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Hi Lovelies! I’m Tamara Kalinic and this is my HRdown channel!
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  • What do you think about JIMMY CHOO EMSY glitter silver heels for bride 😀

  • Tamara you are gorgeous & I love to watch your vlogs :) but what happened to your lashes girl? They look so much more natural and not as lengthy ... still beautiful though! :)

  • Tamara you are beautiful, thank you for sharing your tips. Yes please can you do a video on your current hair style prep. Thank you 😊

  • You look soooo gorgeous

  • I dont think you like macha :)

  • Hi Tamara!! I wanted to ask you about your laser hair removal treatments. What laser is the technician using etc..? thanks!

  • Don't keep the bottega bag🙏

  • Bravo Tamara! It’s nice that you mansion talented people from our country.

  • Stephan is the cutest!!!!!!! He's a proper influencer ahaha

  • Love watching your videos Tamara. You look amazing with and without make up. Your skin care advise is always very accurate (coming from a professional skin care specialist!) Love your style and you have inspired me to invest in some special pieces! Thank you for your hard work in creating your amazing content! Looking forward to your next video... as always! 💕 D.

  • U look gorgeous!

  • Tamara, you look beautiful...your skin is absolutely glowing! I need to get on the Hydro facial bandwagon haha! Thanks for sharing! ❤️🌸

  • i love the prada coat

  • Talking about beauty, What do you suggest for little black spots on the face caused by sun?

  • Me watching the video because i want to see the wadrobe clean out but it appears every time that the title of the video is not what the video is about 😂 i love you tamara but this enoyes me 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Beauty related question... i know you did a video about your diet routine and treatment... i would like to know how you stay in shape how often you exercice and what do you do (fitness? Running? Swimming?) you also use à machine in institute but i couldnt find it on Line... what is the name of the treatment? Alma? Tesla former? Cant remember or find it on Line? Thank you. 🌹🌹🌹🌷🌷🌷

  • I love your answer about acne and pore size. Very smart of you to suggest people see a dermatologist. You articulate yourself very well when It comes to your personal style and how you want to look and represent yourself. Impressive.

  • Looooooove it 🥰❤️

  • Beauty Question ❤️❤️ Do you use any skin tools like Gua Sha or ones like Nu face toning, love your vids xx

  • Thank you for sharing.

  • looooveeee the acne trousers 💙💙💙💙

  • Hello, Tamara, can You tell us more about the dental procedure You have done..where, what technigue etc.Thank you

  • Dear Tamara please stop taking probiotics with hot water- actually hotnes can kill lots of good probiotics culture... there is so many studies about it

  • ❤️❤️❤️ We love you Tamara!

  • Aww when you asked what flowers to get, “what ever you want baby” 🥺🥺

  • Your gift are so special 🥰🥰💖 dreaming about the day I will buy my first Chanel bag 🥺🧿

  • Tamara sorry but that Bottega Veneta Bag is awful

  • I had to step back and take a deep breath before commenting. I was shocked by the comment you showed that someone made regarding you looking ugly after makeup. Trust me I am cursong this person out in the privacy of my home but all I can publicly say is, that person has an UGLY HEART!!!!!!

  • Please tell us about your lashes !! Do you still use castor oil or only revitalash??? Lovee your lashes they look amazing !!!

  • Can u tell us which self tan product you use?

  • Can you kindly make a new video of part 2

  • Your Nautilus is TO DIE for <33 looks so beautiful

  • your vids are my favorite :)

  • Tamara , I think you are so beautiful inside and out . With or without make up . You seem to have such a good aura around you . You are so positive and I truly enjoy all your content . Please do not listen to the negative comments .

  • do you have to wear masks outside in paris?

  • I kod nas u Srbiji ovamo je to baby boomer (mada ga prave malo više kao neku ombre varijantu sa malo šljokica) mada to tvoje više liči na neku milky rose varijantu prelepo je :D

  • Hi Tamara, your smile looks fab 💕 which whitening treatment did you have please? 😁

  • Your lashes.......wow! <3 Thank you for all your honest answers. Love that you give professional advice, not just promoting a bunch of products that will not work!!!

  • Do you still use castor oil on your eyelashes everyday? 🌸

  • Bukvalno ali buukvalno ne bih mogla da nadjem ni jednu zamerku kod tebe stvarno, jako mi se dopada tvoje razmisljanje i generalno tvoj pristup svemu ❤

  • I would love if you could talk about your process of how you style one outfit

  • Which creame / product would you reccomand that would help my very dry skin?

  • In french we say « en avril ne te découvre pas d’un fil » it means in april its still cold 😂ly ❤️

  • You look more beautiful in real life, we met last weekend at Palais Royal, you petted my dog Tokyo, I didn’t recognize at first, but then you looked so familiar, now I can put a name on the face, thank you for petting Tokyo again :)