronger......but his ego cost him the figh 😆🤣😂

  • Fire the ref!

  • Way better than the main event! 👏

  • Vargas is a punching bag smh

  • Hearn is the best promoter right now many say it and so does canelo

  • Easy work for Savannah. She kinda fights like David Benavides. Huge offensive fighter, but gotta wach out her defense. See some holes that a fighter like Clarissa can capitalize.

  • This guy will fight who for championship belt can any one tell

  • 16 unanswered shots. Correct stoppage. Vargas goes home safe to his family 🙏🏽

  • "ask the man here" Joe doesn't want the fight 👍😁

  • this boi is something serious 🧐

  • Typical weakness for a white man is no power in later round

  • Jake Paul is gonna knock out KSI. You heard it here first.

  • Fight was stopped to early

  • Go watch the showtime fights! Those are knock outs!!! Not this disgrace. It’s a fight not a card game!

  • Vargas hands was up the whole time. That was not just a bit early stoppage, that was way too early stoppage

  • These ladies can fight. Much respect.

  • Great stoppage referee you did great work because he’s about to give him brain damage

  • Ayeeee Scorpio Gang 🥳🤪♏️


  • Give the man a chance. U.k always stopping fights early that’s why when they come here to U.S they get beat cause they are hype jobs

  • Kids got crazy potential in this sport but his attitude is gonna be his downfall

  • Benns hair looks like the bad fake hair you see in movies lol.

  • Conor got that mean demeanour and style from his dad...love to see it

  • Who tf keeps hiring these judges man?! Smh

  • ortiz vs benn be a cracking fight

  • Robbery as always

  • This guy said before that Conor couldn't take on Khan or Brook

  • Vigil Ortiz necita peliar con este aver si pasa la prueva

  • Bridges is tough af

  • Savannah moves so nice. And set up her punches beautiful, and with awesom power.

  • thank Eddie the promoter for that crazy entrance canelo said “that’s the best entrance i’ve ever had “ and signed to Eddie after being suing golden boy

  • Benn diserves a title shot

  • 1:21 I saw funnel mike @FV Family

  • I’m impressed....great fight!

  • He he the balls on this kid. He's a tough one though.

  • Hasta cuando esas peleas tan desiguales deslucen el boxeo .....

  • Spend more time on the introductions that the actual fight.😀

  • Savannah is the best female fighter ever.

  • Logan won this fight.

  • Him and jake paul👀

  • Ruiz the only man Joshua fears couldn’t stop this beast can’t wait till 3 fight

  • The right lady won. Work on your defense Ebany

    • It's the age old story. Youth over experience. Shannon had a bit more wind and power.

  • Vergil Ortiz vs Connor Benn would be a dope fight

  • Canelos majority of movement is woth his waist upwards his head movement makes up for his stiff lower body movement but this is why i say "styles make fights" billy joe always uses his pivots to get out of getting hit from combinations, yes you may land some but overall he will beat you to it , that's why billy will outpoint canelo

  • Pero por que paró la pelea??? Tenía que haberle dado una oportunidad mas!

  • I guess I can understand why the ref stopped this, but....I do think he should have allowed it to go on a little longer.....I mean, it is the first round and sure this dude was getting clocked but...again....at least allow the guy to fall....or force the other guy to knock him down....maybe two or three more punches...maybe not....

  • 2 points was so reasonable. The first uppercut dazed ksi. The second one knocked him down but the second was a held uppercut which should be 1 point and then he hit him on the ground twice that should count as another 1. 2 points was reasonable

  • This fight is awesome

  • I think EB won, it was at least closer then what the judges saw

    • She kept coming but I think Shannon had more effective punches. EB's face took quite a pounding but she is really tough. I thought she was gone a couple of times there but she gave Shannon all she could handle.

  • I expected this to be a joke. This was better than most of the UFC fights I watched today.

  • Canela the steroid user lol

  • Benn just getting better and better..I’m a fan 💯🇬🇧

  • Too early to stop referee should give vargas a standing count not stoping the fight vargas is still ok

  • I want the winner vs Vergil Ortiz

  • Way to go conor and you dad can be proud to sheer power in his hands

  • This is not Garcia vs Campbell fight!!! I'm the Pope on the contrary 😳

  • I'm not sure about all the swearing

  • That was coke

  • Not sure why they stopped that without him having even taken a count. Hmmmm

  • chocolate demostro que tiene quijada ,pegada y empuje para pelear los campeones élites de las 115 lbrs callo muchas bocas los que decian que choco iba ser ko quedaron en ridículo.

  • Keep fighting Ebanie Bridges. Do not underestimate anyone again.

  • Shields would beat her via Split decision. She's alot faster but has less power and throws a lot more with accuracy

  • White Chocolate looks like the Home Alone kid

  • Savanahha leves herself open after throwing. She tends to overcommit on the right

  • White Chocolate can Fight! 👊👊


  • looking forward to the future with danny murrall and benn

  • Meh great job by ben but the referee stopped the fight way to early. If you have seen vargas fight you know he tends to whether the initail storm. Honestly this doesn't tell me much about Connor Benn the referee stopped it to early.

  • Don kinglaolla


  • I must have seen the Weigh inns 1000 times mire than this fight True Story!!!!

  • Why not florian marku

  • This is boxing? 🤣🤣🤣

  • he is fast and drops bombs..

  • Gotta give props to Eddie as a promoter. Best in the business

  • There is going to come a time when you hear a kid say “I train boxing” and you will ask “what gym do you train at?”. That kid will reply “I don’t, but I’ve had a HRdown channel with 200k subscribers for a couple years” DAZN you are now culpable in this

  • Benn is providing himself as a boxer. He means business.

  • This match was closer then what the judges had on the scorecards....These ladies put on a show....

  • We wanna see AJ get chined again lol