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0:49Pencercise! | The Daily Social Distancing Show
4:15CP Time: Black Christmas | The Daily Show
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  • Go for the white women also. We’ll vote for you!!!!! Republicans are traitors. I won’t vote for republicans again. Traitors.

  • Policy Justice

  • Yep... exactly like that 😘

  • I dont have nothing against Melania she's a pretty lady but I can honestly say she was useless, and I'm bummed we never got to hear her speak any of those 5 other languages she supposedly was fluent in and Republicans bragged so much about.

  • [ Lefty loonies who love politically biased daily show incoming]

  • You forgot Ted Cruz reaction to Biden rejoining the Paris Accord

  • Wow 24.000 rascist people

  • Is it just me, or Stacy appears a bit laid back and much fun with Trevor than other late show hosts? Like she’s seemed too serious on her recent interviews with Colbert and would not even go with some of the jokes. I’ve been noticing that for a couple of months now....I dunno...perhaps it’s because things are calmer now🤷‍♂️

  • He should have played the kayfaybe

  • 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ these people I swear....

  • I sense an Oscar nomination, and probably a win, for her, for this.

  • he never has anything good to say about biden...just sits there and talks shit on trump

  • Who threw a crutch? That’s like throwing a shoe

  • The Penguin Is Gone!

  • Fanaticism is very close to terrorism and madness.... God decided : # 45 you are fired, not worth to be president - un-American-un-religious - the worst president ever with his fog of lies manipulated almost all of his supporters lost connection to reality, repeating all baseless blablabla shit without any facts, attacking the democracy verbal and physically Shame and blame over them.

  • Thank you!

  • Me too Trevor. The sun can come out

  • And I thought I may have been the only one that got stuck on... "Robinette"?

  • Is this in nashville?

  • I will now vote for you in Georgia. White voter. Kemp did not back President Trump. Kemp you gone. You should have backed president Trump. You better enjoy your time in office. You traitor

  • "I'm officially releasing my staff from ethics" seems like it should have been the last administration's catchphrase.

  • Bwahahaha Uber Pool hahaha Trevor is killin it with these jokes.

  • How many more people said “Robinette?” When Biden was being sworn in?

  • i was so happy to hear your proper pronunciation of Muslim as 'muss lim' and not 'mazzlim'

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that Wayne impression is the best thing i've seen all day!

  • Broh.....shut up


  • Could this SOB just leave without a phony speech. And he's right it's from the bottom of his heart that's in his shoe. I turned the volume down can't stand to hear that voice😝😝 He should have left on a greyhound bus. And his pardon of lit Wayne , Kodak black, who cares

  • mr. biden, you and your group are playing with a fire that could burn you really bad. remember, sheer not slaughter. you would not want the trumpsters, antifa, blm, boogaloos, latinos and all other groups to really come together as true americans. i don't know if it's in your party's interest that all these groups realize they all have a common cause which is a government that has stolen their wealth since august 15 ,1971 (this charade started only a couple of years before you started politics and have followed it all of your career, so you know what it's really about) and REALLY ALL come TOGETHER as AMERICANS and do something about it. i would have gone with 50 days of mask, with a possible 20 day prolongation...sheer, not slaughter, don't wanna push em too much, lol-

  • old man on his way to the post office lol

  • You can't fool us Trevor. We all know that you're Brock from Pokémon, all grow'd up. Where are you hiding your Onix?

  • The gas prices are going up he’s coming for the 2 amendment and the taxes are going up

  • Ana all respect for her; wonderful person. She is Nicaraguan and Cuban and she had her ancestry done and she found out she descended from African slavery she was shocked about that. Many ppl of countries that was invaded by the European Spaniards and forced to not speak their language and learn and speak Spanish countries like Cuba Nicaragua Santo Domingo Panamania Puertorico Peru and so on have African in their lineage and don’t even know it.

  • Yo all those pardons wtf man XD WTF HOW THE HELL CAN A PRESIDENT CAN DO THAT SHIT.


  • Hahahahahahahah... Trump is gooooone

  • the first Bimbo.

  • what greater title is there than america’s best president’s best wife

  • Trevor looks like a pineapple that got struck by lightning and then the lightning died.

  • Can I vote for dead people? How does this work?

  • This is gold! xD

  • It's an Honor!?! Artist!?! but Solange who!?!

  • We should start a petition to get Trump to watch this

  • Stock markets higher. People stuck at home with money.

  • Was 50 or 75 not enough? It was necessary to pad the list with goofy shit like him talking about bathrooms a lot? Like it was stupid and all but how was that a scandal? Shit like that makes it easy for reich-wingers to sway fence-sitters to believe in their liberal bias fairytale. He did enough offensive and illegal shit to fill out several lists, padding it out with insignificant shit makes it seem like the left doesn’t believe the rest of it is bad enough on its own.

  • We well always hold to our hearts the lines of our formal flotus- "I really don't care, do you?"

  • I don't understand the many comments ,after all what an ignorant woman can do, all she just to do was modeling even in a lesbian publications, whatever..

  • Kudos buddy. But this is outta no where his last name is black lol

  • And after all that those people still follow him...

  • Seriously, WTF is wrong with these morons? Why are they still on the air? Baffles the logical mind.

  • Trevor yes you're so on target with everything thank you for being real

  • You have to wonder how these folks survive day to day.

  • I'm glad the TRASH is finally out of the White House.

  • can we have a moment for how Trevor pronounced Muslim correctly

  • White people so salty 🥰🤣

  • 5:08 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀

  • That man is always bragging about what he did, which is basically nothing.

  • Not Kens and Karens bashing Obama for living 🥺

  • That was a touching message of unity Trump left behind.

  • #45 can't even hold a Bible the right way😂😂

  • She is a Goddess!

  • THIS IS A ROLE MODEL I tell my daughter's to listen too her, look at her deeds and NOT to look up to this woman, but to BE this woman. Now on a male note, she's bangin!!

    • Unsolicited comments on women’s appearance and/or your sexual response to their appearance are highly unwelcome. #themoreyouknow

  • This was great

  • what is this guy going to complain about with Trump gone?

  • Nobody asked this weasel to go to a Trump boating parade.... this is why you will never get unity because you resort to mocking trump supporters.