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Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans have made their voices heard - they want reality when they watch sports, and UFC is clearly "AS REAL AS IT GETS!"



1:31:50UFC 259: Post-fight Press Conference
UFC 259: Post-fight Press ConferencePregleda 1,3 mil.Prije dan
8:59UFC 259: Petr Yan Post-fight Press Conference
2:04UFC 259: Islam Makhachev Post-fight Interview
12:15UFC 259 Quick Hits: Francis Ngannou Stops By
9:52UFC 259 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 6
3:03UFC 259 Cold Open
UFC 259 Cold OpenPregleda 326 tis.Prije dan
4:34Top Finishes From UFC 259 Fighters
Top Finishes From UFC 259 FightersPregleda 974 tis.Prije dan
1:07DC Gets Caught Cheating In "Who Said It?"
5:13UFC 259: Weigh-in Faceoffs
UFC 259: Weigh-in FaceoffsPregleda 707 tis.Prije dan
2:32:20UFC 259: Live Weigh-in Show
UFC 259: Live Weigh-in ShowPregleda 1,4 mil.Prije dan
11:05UFC 259: Blachowicz vs Adesanya - Weigh-in
9:45UFC 259 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 5


  • Petr Yan knee'd him to the face with full force because hurting him after he talked so much shit meant more than a silly golden belt.

  • He will get that belt back with a quickness!!

  • Francis is a trashcan of a fighter who doesn’t deserve another title shot this is a big waste of our time I won’t pay to watch this I already know what’s gonna happen

  • Janek dożywotni szacun 🤟

  • Joe sounds like the emperor talking about anakin in this. 😂 “UNLIMITED POWEEEAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!”

  • He's such an actor

  • Jan is so goddamn wholesome. Wholesome Jan.

  • ကိုရီးယားကမြန်မာနိုင်ငံသားများကိုထောက်ခံသည်။

  • Yo the commentators were so wack for the main event. Extremely bias against Jan. They did not give Jan enough credit. They are so in love with Izzy they looked stupid #joerogen #danielcormier #ubcneedsnewcommentators

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 😂

  • There was no bad blood between Izzy & Jan. They respect eachother, so absolutely best person to have his first loss too. But If there was a rematch I bet Izzy would win. That's mma folks. Win some lose some. ❤

  • Didint you say jhon jones ?

  • Run it back

  • now say it crying🤣😭👎

  • Was there ever any doubt?😆

  • If ngannou 2.0 lands 1 solid shot, Stipe is retiring

  • Jan won by smothering him kinda the weakest way possible to beat izzy just use his weight.

  • RDA is a national treasure he's fought everybody


  • Hahahaha Adesanya got exposed by a farmer on the ground Im dead 😂

  • Spend some time with english teacher mordo ;) Brawo Jano ;)

  • Took his first pro L like a man. Props and respect ✊

  • Yeah the judges scorecard make it seem like it was an ass whooping. But it was super close

  • Faikk Champion

  • The judges fucking suck. That fight was NOT that one sided. It was highly competitive and I thought Adesanya absolutely had the first and third rounds. Even the rounds Blachowicz won he didn't dominate until he got him to the ground.

  • literally life or death situation for nunes evertime. thats the difference. fights from her heart not head.

  • one leg lunch has show the blood clot on his back.

  • He’s a different type of monster

  • Mma is a joke

  • Dan "Haggar" Severn

  • De vez em quando aparece um brasileiro (ou brasileira) que coloca a gente no topo do mundo e nos faz sentir orgulho e reafirmar que podemos competir de igual para igual com qualquer um do mundo.

  • The most undeserving champion.. After putting up the classic act, he had the audacity to attend the post interview... UFC should strip him n keep the title line n run this fight back again....❤️

  • Nunez got a beautifully family, and Jan seems like a real down to earth guy

  • I always respected Stipe because he worked his way through the ranks, stayed respectful and was a proper champion. He doesn't need to trash talk because his abilities speak for themselves. Ngannou can score a highlight reel knock out but he isn't a complete fighter, he's a slugger. Who has he beaten that is a true contender as of late? A well past their prime JDS ruined by USADA. Cain hasn't been the same in years. Blaydes is a joke and Rozenstruik was an up and comer who relied heavily on, much like Ngannou, beating past their prime fighters. I expect it to go the distance once more and Stipe getting his hand raised again. Then after all is said and done, We can stop talking like Ngannou is the next big thing because he isn't. He's got power but if he doesn't finish Stipe in round 1, He'll gas and Stipe will impose his will as he did last time.

  • Stipe is the absolute true story the purist warrior every ounce of the meaning dating back BC here is modern day gladiator as he again topples Francis the black beast.... and a Beast he is.... Make it early Francis or die in deep waters as Stipe drags pulls you in BOOM 💥

  • The master has failed many more times than a beginner ever has..

  • They should ban oblique kicks. That shit can cripple you for months and can risk your career easily.

  • I judge how scary a fighter is by how scary fighter act around him. Francis Ran. For three of the Worst Rounds in UFC HeavyWeight History. Why Because he was scared. Of the Man with the Tied Most KO's, The Black Beast Himself, Derrick Lewis.

  • He is a Fake Champion. Belt was handed to him. I will act like im hurt to win a belt as well.

  • Sterling win via Dramatic Acting 🎬🏆

  • 0:03 *D:*

  • And the Oscar goes to...

  • Holly Holm broke Ronda and Amanda Nunes made sure she'd never return. RR only has herself to blame.

  • Can’t wait for this

  • I remember the pre fight press conference

  • Who the fuck is opening canned beverages repeatedly throughout this presser

  • Ufc want stipe to lose so bad

  • And still,Stipe is the heavyweight GOAT 🐐

  • Respect from New 🇳🇿 Legendary polish power 👊

  • gosh leon is cold

  • Parallel universe?? Thats loong

  • I wish everyone reading this a blessed day

  • WORDS TO FRANCIS The only reason YOU lost that Last match was mind trick. Stipe trick you with friendly look and touch glove with smiles. Those stuff were really controlling your mind not to hit really hard and Francis never noticed. HEY FRANCIS, HERE IS MY MESSAGE TO YOU. GO HUNGRY FOR THE BELT!!! NO FRIENDS😡😡, NO RESPECT😡😡. ITS GOOD TO BE A CAMP!!!! SIMPLY GO HUNGRY FOR IT AND BEAT THE HELL OUT OF STIPE. YOU WILL DEFINITELY KNOCK HIM DOWN ROUND ONE. I WILL BET ON THAT And Jons is playing those friendly trick with you. Dont be gullible. You are the real deal UFC wants, I mean your strength is enough to stay on top. You are not Jon's friend either, this is business. Hate your enemy and conquer them all. Dont be friend with any one from your division. You can be friend with Jons when he was light heavy weight, him stepping up to your heavy weight divison means he wants to take you position. Are you just going to be trick and stay week. You are a fucking lion Francis, roar Francis and attack them all. If I know you mail. I would have mail you this in private. Still you are the real champion I dont care. This is Sesan John from Nigeria. Im your Super fan and dont let me down please

  • Blachiwicz it's crazy man but I win with him in Poland and he cry a lot

  • She made it look easy because it was fooking easy Dana you inflatable armed maniac you...

  • Stipe is the underdog again?... Did we forget the last fight or?..

  • He lost but he gets more attention than the winner..CLASS

  • Dana ; Francis has a punch stronger like a sledge hammer Miocic ; "Soka"

  • Darren till should be Izzy next fight

  • Guys can someone explain to me how it is legal to hammer fist a guys head while he is on the ground but it is not okay to knee a guy in the head when he is down?!

  • 🤔🤔👎👎👎👎

  • Stipe vs ngannou is like a dark souls boss fight. Stipe has to be spot on and avoid the big shot for 25 minutes. Ngannou just has to land the big blast to end it, but just like a dark souls fight if youre good like stipe you just can keep it pushing and get your shots in and win it

  • Stipe will knock u out this time ....bet that

  • These reporters ask the shittest questions. Dana's expression is priceless. I love his responses.

  • Stiopic.

  • What is Stipe's background into MMA, was he a boxer before and a wrestler too maybe?

  • What does your mother do? Amanda's kid: My mom mercks people and gives me juice boxes! 🙂

  • Love this guy. Super smart and down to earth.

  • Izzy be trolling Paulo even after losing to Jan😂😂

  • There's a new Stipe in town

  • *UFC bout to promote Stipe VS Ngannou *Overeem left the UFC

  • Honestly It was a good fight and you brought your game so win or lose it really doesn't matter when you give it your all. We all wanna see you fight again soon and this will motivate you to get better.

  • Don't do that no more Izzy lol but we still love you man!

    • Sports are a scripted hoax, check out my new vid on my channel.

  • Petr Yan is the Ivan Drago of the UFC lmao

  • Francis is like the Wilder of ufc just swinging at air until he lands. Stipe will win again he’s superior fighter and wayyyyyy higher IQ.

  • We're 3 weeks away and I'm already putting bets on Stipe in plus money.

  • Wow ... both rda and Edwards suck in that one... both boring af now .

  • wery interesting youpuberts :)

  • Not even giving a hug to her opponent, Ronda does not have any manners. Arrogant.