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Here on this channel we like to HAVE FUN !!
Whether we are renovating a house, playing with makeup, trying on clothes OR ANYTHING REALLY!


21:09MORE TEUTA MATOSHI DRESSES!! + Huge Giveaway !!
19:20Trying TIKTOK Recipes With Mama Maples !! *so much yum*
21:22Unboxing $650 worth of BEAUTY Advent Calendars !!
27:57Roulette Christmas Shopping Challenge !!
Roulette Christmas Shopping Challenge !!Pregleda 638 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci


  • I‘m Delia from Switzerland. I‘m entering for a size S. My instagram is deliia.v I was eyeballing that dress for so so long but I‘m just not able to afford it and ofc I love your videos 💕

  • Hi! My name is Inês, my Instagram is @inepika and I don't use TikTok :( I'm entering for the size M. PS: We have the same birthday and you're my favorite youtuber hehe

  • Hej! My name is Miranda and I live in Stockholm, Sweden - entering for a size L! Sadly I don't have tiktok but my instagram is @mirandacampora ☺️ Thank you for all your positive, fun and uplifting videos, it really is something that the world needs more of right now!! ❤️

  • I’m obsessed with that cherry sweater! I’m Brooke from the US (msbrooklyn96 on Insta and brewwinters on tiktok) and I’d be so excited if I won one of the XXL sweaters!

  • Hey my name is Wajeeha Tariq , I am from Pakistan my size is Medium My instagram is @iamwajeehaa and I don't usen TikTok

  • Hi my name is Begüm I’m from Istanbul/Turkey! My instagram is @up1ntheclouds (i don’t have a tiktok) and I’m entering for a size medium! I love how you always brighten up my day when I feel low, thank you for that 🥺💗

  • Hi! My name is Mia, I’m from Britain, now in Nevada ! I am entering for a size small! My Instagram is @miadaisley

  • Hi my name is Michelle I’m from Malaysia! I’m entering for size M! My instagram is @michelleyhl. I don’t have a tiktok account. Thanks Mia! 🌸

  • Hi, my name is Dalila Sadeck, i'm from Pará, Brazil. My Instagram is @dalilasadeck and i don't have a tiktok account. I'm entering for size XXL. I love your videos, always make me laugh sooo much, love your vibe!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Hiii! My name is Amandine and I’m from France, I’m entering for size S or M! I have an Instagram account: uncomfortable_potato but I don’t have a tiktok Also, you’re gorgeous, you go girl! :)

  • Hello Mía. My name is Nellys Ríos from Puerto Rico. I don't have tik tok. I'm entering for XXL sweater. Thank you!!!

  • Hi, I'm Valentina and I'm from CROATIA ❤️ I have 2 instagram profiles @valentinas_98 and @makeup_tinaas and I'm following you on both, but I don't have a TikTok. I just wanted to say that the last dress is now my dream wedding dress but in white, it looks soooo stunning, especially on YOU! Sending lots of love from Europe 🥰

  • Hi my name is Léana I'm from France! I'm entering for size M! My instagram is @leanou__ and my TikTok is @leanou26! Bisous from France

  • Hi Mia my name's Amy I'm entering for a size M, I'm from England. My Instagram is amyu95 but I don't have a tik tok. Love all your videos especially the upcycling furniture ones! :)

  • Hi my name is Christine and I’m from Namibia (which is in Southern Africa, neighbouring South Africa) and I’m entering for a size Medium 😍 I don’t technically have Instagram (as I deleted the app) - even though I still have an inactive account, but I’ve never had TikTok 😅 I really hope to win!

  • Hi Mia! My name is Isabel and I'm from Spain, I'm entering for the size L! My Instagram account is @izzyprior and my TikTok is @izzyfangirl1 I really love your videos they make my day, hope you are having a great one!

  • Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I live in Vermont, basically the Canada of the US. my Instagram handle is eliz.the.beth and I do not have TikTok. A size large would be perfect! Thank you thank🤗😊

  • Hi my name is Manon I'm from France! I'm entering for size M! My instagram is Mnnloz my TikTok is Lockdownlolo ! Such a lovely sweater !!

  • Hi my name is Ragnhild (Raggy) I'm from Norway! I'm entering for size XS! My instagram is ragnhildhole2 and my TikTok is raggy_boy! <333

  • Hi my name is Dua I am from Pakistan I don't have tiktok or instagram and I am entering for the giveaway of the cherry sweater

  • Please wear these dresses along with whats left of Teuta and Lirika in a week 😭💕 wanna see them again aaa

  • The black dress is stun-ning !!! you look like you could be on the red carpet

  • Hello Mia 👋🏻 My name is Dominika and I am from Slovakia🇸🇰. I am entering for a size "M" and my instagram is @zoejah but I do not have TikTok 😪 I am really happy that HRdown recommended me your video some years ago. I enjoy your drag transformation videos (you should do more because I loooove RPDR!) but I really enjoy try on hauls and renovation videos! The camper van series was very inspirational one because me and my boyfriend would like to buy and transform van, too. Thank you for being you. I like your energy, funny bits in your videos and editing. When you and Mama Maples laugh, you make me laugh even harder. 🥰💜

  • I like these dresses way better than the other matoshis

  • Hi Mia! I’m Beth from Brighton in the UK 🇬🇧 I’m entering for the size medium. I’m BethLuckett on Instagram and I do not have a TikTok Xx

  • hi my name is mari im from the philippines!! im entering for the size extra small (XS) <3 i hope i win this somehow ig : @joycemarielle_ tiktok : @mariellenotfound

  • Hi 😊 My name is Yuliia, I'm from Ukraine! I'm entering for size S. My Instagram is @crazy_hilly, I don't have TikTok 🤷‍♀️

  • Hi my name is Nisha and I'm from India. I am entering for a size Medium. My Instagram is nisha.raut and my country doesn't have tiktok. I've been following you since forever and always enjoy your videos, be it prom dresses or weird wish clothes!

  • How about your dad's zodiac sign

  • Hi Mía, I am Laura from Colombia but I live in spain . I love all your videos and absolutely love your mom. She makes me laugh a lot. I am entering for size M. My instagram is @cata217 I don't have tiktok. Please make more videos like this with your mom!

  • Ahh Mia!! that black dress makes you look STUNNING 🤩 That’s a dress to pull out for the ex, show him what he lost 🙈 like boii byeee.. I have an Instagram: j.u.l.e.t.t.e (ofc I follow you:) but I don’t have a tiktok lol. I do not like tiktok 😂

  • Hello Mia! I’m Ashlesha from India 🇮🇳. I’ve been following your channel and hauls for so so long and have especially enjoyed the Matoshi series! I’m entering the giveaway for size M. My instagram is @ashleydesai24 and since I’m Indian, we don’t have Tiktok here 🤷🏻‍♀️. I am obsessed w this sweater lmaoo.

  • Yaaaasss 3 million! You deserve it! Also that purple dress you look like a Disney princess. I'm from Canberra, Australia. I don't have Tiktok but my insta is @hairyflairy and I'm entering for the L xx

  • Hi i am shubhangana ( i know thats hard to read lol) ,from assam india n entering for size S . I luv u n ur vids, u r so kind, luv n support from india :D💗

  • Hey me name is Shaima and I’m from Saudi I would like a size M my instagram is @/Shaimaabdullah20 and my tiktok is @/miss.sam2 , I love you soo muchhh and I’d be so happy to win this🥺🥺🥺🥺♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Hi Mia, I love love those sweater soo much, I’m Marj from Australia, I’m entering for the size xxl, my Instagram is Inday Budlat and I don’t have tiktok👶🏻🙏🏻😍

  • Hi Mia, I love those sweaters soo much, I’m Marj from Australia and I’m entering for the size XXL🥰👶🏻

  • you are so sweet !! Thank you Mia my ig: @itsmeolve tiktok @soleiskg *** Greece***

  • Hi, my name is Laura. I am from the UK. I'm entering for size M. I don't have tik tok, my Instagram is Lozasaurus.

  • Hello Mia... My name is rhon,I'm from India,I am entering for size (S). my instagram is @_rhonachu_ I don't have a tiktok since its banned in India. Really excited!💟💟💟

  • Hi Mia :D My name is Lulwa and I'm from Egypt! I'm entering for size SMALL! My instagram is @lulwaomar and I don't have a TikTok :) I love that sweater!

  • Hi Mia! My name is Lizzie and I come from France! I’m entering for a size L, my Instagram is @Lizzielilyadams and I don’t have TikTok! Love your videos so much especially the van conversion ❤️

  • My name is Eilidh (pronounced ay-lee) my insta is @eilidhmunro. I don't have tiktok as I know I would spend my life on it and I am entering for a size Small xx

  • HIII! My name is Sian and I am from MALAYSIA~~ Hoping to get the sweater in size L~ I am already a Subscriber and Follower on Instagram but I don't have TikTok.. :( My Instagram ID is @sian__n Thank you for the giveaway and congrats on 3MIL!!

  • I like this video

  • Blue heel less heel was like WHAT ! YOUR LEGS LOOK LIKE HORSE LEGS 🐎

  • Hey Mia! Absolutely love your videos :) My name is Amani, I’m from Dubai! I’m entering for size large. My Instagram is @amanialshaali and my TikTok is @amanialshaali 🥰

  • Hi Mia ! My name is Pauline, I'm from France but I live in The Netherlands. I am entering for size M of the beautiful sweater :) I don't have an active Instagram page and I don't have TikTok ! My favourite dress today was the black one I though it was so stunning and it gave me exactly the vibe you described haha ! Thank you for a great channel, great content and great personality always and being so generous ! ( Also, would you try Shop Cider next ? It isn't designer but I keep seeing adds and I'm curious about it. I thought of you when I saw it because it has this vintage vibe to it you sometimes really like. ) Thank you again for everything and take care !

  • Hi my name is Emily and I'm from the UK. I would like to enter for size M. I don't have TikTok but I follow you on Instagram @emileeree P.S. Your channel is a ray of sunshine for so many people, particularly in these dreary times - thank you! :)

  • My name is Isadora, I'm from Brazil and my size is XL. I love you and the sweater! My handles are @isadorafelixm Instagram and @isadorafelixwriter Tiktok!!!!

  • shoes is so beautiful bit heel dont have so beeter how she can balance that

  • Hi Mia! my name is Dewi anggraeni s i'm from Indonesia! I'm entering for size xxl ! My instagram is iwi_wolf88, and i don't use tiktok. Love to watch your youtube channel Mia💖

  • Hi, I am Margarita from Belarus) My size is S, I am absolutely in love with this sweater and I definitely need one) My instagram bobich_margarita and I don't have tiktok

  • The little one looks like a honey pot to me especially after you painted it yellow ! It would be cute to make another one to put next to it and paint little bees going towards the honey

  • Hello my name is Nicole, I'm form the UK. I'm entering for the Medium sized jumper it's absolutely beautiful and totally something I'd buy. I already follow you and are subscribed already. My Instagram is oscar_noah_and_me_makes_three My tiktok is Coleyjacques I love your videos so much, your accent and content makes me so happy. Thankyou for the great giveaways your doing

  • Giveaway Entry: My name is Ariana I’m from Connecticut in the U.S, I’m entering for size XL. My social media’s - Instagram: ariana_shanel, TikTok: arianashanel I also want to say I really love your videos and to let you know what an amazing job you’re doing 💕 these giveaways are super thoughtful and i know I’m the only one who’s appreciative ☺️

  • Hi Mia. My name is Rewda and I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I would REALLY want that sweater in size m. My @ on instagram is @rewdacvrcak and I dont have Tiktok sadly. All the best. Xoxo

  • So fun! I’ve been watching your videos for years! I’m Hanna from England , I’m entering for a M size! I don’t have TikTok but my Instagram is @hannahhw93x

  • loved the second dress on u!! the colors and the silhouette suit u so well!!! entering for the giveaway too :) my name is jinney from the philippines. joining for size xl :) ig&tiktok: ji.nney


  • Hello! My name is Mika from Michigan! My insta is @mika_smith13 and my TikTok is @mika.b.smith I am following you but my accounts are private so I’m not sure if you can see my followers or not :(

  • Hi Mia, my name is Isha and I am from India. I am entering for size L. My instagram id is @ishasamantishere and I don't have a TikTok account! Cheers!

  • The cherry sweater is adorable. I am Marcel Mills, I was born and raised in South Africa 🇿🇦 I would love to win the sweater in a size M. My instagram handle is @marcel_mills and my tik tok handle is @marcel_mills. I love your videos so much ❤️❤️

  • Hi my name is Deepika, I am from India.I entering for size small. My Instagram :deepika.manu7.I don't have tiktok.

  • I loved dona matoshi!!!!

  • Hi I’m Gemma from Newcastle upon Tyne in England. My Instagram is @gemwow2000 and I don’t have tiktok (not cool enough!) I’m entering for size M please! Thank you for all your videos and keeping this critical care nurse laughing over the last few months. Much love xxxx

  • Hey my name is Ariana I’m from Michigan my Instagram is abuitron2021 and TikTok is Arianamarie2021 I’m a xs also I really love you. You are such an inspiration!

  • Hi my name is Ramali, I'm from bangalore, India I'm entering for size S I don't have Instagram I don't have TikTok

  • hi Mia I'm Lia from Indonesia , i love to see your video even not all the brand I can effort to buy but I really hope that I can get one of those beautiful cherry sweater in size XL 😁 here my instagram account @liaauliarachma but I dont have tik tok account

  • Hey my name is Lauren! I'm from Australia and I'm entering for size medium! My Instagram is @Lauren.welsman my TikTok is @lozzaaaa_ P.s. your videos always are so positive and happy :)

  • Hi Mia! I'm Elisa from Rome, Italy. My Insta handle is @elizziefizzie and I don't have TikTok. I'm a size L and I think you and your family (mum first) are the nicest people I saw in quite a while. Good luck for everything you do, hope to see you in Italy sometimes... <3 luv ya

  • Hii! I'm Iliana from Cyprus!! I've been watching you for almost 3 years, I adore your videos and your humor and your relationship with your mom! It reminds me of me and my own mom! My instagram [email protected]_05 and my tik tok is @agathokakological05 and I'm hoping for a xs/s sweater! ❤️

  • Hi my name is Pippa I'm from Edinburgh, Scotland! I'm entering for size M! My instagram is @ppipps I don't have a TikTok , you're such an amazing person for doing all these giveaways!!

  • OMG!! The lilac dress looked gorgeous on you! As for the cherry jumper - how freakin cute!!! My name is Chloe and I am from England. I am entering for size medium. My instagram is @chloe.lea and my tiktok is @chloeleamaria xoxo

  • I'm Mary from the UK. My instagram is @ketchup4sale. I'm entering for size XXL :)

  • Hi my name is Geeta im from india my Instagram is @g_e_e_t_a___12 and I am entering the giveaway for a size S

  • Hi, my name is Jagoda, I'm from Poland and I'm entering for size S. My Instagram user name is __jagoda and I don't have tiktok ;). Thanks for all these fun videos :).

  • Hi Mia☺️ My name is Gitta and from Hungary, I have been following your videos since forever but never had the courage to write any comment🙄 I really like your style and you as person🥰 I am entering for size S. I don’t have tiktok but i follow you on instagram and also here too☺️ Have a nice day😘

  • This sweater is everything,i just want it any size 😂😍 Instagram:@_elevam TikTok:@elenavamva

  • Heyy my name is Alex and my insta is _allegseu_ I would love to enter the giveaway