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1:43THE UNTHINKABLE Trailer (2021) Sci-Fi Movie
THE UNTHINKABLE Trailer (2021) Sci-Fi MoviePregleda 18 tis.Prije 22 sati
1:43THE FINAL STAND Trailer (2021) War, Drama Movie
2:10THE DJINN Trailer (2021) Thriller Movie
27:01NEW BEST Movie TRAILERS This Week # 9 (2021)


  • I'm into movies like this but is is just me or does it feel like it has a lot of cool ideas but not enough budget or artistic direction? I don't know. I'll probably watch it but it just feels very straight to blueray... I hope I'm wrong. :D

  • "04:09" 😂 Well I used *𝑾𝑨𝑻𝑪𝑯𝑫𝑨𝑫.𝑪𝑶𝑴* 📌 and frankly it's real

  • i read a comment saying that paul rudd was 52 and i thought they were just referring to his character in the movie which i thought was kinda weird- so i looked it up and this man is 52?! How?! 💀

  • the editing of this trailer was terrible, the suspense, the music is just off

  • These two are still married....How boring

  • As much as I hate to say it, I’m not exited for this movie. It only has two characters from the first one and probably zero continuity . There was Harley Quinn and captain boomerang. Harley Quinn in the first one while KIND OF funny was literally the most annoying and uncalled for character watching it again. Birds of prey was a good movie I just don’t think that Harley Quinn deserves to be in here with only one other character from the last one. However I have nothing to say about captain boomerang he’s awesome. while not saying it won’t be a good movie I think it’s just stupid having to watch the same movie again just with new characters (still not saying they will be bad). If I’m wrong about this or made a mistake in any way then feel free to tell me and absolutely poop on me in the comments.

  • aaaaaaaargh 😍 She's back

  • The plot just feels forced, son gets kidnapped go safe him. In the first one there was a reason to why they took jordan

  • Goosebumps. Everywhere.

  • ya i don't really know if pennywise is a cartoon , just look closer and you will see him :)

  • '0:41' Better head directly to *(𝗪𝗔𝗧𝗖𝗛𝗗𝗔𝗗.𝗖𝗢𝗠)* ... 🌐 should you know you really need it! ❤️

  • 😬 knowing what we know, this seems uncomfy

  • Who asked for this 😂?

  • yesssss peteeeee

  • Wait I still don't get it.. how is it making fun of people? Is it because autistic people can't watch it or won't understand? I'm just trying to understand no hate-

  • Bro i couldn’t see doom yall why is he not there

  • Omg I’m so exited I was in a beauty and the beast play at my school in 2019 so this will bring back a lot of memories 😍

  • so this is glee now?

  • Missed The MONSTARS 🔥from Moron Mountain

  • i would risk it all to go after harley too.

  • This isn't Space Jam without reference to Michael Jordan

  • This is terrible lol you all know lebron cant even read right ? Dude is illiterate

  • Always Paul Rudd with the Baskin Robbins

  • Space tron.

  • Omfg please no

  • Ok but where’s the joker

  • Should have not brought in the kids and just left it a Paul Rudd movie

  • i'm so high i thought i watched the whole movie

  • Did anybody else see IT in the crowd🤔🤔🤔

  • Ouin, ben j'avais peur que ça fasse comme la plupart des suites et que ce soit un copié coller du premier, mais en vraiment moins bon, mais wow! Les jokes étaient aussi bonnes, le scénario complètement différent et le suspense et l'action encore plus intense! Vraiment aimé le deuxième!

  • This looks terrible

  • i apologise to the autistic community for having to put up with this garbage.

  • I'm pretty sure driver's license will appear at some point in the serie

  • Children's show

  • great movie. loved the twist. awesome.director

  • Second time post did a movie with Jason

  • I just realized that's how French president Macron met his wife!!!!

  • CHAD

  • llall i care abt is seblos

  • This trailer makes it look like a lifetime/hallmark movie.

  • I love King Shark hes so cute in a way, hes like a lil kid.

  • No not this please. No.

  • They keep trying to make this trilogy work.

  • Its Joker for journalist

  • I can’t be the only one who thinks this looks unpromising and awful..

  • Zzzzz

  • Wer joker🥺

  • One word(Brilliant)

  • No.

  • i got excited when i saw this new american pie movie trailer.. but after watching the trailer.. 😟

  • ha ha

  • Drama🤔? i may need to be schooled about these movies categories 😅😅.. all i saw was action


  • Marriage is hard work this is true 😎too bad I am still virgin in 35 years old

    • I had a difficult childhood

    • Holy sh** man! You gotta get on that.

  • So what happened to summer of 2020???

  • 1:11 best part

  • Ahhh again that blonde girl🤦🏻‍♂️why are they like this

  • This dose not look as good as the other suicide squad film will see it for Harley Quinn and king shark or shark king whatever he is called.

  • I see Bill Murray.

  • Glee vibes...


  • i am actually hyped for a dc movie for the first time !!

  • Oh how I wish we have Disney + here in asia

  • "00:40"😂 Greetings! But it's much easier with *Watchdad.𝒄𝒐m'* 📌 as I know

  • Next on SyFy, Puff-Nado.

  • Oh Dylan honeyy tsk tsk tsk. You'll always have my heart

  • ☘️🇮🇪 accent is not doing him any favors in this roll.

  • Ant-Man and Baskin-Robbins meet again.

  • Anyone else think it’s crazy that they this is leterally olivias and Josh’s life They act cool Then blonde girl comes and try’s to take him And sooner or later she will have him -__- they better not do that

  • What I wanted to see!

  • Ur probably with that blonde girl...👀

  • It’s always the blonde girls

  • Life

  • Remember how the Uyghurs are enslaved and put into concentration camps in China? Stand against slavery. Don't watch this movie. LeBron is a puppet of the Chinese communist party.

  • King shark says nom nom when he ate the guy that's so cuuuute!!!!!❤❤❤❤